Strongest Hero In One Punch Chapter 422

Chapter 403: : Fubuki Vs Sweetheart Mask

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On a clearing in the suburbs of City A, a **** figure stood there, dressed in strong clothes, wrapped the **** figure, with long dark green hair, fluttering in the wind, it was blowing snow.

But at this time, Chuixue was a little embarrassed, his forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat, staring at the surrounding figures.


Chuuxue raised his right hand, and several steel needles shot towards the distance, instantly enveloping the distant target.

With short blue hair, a slender body, and a relaxed posture, it is the sweetheart mask located in s1.

Facing Fuxue's attack, Sweetie Mask didn't care. She stepped on her feet and appeared a few meters away, avoiding these steel needles.

But at the moment of landing, several flying knives once again enveloped Sweetheart's Mask, cutting towards him.


Sweetheart Mask dodges immediately, but there are still two flying knives covering it. Seeing it hit him, Sweetheart Mask suddenly rotates in a circle, the rotation stops, and his hands are raised.


Two flying knives lased towards Fuxue, and instantly arrived in front of him.

There was thought power flowing around Chuixue's body, and I didn't pay attention to it, but the flying knife touched the surrounding thought power, and it only deflected slightly, but still went deep and shot towards the right half of Chuixue's body.

"not good."

Chuuxue quickly gathered more motivation and flew two flying knives.

"I have known the direction and intensity of the flow of your body's thoughts for a long time."

Seeing this scene, Sweetheart Mask smiled confidently, stepped on her feet, and rushed towards Fuxue.

The speed of Sweetheart Mask was extremely fast, and she instantly arrived in front of Fuxue. Chuuxue couldn't control the flying knife flying back in the distance. He could only hold it with his left hand, and the power around her body became strong, and then she grabbed it with her right hand.

Nian power surged out and tried to grab Sweetheart Mask, but Sweetheart Mask disappeared and appeared behind Fuxue.

"The closer you are, the more obvious the angle change caused by moving the same distance."

Sweetie Mask leaped lightly and avoided the attack, "Moreover, while you strengthen your mind power, you control the mind power to fly out. At this moment, you can no longer control the mind power attack."

and so

"The tiger shakes the mountain."

Sweetheart Masked both fists straight, using a trick she learned from Xia Shu, and blasted towards Fuxue.


Sweetheart's fist hit Chuuxue's thought force, and the vibrating force burst out, directly dissipating the peripheral thought force.

Then the fist drove straight in, exploding vigorously, exploding the remaining thought power, and finally relying on the residual strength of the middle section Jin, it stuck to Chuuxue's back and was about to bombard her.

Seeing that she was about to be hit, Chuuxue suddenly stepped on her feet and leaped forward, avoiding the move.

Missing a hit, the body of Sweetie Mask had already rushed forward and attacked again.

Chuuxue's feet were covered by the force of chanting, and he ejected violently, evading the fist of Sweetheart Mask, and appeared ten meters away.

But at this moment, Sweetheart Mask had already posted and attacked again.

Chuuxue constantly mobilized his mind power to resist him, but found that the strength contained in the opponent's arm continuously dissipated his mind power.

Not only that, but he did not respond directly, only attacking from the side and back.

"Since the eyes can't keep up..."

Fortunately, Chuuxue closed his eyes, perceiving the spread, and then the power of thought appeared, but it did not circulate around him, but turned into a whirlpool.

"Read the power vortex."

A large vortex is formed with Fuxue as the center, and then spread by the power of thought, forming a small vortex.

When Sweetheart's Masquerade fist arrived, Xiao Uzumaki appeared in front of the fist, unloading part of his power, and then Mae Uzumaki pushed his body away.

No matter how Sweetie Mask attacks, Fuxue is invincible.

"A very smart move."

Sweetheart Mask nodded slightly, still attacking, but all were blocked by Fuxue.


Sweetheart Mask stepped back more than ten meters, staring at Chuuxue, and didn't make any more moves.

"Why don't you fight?" Chuuxue asked softly, closing her eyes.

"Your current strength is very good."

Sweetheart Mask said: "I can give you a chance."

"What chance?" Chuuxue opened her eyes and stared at Sweetheart Mask.

"Your strength is enough for you to be promoted to the s-level."

Sweetheart Masquerade said: "So if you give up temporarily, I can allow you to be promoted."

"S grade?"

Chuuxue shook his head and said, "I challenged you not to be promoted to S-level. It is for the position of a1."

"But you are not my opponent."

Sweetheart Masquerade said: "You can defend against my attack, but this is the result of concentrating all the power to defend. When a person can only be passively beaten, he has already lost. Your mental power consumes faster than my physical strength. The consumption rate is too fast, and as long as it continues, you will definitely lose."

"That's hard to say."

Chuuxue squinted his eyes, and suddenly slapped his hands, only to see the weapon falling on the ground in the distance, lasing again towards the sweetheart mask.

"Then knock you to the ground."

Sweetheart Mask breathed a sigh, and her figure backed away, all these steel needle flying knives and spikes were lost.

But Chuuxue turned his hands, and the spikes turned into streamers, chasing after Sweetheart Mask.

