Strongest Guard Chapter 2347

Chapter 2347: Baby Marry Me

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Li Nanfang really didn't want to bird Su Ya, a lunatic.

It's not that this girl is a mess in her private life.

On the contrary, Su Ya, who appears on the cover of "Men" magazine every three to five, is cleaner than most women in the world.

She only has Li Nanfang a man!

To say that she is a lunatic is not just that she often concocts a lot of lace news in front of the public to brush up her presence; the key is that when she and Li Nanfang are together, as long as she is interested, no matter what the occasion is, she is doing it. What, even if you are driving an airplane.

As long as she wants it, Li Nanfang must get it.

Don't give ----

The consequences are absolutely catastrophic.

Although Li Nanfang had a big head, he couldn't bear the disastrous consequences.

If these are nothing, then the bunny tail wind oil essence and loofah stuffed steel **** in her bag are counted?

In short, Su Yaqier is a complex that is pure from evil spirits, angels and demons.

It's still brown sugar.

Once stuck, don't even think about running.

Now, she has had enough and tired of playing and is ready to be a good woman at home.

Li Nanfang hopes that she can find a handsome guy in the West to marry, or marry, and don't bother him in this life.

When she gets married, Li Nanfang will definitely send the most sincere blessings!


Looking at the body of Longevity, and then at Su Ya, who pretended to be Longevity, what else could Li Nanfang say except sigh?

It doesn't matter if longevity is dead.

If you just pretend to be longevity and go to the underground palace of the Reclining Buddha Temple, whether it is for Li Nanfang or Ye Xiaodao, it will be easy.

The problem is that the things that longevity knows, and some special tokens, are the guarantee for smoothly entering the underground palace.

And 100% of these things fell into Su Yaqier's hands.

If Li Nanfang dared to drive her away, Su Ya would absolutely leave without saying a word.

In that way, Li Nanfang would not only be unable to go to the underground palace, but also face the official arrest here!

Before Su Ya left, if she did not let out the wind, saying that Longevity was killed by Li Nanfang, she should find someone to pretend to be him and get into the palace of the Reclining Buddha Temple to investigate the whereabouts of Helan Xiaoxin. Li Nanfang would definitely give her the grandson. ! !

"Fangfang, don't hesitate anymore."

Wearing a bald prop, Su Ya walked up to Li Nanfang with a catwalk, curled up in front of Li Nanfang, reached out and grabbed his collar, and said pretentiously: "Except for you, please be kind to me, there is no way back. Knife, you Say yes?"

Ye Xiaodao gave a sharp shot, lowered his head, and muffled: "I will wait for you at the reserved hotel first."

For this hypocritical little watch, you can't kill it; you can't eat it; you can't watch her eat it. If you don't leave at this time, when will you wait?

Su Ya was very satisfied with Ye Xiaodao's knowledge and faintly ordered: "Sinclair, leave a car, and you will accompany Ms. Ye Shen to the hotel. I still have something to do, but I haven't finished it."

Sinclair immediately agreed and turned to order.

Hua Ye Shen didn't want to leave.

She especially disliked Su Ya's "dominant", but when her eyes flashed, she sighed again.

No matter how good she is, it is not Yang Xiao, nor Yue Zitong.

Su Ya didn't dare to be so arrogant when either of the two women was present.

Yang Xiaocai doesn't care what moths she will have, let alone the bad influence afterwards, as long as she is not pleasing to the eye, and that she is killed on the spot, that's all!

And Yue Zitong is the landlord's wife in Li Nanfang's backyard, in charge of all shameless women.

If she disagrees, Su Ya will never want to see Li Nanfang again in her life!


Two cars galloped away.

Only one car, a pair of young men and women, a corpse, and a chair were left.

Also, a well dug pit.

After watching the rear lights of the two cars disappear into the night, Li Nanfang sat in a chair and looked at Su Ya and said lightly, "What new tricks are you going to play? Hurry up. After I'm done, I have something to do. Discuss with the night **** and others."

Su Ya's evil smile on her face slowly receded, "Li Nanfang, in your heart, I am just a little watch that I want to do?"

Li Nanfang didn't speak.

To be silent is to agree.

After Su Ya walked to the chair, she placed her slender hands with ten fingers on Li Nanfang's neck and walked slowly: "Do you really think that I will never fall in love with other men except you?"

Li Nanfang asked, "Your name is love?"

Su Ya asked: "What's that called?"

Li Nanfang gently spit out a word: "Sex."

"Okay. Even sex."

