Strategy To Attack The System Chapter 140

Chapter 140: .the Sea Outside

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Therefore, when the foreigners retreated, Rita held a huge banquet in order to welcome the visit of the Wing Clan. The banquet was held in the largest palace in the kingdom, Rita was sitting on the main seat, Jiang Fu was on her right, and behind her stood his unyielding chief knight.

The appearance of the Wing tribe is very racial, with pointed ears and high nose bridge. Perhaps it is because they know the status of their tribe on the whole continent. Even if they smile kindly, they will still show some unconsciously in their demeanor and behavior. The posture of aloft.

The atmosphere of the entire banquet was generally harmonious, and both parties were very cooperative, but when finally decided to sign the cooperation agreement, the prince of the Yi tribe who was always smiling suddenly turned the conversation to Jiang Fu, who was devoted to eating.

"In order to express the friendship between our two races, I beg the queen to marry me the lovely little princess."

Jiang Fu, who was looking down and peeling the peanut shells, didn't pay attention to their chat. He later realized that the whole hall was extremely silent, and when countless scorching eyes were gathered on him, he looked at the pale face in confusion. Rita.


Rita's palm was about to crush the golden seat, an apologetic smile spread on her face, and she sighed sincerely.

"Xiao Fu is my only younger sister. She has lived by my side since childhood and relied on me very much. Moreover, her body is not good, I am afraid it will be difficult to adapt to the life of the Yi Clan."

The prince of the Wing Clan was not persuaded by her subterfuge, the green eyes showed a sharp dim light, and reluctantly moved his gaze to Jiang Fu, with a tone of admiration revealing a bit of infatuation.

"To tell you the truth, the first time I saw the little princess, I was impressed by her amazing beauty. Our Wing Clan has always been fond of chasing favorite things. If we can't get your blessing, it would be a shame."

In other words, this sentence means that whether you agree or not, I am going to make a decision for the little princess.

Rita was silent for a long time. Jiang Fu, the nearest to her, even heard the squeaking of her teeth, her hands clenched extremely tightly, and bright red blood flowed silently from the gaps in the white knuckles. .

Jiang Fu's eyelids suddenly jumped, he comfortably held Rita's hand, and smiled at the prince of the Wing Clan who was holding the winning ticket, his sweet voice revealed a weak plea.

"His Royal Highness, can you give us a day to think about it?"

Staring expectantly by those black and moist eyes, the prince of the Wing Clan suffocated his breath, and there was a dense sourness from his heart, mixed with almost sweet joy.

He stared blankly at the delicate little princess who looked like a doll, nodded in a hurry for a long time, and urged.

"Yes, you can."

As if afraid of scaring the fragile little princess, he paused, softened his voice and said softly.

"If the princess wants to understand the wing clan, I will always wait for the princess."

Jiang Fu seemed to be unable to bear the eager thoughts in his eyes, slowly lowered his head, and his low thank you sounded hurried and helpless, but he had to be pushed into a bottomless trap step by step.

Yuan Chen, whose figure was mostly covered by the shadow, stared at the triumphant Wing Clan prince opposite with expressionlessly, slowly passing his eyes across each Wing Clan member, and then silently lowered his eyes.

The banquet broke up unhappily, and Rita thundered in the palace, smashing everything around him angrily.

Jiang Fu crossed the mess, pulling her sleeves and whispering to persuade.

"Sister, don't be angry."

Rita hammered the table hard and said bitterly with an ugly face.

"The Yi Clan is clearly threatening us, and talking about friendly cooperation is basically a hypocritical excuse!"

She endured the surging anger, pulled Jiang Fu into her arms, and said softly, holding his face in pity and determination.

"Don't be afraid, Xiaofu, sister will not agree to their request, no one can bully you!"

Jiang Fu looked at her tired face, the young beauty was affected by the vicissitudes of life due to the premature work of the kingdom, but his expression was still full of no hesitation in giving everything to protect him.

Even if the price is the safety of the entire kingdom.

"it's OK."

Jiang Fu shook her pinky finger and said with a serious face.

"You can let Yuan Yuan go with me, Yuan Yuan can protect me."

Rita's face changed slightly, and she suddenly distorted as if she was irritated again. She pressed the sorrow in her heart, gently touched Jiang Fu's white and greasy side, and her self-blaming voice was mixed with a somewhat depressed choking.

"Blame Sister, it's because Sister can't protect you, so that Yuan Chen and the prince of the Wing Clan can bully you so confidently."

Jiang Fu shook his head and smiled.

"I like Yuan Yuan. I was with him voluntarily. As for the prince of the Wing Clan, he doesn't seem to be very powerful. When I pass, I can bully him with Yuan Yuan."

The childishness in the innocent and brisk words made the worried Rita couldn't help being amused. She kissed Jiang Fu's forehead lovingly, patted his back comfortably, and said softly.

"It's getting late, you go back first, let me think about it."

Jiang Fu nodded docilely, and was escorted back to his residence by the knight. Pushing the door open, he took a look at the empty house, then he went back to the door and asked the guarding knight.

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