However, the speed of Sweetie Mask is too fast, especially the farther the distance is, the more power of thinking that blowing snow needs to consume.

So Chuixue chased for a certain distance and controlled the spikes to fly back.

But the moment the spike stopped not chasing, the sweetheart mask had gone and returned, appeared beside the spike, grabbed two spikes, slapped the other two to the ground, and then turned towards Fuxue. Leaped.


Sweetheart Mask approached Chuuxue. Chuuxue knew that he was fast and did not dare to stop him, so she immediately turned her mind into a whirlpool to protect her whole body.

The spikes of Sweetheart Mask's hands pierced out and squeezed into the whirlpool. These spikes were made of superalloy and were extremely hard, even if it was Chuuxue's thought power, they could not be pinched.

Moreover, the body surface is smooth, so it is very difficult for the mind force to restrain the spikes.

Therefore, these spikes directly pierced the small whirlpool, and then continued to move forward, only to be blocked by the big whirlpool.

But at this moment, Sweetheart Mask released her hands, clenched her fists, and still blasted out again.

Boom, boom.

Chuuxue's thought motivation was disordered, and when she stepped on her footsteps, she would back off.

At this time, Sweetheart Mask pulled out her feet and hit two spikes.


The spike lased towards Fuxue, and instantly pressed against her abdomen.

Chuuxue used a considerable part of his mind to retreat, and in a hurry, he could only split a part of his mind to resist and grabbed the spikes.

Puff, puff.

At the moment when the spike pierced the skin of the abdomen, he grabbed the two spikes, but the sweetheart mask had already appeared behind him, blasting his fists.

Chuuxue controlled the mind power to resist, but how to block the attack of the sweetheart mask, which was not even the mind flow.

His fists exploded, breaking away the motivation of thinking, and constantly approaching Chuuxue's back.


Chuuxue gritted his teeth and controlled the motivation of thinking, trying to resist, but to no avail.

"Is it finished?"

Chuuxue couldn't resist. Seeing that the fist of the face of Sweetheart was about to hit him, a huge force of thought emerged, not only blocking the attack of the face of Sweetheart, but also hitting him.


Sweetheart Mask flew out, twisted her body, and fell to the ground, looking at Fuxue in surprise.


Chuuxue also felt a little surprised, and his motivation for thinking has increased, reaching several times more than just now.

How is this going?

"Why did your motivation to read suddenly become stronger?"

Sweetheart Mask asked, frowning.

"do not know."

Chuuxue said, "Suddenly, the motivation for thinking has emerged, and it has grown too much."

Chuuxue said, holding both hands, the ground cracked, rising upward, and a huge rock flew up.

This stone weighed close to forty to fifty tons. If it had been in the past, Chuuxue would not even be able to lift it up, let alone suspend it and stay for a while.

But now, it seems to be able to do well, only occupying one-fifth of his own thinking power.

Where did you get your strength?

"Could it be a breakthrough?"

Chuuxue thought of the words Xia Shu had told him, constantly pushing himself to the limit and breaking the limiter.

Could it be that he broke the limiter himself as he said.

"You have become much stronger than before."

Sweetheart Mask looked at the huge boulder suspended in the air. Such a stone could be lifted by itself, but it could not be suspended for so long.

Being able to lift it up, and then using her just now skills, she would definitely not be able to break through the defense.

"My motivation to read has increased nearly tenfold."

Chuuxue looked at Sweetheart Masquerade and said, "In terms of the use of Mind Power~wuxiaworld.online~ my combat power has increased by more than ten times, so..."

"I lost."

Sweetheart Masquerade shrugged and said: "Your combat power has doubled, and I am no longer your opponent, let alone ten times."

"Although your strength suddenly increases a bit strange."

Sweetheart Masquerade said again: "But I really am not your opponent, then after going back, I will be promoted from a1 position to s-level, and then recommend you to it."

"Thank you."

Chuuxue said happily, very happy.

"I'm leaving."

Sweetheart Masquerade waved her hand, walked towards the distance, got into a car, and then the car started and disappeared into the distance.

"This will complete the goal."

Chuuxue looked excited, from b1 to a1, he was even more excited than being promoted to the s-level.

He is the number one again, and his strength has increased, and his motivation has surpassed Sykes. Should he be able to fight his sister, right?

Chuuxue is extremely happy, and can't wait to share it with others.

She waved, and all the weapons scattered on the ground flew up and entered the flying shuttle in the distance.

Then Chuuxue stepped forward, stepped onto the shuttle, and the shuttle flew up and shot towards the distance.

The flying shuttle did not eject flames, and flew out at high speed directly under the huge power of thought.

In the future, the power plant can be omitted, and the number of weapons can be increased a lot.

Chuuxue thought, controlling the shuttle to fly back to city h, and returned home, put down the shuttle on the balcony, opened the door and walked in, and came to the living room, "Sister, let me tell you something..."

Chuuxue's voice was filled with excitement, but before he finished speaking, he was stunned and asked curiously: "Xia Shu, why are you here?"

In front of her sister, Xia Shu was sitting across from the tornado, looking at herself with a smile on her face.

Why is he here?

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