Strongest Guard Chapter 2346

Chapter 2346: No Longer An Illusion

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I don't know how long it took, Hua Ye Shen, with a hoarse voice, finally recovered calmly like the sea after the hurricane.

The second-category negative cards deliberately cultivated by some people against Hua Ye Shen and Yang Xiaocai are quite powerful.

Even Huaye God could not stop it.

Can only be deep in some terrible hallucination, uncontrollable hissing.

If there were no men to help her resolve evil in the most primitive way, she would be like a Bodhisattva sitting on a chair and always crying "without heart", always screaming and wantonly.

Until the vocal cords are torn apart by the call!


It is impossible to speak again for the rest of his life, nor can he stop.

After the calm and the waves passed, Hua Ye Shen collapsed all over, lying on the back of the chair where the Bodhisattva was sitting, motionless.

But the body was always touched by the weak electricity, shaking lightly.

Gradually, her mind finally turned slowly.

Thoughts came to mind slowly like a movie.

"I was conspired by an evil man and lost my innocence."

"I have no face, goodbye to the south."

"Although, he will never have half opinions on me just because I lost my innocence. Only, he loves me more than before."

"But this is a cliff. Since it has come up, there is no longer any possibility to survive!"

"Before I die, I will kill the most people. It doesn't matter if they belong to the Wat Pho. It doesn't matter if they are innocent or not. It doesn't matter if they are male or female, old or young!!"

"Ha, haha."

Hua Ye Shen secretly hissed and laughed, biting her lip, slowly raising her head, looking at the broken door, with a hoarse voice, to the man standing behind her still holding her waist: "You, still Is there anything you want to tell me? Or is it left to the world?"


The man behind seemed to smile bitterly: "I must have done something that hurts the world. Otherwise, my two women would not have to make each other when I don't want to make each other. In New York, it was Avril. Here, it's you again."

boom! ! !

Hua Ye Shen seemed to be smashed in the head by a sledgehammer.

After the bang, it was blank.

But she could only hear a voice in her heart screaming: "Illusion! Another illusion! What exactly did those demons do to me? That is why I heard the voice of the South!"

"I see it, Nan's face."

Hua Yeshen's chin was held up lovingly by a hand, and he saw Li Nanfang's face.

Li Nanfang could see what she was thinking from the eyes of Hua Ye Shen, whose pupils kept shrinking.

He felt even more distressed, and said softly: "Sister God, you have no hallucinations. I am from the south, and I am here. I am here. When you are most dangerous. My luck is always so good. I'm afraid, I will be in the future. Use it up. When the time comes, you have to cover me well. Don't allow others to bully me."

Hua Ye looked at him blankly, for a long while: "Hands."

Li Nanfang stretched out his hand.

Hua Ye God opened her mouth.

Li Nanfang's mouth hurriedly jumped down, but he obediently placed the edge of his palm on her mouth.

She has to bite her hand to prove whether she is currently in hallucinations or dreaming.

Why doesn't she bite her hand?

Just when Li Nanfang's palm hurt slightly, he immediately gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, waiting for the severe pain, but he felt warm water droplets dripping on the back of his hand.

Huaye shouted dumbly: "South----"

Li Nanfang opened his eyes, Hua Yeshen called his name again, but already closed his eyes and raised his chin.

Tears spilled from her cheeks that could be broken by a blow.

She finally wakes up!

Finally confirmed, her innocence is still there! !

Her favorite man appeared when she was most dangerous! ! !

Li Nanfang understood, cupped her face in both hands, bowed her head, and was about to kiss away her tears when the door panel was knocked.

Ye Xiaodao said coarsely and impatiently, "Is it all right? Master Dao has been waiting for eight hours!"

Hua Ye Shen Jiao body trembled lightly.

Li Nanfang suddenly raised his head, looked at the door panel, gritted his teeth----

After half an hour.

Ye Xiaodao with a few slender finger marks on his left face, carrying the Bodhisattva with his head down in despair, walking vigorously.

With the corner of his eye gleaming, but from time to time like a knife, he looked at the happy woman lying on Li Nanfang's back and cursed inwardly: "The slap in the face is strong, but he is gone. A woman is hypocritical! This Is he still a terrible Flower Night God?"

There were warm tears dripping on Ye Xiaodao's neck, and he answered for him: "That woman is indeed the God of Flower and Night."

He dragged the Bodhisattva Man up with both hands, and Ye Xiaodao sighed secretly: "Oh, it's also a scumbag woman. Hua Ye Shen was spoiled like that by him; how about you? You obviously need more care, but he ignored it. "

The starlight is still brilliant.

The wind blowing through the low slope, blowing Hua Ye Shen's hair, covered her face.

She raised her hand, gently lifted her hair, and saw longevity.

Changshou was sitting on a chair, and a few women in black stood beside them. They really stood on Erlang's legs, trembling with his right foot, holding a wine glass in his left hand, and a cigarette in his right hand.

Hua Yeshen stared at him, and when Li Nanan stopped, his feet slowly landed and smiled.

The smile is charming!

Li Nanfang didn't pay attention.

If he pays attention, he will definitely know that whenever Hua Ye Shen uses such eyes to stare at someone and smiles so charmingly, it means that she has decided to kill that person in the most cruel way in the world.

He just frowned, looking at Longevity, a wry smile slowly appeared on his face.

Li Nanfang sighed. Just as he was about to say something, he heard Ye Xiaodao ask in a sigh, "Sinclair, where is Su Ya?"

His voice, although cold and stricken with a murderous intent, was trembling.

When Li Nanfang went to find the God of Flower Night, he repeatedly told Ye Xiaodao that he must be optimistic about longevity, so as not to be killed by Su Ya and bad things.


Longevity is good.

But Su Ya was gone.

Do not!

she is at! !

After Ye Xiaodao finished asking questions, he suddenly saw a person lying on the ground at the feet of Changshou.

like a statue.

Su Biao was killed by Changshou?

Her bodyguards betrayed her! !

Carrying the Bodhisattva's Ye Xiaodao, he suddenly felt black in front of his eyes and staggered under his feet.

Even though he is very afraid of Su Ya, he has cursed her as a small watch countless times, but among the women who have a relationship with Li Nanfang, Ye Xiaodao feels her the most temperament towards him.

Now, Su Ya is----

Just when Ye Xiaodao hated his incompetence, he suddenly heard Li Nanfang's dissatisfied question: "Su Ya, do you know that it is dangerous for you to play like this? If it weren't for me to count, you won't be counted against longevity. Humph, I I can guarantee that you are dead now."

What do you mean?

Where is Su Biao?

Ye Xiaodao was shocked and looked up at Li Nanfang.

Li Nanfang just reached out his hand and pulled Hua Ye Shen's arm.

Cold light flashes!

Disappeared in the sleeves of Hua Ye Shen.

"Longevity" sitting on the chair chuckled a few times, stood up, and said carelessly: "If you can't even see that I'm bald, then I'm really sorry I love you so much. No right, be my future son his dad!"

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