Strongest Guard Chapter 2345

Chapter 2345: I Want You To Die

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Ye Xiaodao would rather go to sleep with the sow than Su Yaqier!

This is not to say that Su Ya is uglier and uglier than the sow.

On the contrary, Su Ya is definitely a top Western beauty, no matter her figure, her appearance, especially her skill, it is even more confusing-it is when a scumbag drank too much wine and brags with the sword master. Speak out.

But even if all the women in the world were dead, and Su Ya was the only one left, Ye Xiaodao wouldn't want her.

There are two reasons.

First, one of the greatest pleasures of this woman is drinking alcohol and getting Ye Xiaodao drunk. When he woke up, he found that he was sleeping with the sow.

Second, and the most important point, what kind of madness this lady is, she likes to torture people the most. Whether it is a man or a woman, even a business partner, as long as they are not pleasing to the eye, they can use various methods to avoid giving them away. Tormented mental breakdown, vowed to never stop.

That is to say, a certain scum can surrender her on a special battlefield, and every time she does not let her die, she will not admit defeat.

Su Ya didn't feel any surprise about Ye Xiaodao's choice.

She smiled charmingly, raised her chin to face the red light in the distance, banged her tongue in her mouth, and signaled Ye Xiaodao to meet Li Nanfang.

Ye Xiaodao refused, with a serious righteousness: "Li Nanfang said, let me wait here! He is afraid that after I leave, you will attack this little bald. He can't die, and he has great use."

Su Ya suppressed a smile: "I wonder if longevity is useful? Ye Xiaodao, you said that, in addition to insulting my IQ, you also want to find a chance to get me out. Right?"

Ye Xiaodao didn't blush even after his mind was dismantled. He nodded especially bachelor.

"That's good. Just look at me here."

Su Ya said lazily, raised her hand and snapped her fingers.

Soon, the female bodyguards who used to stare at Ye Xiaodao's head with guns immediately took out the folding tables and chairs from the black business car and placed them on the ground.

A few minutes later, on this deserted slope, the fragrance of wine wafted.

"Little **** deliberately used fine wine to please me. I hope I can help her persuade Li Nanfang to marry her. Haha, Dad, I am the kind of person who sells friends for wine? But how can I get her away? Matter. At least, some of her dog legs must be put down first."

Ye Xiaodao wondered, his nose twitched a few times.

The wine that the little **** opened is not red wine, nor foreign wine.

It is Ye Xiaodao and Li Nanfang, their favorite Erguotou.

After smelling the familiar aroma of wine, the wine bug crawled into his mouth along the throat of Ye Xiaodao.


Ye Xiaodao swallowed fiercely and smeared, "Perhaps, after the past few years, her alcohol consumption has dropped, and I can get her drunk."

As soon as this idea came up, it was denied by Ye Xiaodao!

After he had just arrived in Bangkok, Li Nanfang told him with lingering fear that this little **** had drunk two bottles of brandy before flying here in a private plane across the entire Pacific Ocean.

This amount of alcohol----

"I see! She wants to use fine wine to get me drunk. In this way, I won't be able to get her away. Moreover, she will definitely hold Longevity in her hands and threaten Scum Li to marry her! Want to lie to your family Master Dao? Ha ha, you are still a little tender!!!"

Ye Xiaodao, who was suddenly enlightened, sneered secretly and looked back.

He just turned his head, his eyes were stung like a bee.


The painful Ye Xiaodao hurriedly closed his eyes.

In the moonlight, that little **** was sitting on a wicker chair, gracefully holding Erlang's legs, holding a cigarette in one hand and a wine glass in the other, smiling waveringly and winking at him.


Ye Xiaodao hurriedly turned around and snarled secretly.

If it hadn't been for Li Nanfang, who had already rode this woman, Ye Xiaodao would definitely let her know what is real playing with fire!

Drinking, Ye Xiaodao bows to the wind.

But if you talk about the skill in that respect, no matter how abnormal this little bitch, Ye Xiaodao can make her turn into mud! !

Youxiang, blowing in the wind from behind.

Ye Xiaodao looked at the approaching shadow under the moonlight, sighed heavily, leaped up, rushed down the deserted slope, and rushed straight into the distance with the flashing red dots. No one could be seen in the blink of an eye.

Fighting, bickering, even drinking!

Even if Ye Xiaodao wasn't Su Ya's opponent, he would never leave longevity and run away embarrassed.

