Starting From Godly Choice To Cross The City Chapter 1314

Chapter 1314: Back To The Roots Of The Spirit World A Hundred Years

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With thousands of pills, the next thing is much simpler.

Zhou Yuan first found a cheap master like Hong Fuhu, borrowed his face from him to get three months of secret time, and then plunged directly into the retreat!

Three months passed in a hurry!

In a blink of an eye, it is the day of the Zongmen Grand Competition!

During this time, Zhou Yuan's strength, with the help of the secret land bonus and the pill, has grown by leaps and bounds, and directly impacted from Zhou Tian's four-layer realm to Zhou Tian's nine-layer!

Although the foundation is somewhat unstable, in the first half of the Zongmen Grand Tournament schedule, it was abruptly relying on fighting to support the battle, and the foundation was expanded!

As for the next competition system, for Zhou Yuan, it was really quite tragic.

After entering the top 64, all the opponents he faced were almost all of Zhou Tian's strength of eightfold and ninefold or even the perfect realm!

And these people are all righteous disciples of Tianjiao, among the dragons and phoenixes! Among them, there are many seeded players like Bai Yuanying!

If this is before changing, Zhou Yuan's strength is really not sure to win. However, now the realm has reached Zhou Tian's ninth level, with the aid of the King Kong Dragon Elephant Skill plus the Nirvana Palm, and the unfavorable magical skill of the instantaneous spell. The comprehensive bonus is not worthy of Bai Yuanying and others!

But sometimes, strength is one aspect, and luck is also one aspect.

The schedule after entering the quarterfinals is **** difficult for Zhou Yuan, and the strongest of the Zongmen generation has officially entered the second stage of life!

Between the Mingyuan realm and the Zhoutian realm, it belongs to the real essence of crushing. With Zhou Yuans strength, when the two sides went all out, it was a final move and was defeated in the final war of attrition. .

But even so, the identity of the second place in the Zongmen Grand Competition is still in the hands of the winner.

After half a month of rest, Zhou Yuan and the other two sect top three were interviewed by the heads and received the rewards they deserved. Moreover, as a subsidiary prize of the top three, Zhou Yuan hopes that the purpose of using the cross-border teleportation array will be completely realized!

After three days of preparation, he passed the teleportation array and returned to the world without any problems.

The jet lag, which I was still worried about, did not have any major accidents. The flow of time in the spirit world is surprisingly consistent with the present world, and only half a year has passed.

Back in Guancheng, Zhou Yuan rarely reunited with Feng Jing, Wang Lu and others. This time he simply called out Lu Yu, Lu Yao sisters and other confidantes, and told them about the existence of the spirit world and their relocation. The plan to live in the spirit world.

After a long half-month of consideration, several confidantes finally made a decision and followed Zhou Yuan to the spiritual world resolutely.

With Zhou Yuan's current status in Wanjian Mountain, the status of the Zongmen Great Biya Army has become a recognized top disciple, and his status is detached.

This time I came back with my family and settled down, so the sect is naturally happy to see it happen.

The leader personally approved Zhou Yuanri to apply once every six months, using the opportunity of the cross-border teleportation array to go back and forth. On Hong Fuhu's side, he used his authority in Lieyang Peak, and specially arranged a very comfortable and comfortable spacious courtyard for Zhou Yuan in Pianfeng.

From this moment on, Zhou Yuan completely settled in the spirit world Wanjian Mountain with a few confidantes, and became a true member of the mountain gate.

Of course, as a disciple, you naturally have to contribute.

In the years to come, Zhou Yuan began to deliberately go down the mountain to practice, wandering around, and established a prominent reputation.

With the passage of time, the growth of strength and the recovery of the system, a hundred years later, in the hands of Zhou Yuan, Wan Jianshan has become the top existence in the entire spirit world!

And Zhou Yuan eventually became a myth.

I like to start from the god-level selection, please collect it: (Wuxiaworld) Starting from the god-level selection, the literature of Zongcheng City is the fastest to update.

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