Starting From Godly Choice To Cross The City Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312: Play A Big One

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It is on the second floor and three floors, which is naturally different.

On the second floor, the starting price of the original spirit stone ore here is one medium-grade spirit stone, which is equivalent to a hundred low-grade spirit stones.

When it comes to the third floor, that is the most luxurious and largest place to play. Any piece of spiritual stone ore starts with a high-grade spiritual stone. If you make a profit, it will range from dozens to hundreds.

If you lose it, you will lose everything.

After all, a high-grade spirit stone, although the discount is counted as 10,000 low-grade spirit stones, it will only be much more if it is really exchanged!

If this is a loss, the average monk will be ruined!

"Brother, here on the third floor, I think the price is still too high. If you want to have fun, we might as well go to the first or second floor..."

Just thinking about it, Zhong Quan felt painful to lose one high-grade spirit stone at a time. Seeing Zhou Yuan actually wanted to start here, he hurriedly persuaded him.

After all, gambling on rocks, in Zhong Quan's eyes, is simply a matter of luck. You can play, but you can't make it so big when you come up!

However, Zhou Yuan was quite confident about this and didn't mean to leave at all. He smiled and said casually: "You don't have to worry about this, since I'm here to play, of course I'm going to come here!

In places like the first and second floors, the capital is too small. If you really want to play, I am afraid it is not enough! "

This time I came here, it was originally for money, if it was on the first and second floors, and it was capped with only a hundred low-grade spirit stones or a hundred middle-grade spirit stones at a time, it would be really meaningless!

Only on the third floor, it started with a high-grade spirit stone, and it was exciting to play!

If you win a bet, a piece of spirit stone ore may be able to produce a dozen or even dozens of high-grade spirit stones, then a proper wave of fat!

And the most important thing is that Zhou Yuan actually has some scruples about this kind of place!

After all, to be able to open a comprehensive chamber of commerce of this scale, the forces behind it might be a bit unfathomable!

Under this prerequisite, if you bet a few times in a row in the gambling arena and win a few times, you will definitely be targeted by the forces behind the scenes!

At that time, whether there is life or leaving with the spirit stone, it may be two different things!

So the best and most sensible way is to lose a few hands, then try to turn over to make a big profit, and then continue to lose a few times, and then close when you see it, it's all right!

In this way, no one would doubt that there is something tricky about them, just as the luck of a blind cat and a dead mouse!

In this case, even if the forces behind it feel distressed, they will not do anything to rob fortune and kill for this casual "lucky guy"!

After all, in the face of not enough stakes, Jubaozhai must still consider its own reputation!

On the contrary, if you win more than a dozen times in a row and earn too much, you may easily fall into a taboo!

At that time, even if there is nothing on the surface, secretly, Jubaozhai will definitely not let it go!

Even if it is not good, there will be other casual cultivators who will look at yourself!

Which step is really troublesome?

So after thinking about it, Zhou Yuan's plan is to make a big one, pay a few small ones, and then turn around and leave. It is the most appropriate!

Now that Zhou Yuan had made a decision, Zhong Quan, a follower like him, naturally didn't dare to have any opinions. He surly responded and hurriedly followed Zhou Yuan into the original mining area.

I like to start from the god-level selection, please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) Starting from the god-level selection, the literature of Zongcheng City is updated fastest.

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