What's so special----

It doesn't matter that Li Nanfang puts on his pants and refuses to admit it, he is the only man in Su Ya after all.

If Ye Xiaodao is here with this little **** and deliberately walks over and does not run away when he wants to insult him, then I am sorry brother! !

"Ha, haha!"

Su Yaqier's triumphant laughter spread far and wide.

"Want to watch me and find a chance to drive me out? It's a dream."

Su Ya sneered and jumped off the commercial car.

The clothes are neatly dressed.

And the "Su Ya" who was sitting in a wicker chair was a little shy, stood up and put on clothes hurriedly.

This is Suya's bodyguard leader Sinclair.

Su Ya had already seen what Ye Xiaodao was doing with her.

It is also counted that when she asked Sinclair to put some wine, Ye Xiaodao would pretend to ignore it.

So Su Ya took the opportunity to hide in the car.

And Sinclair, using the moonlight, covered half of his face with blond hair, barely, sitting on a chair that Su Ya could only sit on, posing in the "Su Ya pose" that Ye Xiaodao subconsciously recognized. How would he react when?

Ye Xiaodao would only hide his face with his hands and fled in embarrassment!

Everything, as Su Ya expected! !

After easily kicking Ye Xiaodao away, Su Ya sat on a chair, raised her right foot, and assumed the "Su Ya pose" most familiar to Li Nanfang and Ye Xiaodao. With her thin high heels, she couldn't help but gaze slightly. The longevity on the ground slowly swallows clouds and fog.

Longevity shivered and had a bad feeling.

In the past, if someone dared to treat Master Xuankong's closed disciples like this, Longevity would have long been glaring at him.

In fact, when he was first caught by Su Ya, he hadn't done this before.

But Su Ya's big mouths made it clear to Zen Master Changshou that not everyone respected him, one of the eighteen disciples.

When Ye Xiaodao was there, Changshou still felt that this guy was the most dangerous, and it was not a good thing at first sight.

but now----

Ye Xiaodao scurryed with his head in his arms.

Longevity discovered that the most terrifying person is not Ye Xiaodao, but the **** and beautiful Su Ya! !

Looking at Su Ya's trembling stiletto and longevity face, slowly piled up a flattering smile, and said softly: "No matter what you ask me to do, I have no complaints or opinions."

The elegant, **** stilettos stopped shaking immediately.

Su Ya leaned over slightly, her face full of joy: "Really!?"

"of course it's true!"

Su Ya's joy suddenly increased her confidence in Changshou, and she secretly despised herself because she was afraid of her just now.


Su Ya put on a very hypocritical look, thought for a while, and lightly opened her lips: "Go and die."


Su Ya narrowed her smile and said, "Since I ask you to do anything, you are willing. Then, go and die."


Regardless of whether he was speaking or not speaking, Su Ya didn't bother to pay attention to him anymore, raising her hand and snapping her fingers.

Sinclair immediately raised his hand and snapped his fingers----

The two female bodyguards rushed to Longevity like a tiger.

One knee fell on him, pressing him firmly.

One took out a rope and strangled his neck neatly.


After his tongue sticks out of the old man and no longer struggles, the two female bodyguards let go of him, patted their hips, and stood behind Sinclair again.

Sinclair reminded him softly: "Miss, this monk seems to be very important to Li Shao. If you want to enter the underground palace of the Reclining Buddha, it seems that you have to personally pick him up."

"Of course I know."

Su Yayouyou blew a smoke ring and said.

Sinclair stopped talking.

Since the eldest lady knew everything and killed the monk who was useful to Li Nanfang, then she must have done so.

Sure enough, Su Ya flexed her fingers, flicked the cigarette **** away, raised her hand to hold her hair behind her head, and asked Sinclair sideways: "Sinclair, you said, if I shave these three thousand trouble threads. Then wear Put on the eyes of an Asian person, put on the clothes of the corpse, and ask you to make up carefully, how do you look like him?"

Sinclair was dumbfounded, and then exclaimed: "Miss, you have to pretend to be this monk!?"

"Otherwise, I will ask him about his position, habits, and ways of doing things at the Wat Pho Temple so meticulously? That made Ye Xiaodao that stupid guy always suspected that there was something wrong with my brain."

As Su Ya said, she took out a pair of scissors slowly, put it on the table, and asked again: "How much can we have?"

Sinclair suppressed the surprise in his heart, carefully compared Suya and the dead, and answered truthfully: "I have an eight-point confidence."

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