Starting From Godly Choice To Cross The City Chapter 1313

Chapter 1313: Full Load

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The raw ore here is prepared in advance, neatly placed in the showcase, and displayed in an orderly manner. A cursory sweep, just the number displayed in front of me is probably as much as one hundred and ten yuan.

At this time, there are many masked customers who are choosing at any time, looking through the probation, they are all serious and serious.

Zhou Yuan glanced briefly, and probably figured out the situation of the original Lingshi mine here. The size of this head is different, and the color is different, and the price is naturally different.

Like some cheap ones, poor color, small size, usually start with a high-grade spirit stone. As for some of their appearance, they are not bad, and they are usually between two and three high-grade spirit stones.

Only a small number of excellent color, quality, and size can reach the level of four or five high-grade spirit stones or higher!

After all, four or five high-grade spirit stones are at least four to five thousand lower-grade spirit stones. For ordinary monks, even if it is not an astronomical figure, it is not something ordinary people can afford!

Zhou Yuan looked around for a while, but he didn't rush to start. Quan was an ordinary customer, and he wandered around again. Only then did he use his perspective skills calmly!

He is so cautious, and he is also worried that once this ability is discovered, he will definitely not eat any good fruit!

The most important thing is places like Jinbaozhai. I dont know if there are any organs or formations or arrangements to detect this kind of magic.

Before you start, you have to consider the good and the worst!

But this time, God obviously took care of him. After the use of fluoroscopy, it did not attract the slightest abnormality and abnormality around him. Obviously, this was not noticed!

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief immediately, the stone in his heart also fell to the ground, and calmly began to look at the surrounding spirit stone ore with perspective!

As he expected, the use of perspective is really effective!

After some exploration, Zhou Yuan immediately locked several good spirit stone ore mines. These ore mines contained high-quality spirit stones of excellent quality, ranging from a dozen pieces to dozens of pieces.

However, the most valuable of these is a half-meter-diameter spiritual stone ore with a high price tag, and a top-quality spiritual stone the size of a basketball was born inside!

If this is a stone, it is estimated that at least seven or eight pieces of the best spirit stone can be exchanged!

At this price, it is not a problem to redeem thousands of high-grade spirit stones!

Zhou Yuan was inevitably heart-stricken, holding back his excitement, and began to deliberately select some **** rough mines for calcination. After a short while, he lost the money in his hand.

And this look makes it seem that the gambler who bet on the red eye is alive!

Zhou Yuan didn't mind at all, pretending to be crazy about gambling, and gave the pill to Jubaozhai, and then he bought that top-quality spiritual stone ore!

This time, it was logical to win the Universiade!

The people in Jubaozhai obviously didnt expect to be such a lucky guy today, but from the back and forth, they didnt think that Zhou Yuan had done anything, only if he was lucky and based on the principle of preserving the reputation of the brand. The price of one thousand two hundred high-grade spirit stones was properly purchased.

With this funding, Zhou Yuan's purpose of this trip can be considered to be achieved. He directly bought all the spirit stones in his hand and turned it into a pill from Jubaozhai, a total of more than 1,000 pieces, and he returned to the mountain gate with his full load.

I like to start from the god-level selection, please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) Starting from the god-level selection, the literature of Zongcheng City is updated fastest.

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