Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Chapter 917

Story Of A Big Player From Gangnam Volume 1 Chapter 918 Distribution Of Dividends Part 1

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Gun-Ho asked GH Media's President Jeong-Sook Shin to come to his office. He wanted to introduce the asset management company's President Geun-Soo Son to her.

"I want you to meet President Geun-Soo Son. He will run GH Asset Management Company."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Jeong-Sook Shin from GH Media."

Gun-Ho smiled and said to President Son, "GH Media is one of the shareholders of GH Asset Management Company. It owns 2% of the ownership interest."

"I will work hard to earn a higher return on your precious investment," said President Geun-Soo Son as he gave a deep bow to President Jeong-Sook Shin.

Gun-Ho asked Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh to come to the office, and said, "GH Asset Management Company will conduct an interview with job applicants the day after tomorrow at 10 am. I want you to assist him with the interview process."

"Yes, sir."

"There won't be many people coming for the interview. There will be only 10 interviewees. You can send 3 to 4 people as a group to the interview room at once."

"Yes, sir."

Later that day, when Gun-Ho was on his way back to his office from the restroom, President Geun-Soo Son was placing his company's business sign with the person from a commercial sign company. The business sign was made with the same unified design as all other GH companies had.

Gun-Ho asked, "How did you know that we are using this particular design for all of our GH companies?"

"Mr. Director Kang gave me the contact number for this sign company."

The business signGH Asset Management Companywas in place, and it looked nice.

Two days later, it was GH Asset Management Company's interview day. President Geun-Soo Son came to GH Development to notify Gun-Ho that the interview would soon start.

"We will have the interview in the meeting room in our office in the asset management company."

"I see. Let's go then."

When Gun-Ho entered the asset management company, Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh was already sitting at a desk at the office entrance. She was wearing a light makeup with a business suit.

As he was sitting at the table in the meeting room, Gun-Ho said to President Son with a smile, "Actually, I don't usually participate in interviewing job candidates even for all other GH companies. I decided to join you today because I didn't want you to do this by yourself. I don't want you to feel alone in this."

"Thank you, sir."

At that moment, Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh came into the meeting room and placed two cups of warm tea on the table.

President Geun-Soo Son said in a low voice, "When I worked for Gangnam Bank, I conducted several interviews to hire staff there. One of the criteria that were used to screen job applicants in Gangnam Bank was their family background."

"Does family background have to do with their job performance? People can be smart and competent at work regardless of their family background. Isn't it a sort of discrimination?"

"That's true. But even so, Gangnam Bank wouldn't hire someone who was from a poor family even though that candidate graduated from a top university. Bankers are dealing with cash every day all day long, and it was Gangnam Bank's effort to eliminate any possibilities that could lead their employees to steal their clients' money. Seeing cash in plain sight could be extremely tempting for certain people."

Gun-Ho recoiled from the memory that he once put his hand on someone else's money because he desperately needed money. It was when he worked in an accounting department of YS Tech in Asan City. Gun-Ho then thought that what President Son said kind of made sense.

President Son said in an even lower voice, "Foreign financial institutions that are doing their business in Korea, especially those global investment banking companies, thoroughly review their job applicants' family background when they hire their employees. I was told that some of them even require a surety, and they want to see the surety's property and income tax statements."

Gun-Ho felt bitter while hearing what President Son was saying, as he was himself was born into a poor family.

The interview began.

Most of the interviewees were younger than Gun-Ho by three or four years. They all seemed to be smart with extensive work experiences. Gun-Ho was not sure who he should select since they all looked equally qualified, so he listened to President Son's opinions most likely. Those workers would be working with President Son anyway, not with Gun-Ho. The final list was reduced to three candidatestwo men and one lady.

Gun-Ho suggested, "If you are having a hard time selecting two of those three candidates, why don't you hire all of the three?"

"Can I do that, sir?"

"You will start the company with a capital of 10 billion won. If you are confident that you will make enough money to pay for those three people's salaries, then why not? Hire them."

"I will have to pay them with a relatively high salary since we are in the finance industry. But, I want to hire all of those three people."

"You will need someone for accounting work and also someone who will handle general affairs, in addition to fund managers."

"I have someone in mind already for the bookkeeping position. The branch manager of Gangnam Stock Brokerage Company recommended somebody to me."

"Really? Well, you are the one who will be running this business, so hire the people who you want to work with."

"Yes, sir."

GH Asset Management Company finally opened its door for business. Gun-Ho just let President Son operate the business without giving any interruption or involvement. The three new hires were all good-looking and young people. Their presence made the 18th floor brighter and vibrant. Secretary Yeon-Soo Oh started dressing up and wearing makeup when she came to work as two handsome young men were working in the neighboring company.

The Lunar New Year's Day passed by, and Director Kang let the people move out of the house in Bangbae Town. The previous owner, who resided in that house until then, didn't request to pay for his moving expenses. But, Gun-Ho gave them the moving expenses of 10 million won through Director Kang. The interior renovations started in the house, and its garden was being landscaped professionally as well. Because it was still winter, they couldn't plant certain trees in the garden yet though.

Once the renovations and landscaping work were done, Director Kang gave the passcode to the keyless entry lock system of the house to Gun-Ho.

"This passcode is for the front entrance, sir. All other keys for the rooms can be found in the cabinet drawer sitting on your left at the entrance."

Gun-Ho went to the house accompanied by Director Kang and looked around the interior and exterior of the house. Looking at the spacious garden, Gun-Ho thought that he would want to grill pork belly, maybe during summertime.

"Thank you, Director Kang. The house looks good."

"I didn't do the work, sir. The interior design company and landscaping company did all the work."

"But, still, you had to be here and supervise their work. Thank you."

Gun-Ho told Young-Eun to place their TowerPalace condo that they were living in right now on the market for sale.

"The single house in Bangbae Town is ready to move in. The interior work is completed. Let's put this condo on the market to sell. I will take you to the house in Bangbae Town the day after tomorrow. That would be Saturday."

"I still can't believe that we will be moving into that house in Bangbae Town. I saw the pictures that you had sent to me. It has a beautiful garden. Is that really our house, oppa?"

"Of course. We will be living thereyou and I, and Sang-Min."

As Gun-Ho confirmed that they would be living in the house in Bangbae Town, Young-Eun smiled broadly. She looked happy.

"I want to see the house as soon as possible. The garden looks so lovely in the picture."

It was Saturday. Gun-Ho and Young-Eun went to their new house in Bangbae Town. When they arrived at the front entrance, Young-Eun stopped and just stood there with her eyes widened. Gun-Ho, who expected to see Young-Eun jumping around happily, wondered and asked Young-Eun, "What are you doing? Let's get in."

"This doesn't look like a home. It looks more like a government building. It's huge."

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