Su Ya sneered: "Apart from you, I will never be a **** person anymore?"

Li Nanfang closed his eyes: "If that happens, I will bless you."

Without waiting for Su Ya to say anything, he said: "Su Ya, these years. Especially in the last half of the year, I am really tired. I feel that I am old. I no longer have the original mentality. Like you, games Life."

"I want to hand over the Southern Group to the country, save some shares that are left to die, and return 800."

"In the future, there is nothing to shake the mountain, and I won't come out again."

"There, when I opened my eyes in the morning, I could see the children running around; I saw Yang Xiao in a white robe, teaching the children to learn ancient Chinese; I saw Tongtong with the face of a landlord's wife and her hands pinched around her waist. Refers to the sang and scolds the Huai; seeing the night gods and the others, they seem to be quiet on the surface, but in fact the eyebrows are always overflowing, and they finally settle down and enjoy the happiness of life."

"See, my mother and the others, they can have children and grandchildren around their knees, and they laugh all day long."

"Spring is here, I drove black cattle to plow the land."

"In the summer solstice, I will open the watermelon I cultivated by myself for the children."

"Autumn breeze rises. Looking around, it is full of yellow corn and red maple leaves. There are flocks of chickens chased by little yellow dogs."

"When the snow falls, I will wear the cotton-padded clothes made by my mother, and Er Gouzi will step on the snow and go hunting in the back mountain."

As Li Nanfang spoke, his eyes brightened, and a smile bloomed at the corner of his mouth. "I remember, I told you a long time ago. My biggest dream is to have enough wives! Then, he hugged him home. Now, my dream has come true."

"Enough girls!"

"Enough money!"

Li Nanfang raised his voice and looked back at Su Ya's eyes with wolf-like aggressiveness: "Although I have many girls, they all love! Even though I have a lot of money, every cent is innocent! I do This society has also made a certain contribution! Therefore, I am qualified to retire!"

"Su Ya. I beep so much with you, just to tell you."

Li Nanfang stood up, took her hand, and with the dazzling starlight, whispered very seriously: "I don't want to play anymore."

"I want to be a good family man after dealing with this matter."

"Either you scold me for having no ambitions, or call me a despicable villain. In short, I don't want to play anymore."

He raised his hand, stroked Su Ya's hair, and said softly: "You, although a few years younger than me. Your character, identity and background are also eligible to continue playing. But you will get tired one day. . You will be like the oil tumbling in a hot pan, sooner or later, it will cool down. Like me, you will feel tired physically and mentally. Want to live a peaceful life. So, I advise you"

A spring onion-like finger stood on Li Nanfang's mouth.

Su Ya looked up into his eyes with an ethereal voice: "How do you know that I am not tired physically and mentally, and I don't want to play anymore?"

"I've long wanted to marry a man I love and have a baby. Change my mind and be a good mother?"

Su Ya smiled and said when she said this, tears suddenly burst again: "Why do you think that I will continue to play like you said? It's because I'm bad, and I'm the wave? I'm bad and wave. But I am only bad to you, Li Nanfang, and let it go! Now, I don't want to be bad or let it go."

"I just want to be a normal woman. Do you believe it?"

"Do you want to?"

Su Ya whispered: "Answer me."

Li Nanfang wanted to say that he was willing, but he didn't believe it! !

But when Suyas tears dripped down her chin and fell on his hand, he said, "I believe it."

"I knew it, you would say that!"

Su Ya broke into a smile and took the packet.

Li Nanfang suddenly became nervous.

In the past, whenever this small watch took a small bag, it represented a bottomless, uncontrolled madness.

Su Ya opened the small bag and placed it in front of Li Nanfang: "Take out the contents."

Li Nanfang, who has a great psychological shadow, sneered: "You take it yourself."

"you take."

Su Ya insisted.

Li Nanfang sighed secretly and had to stretch out his hand.

Inside the packet, there is only a box.

What kind of harm can be done to men and women in this stuff! ?

When Li Nanfang's heart beat, Su Ya raised her hand and put aside the packet.

She took the box and took a step back.

Li Nanfang is even more nervous!

Su Ya----

But slowly, knelt on one knee, opened the box, and held it high above his head.

Her eyes are very bright!

Brighter than the brightest star in the sky, brighter than the diamond ring in the box! !

She raised her face, looked at Li Nanfang in a daze, took a deep breath, pointedly, and whispered: "Baby, marry me!"

"I will give you happiness for a lifetime!!"

"I will become your most competent spouse husband!!!"

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