Strongest Hero In One Punch Chapter 423

Chapter 404: :lovers Get Married

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"How did you come?"

Seeing Xia Shu, Chuuxue came over and asked curiously.

Xia Shu said, "I have a few things I want to inform you."

"whats the matter?"

Chuuxue came over, asked, and then said: "Don't talk about you, I have something to tell you. I just defeated the sweetheart mask, and he has promised me to give up the position of a1."

"Did you beat it?"

Tornado said with a smile, "It's a great job."


Xia Shu complimented, then narrowed his smile and said, "But you have no chance to be promoted to a1."

"Why?" Chuuxue asked puzzledly.

"Because the association will be disbanded and replaced by an organization established by the Federation, and all heroes must join."

Xia Shu said: "Except for the top ten, there are only four stars left, so you may not be able to enjoy the result of the victory."

"The association is disbanding?" Chuuxue couldn't help asking.

"Yes, not just the association, but the neoheroes will also be disbanded." Xia Shu said, "From now on, heroes will appear in the form of a hero's office, and will be docked with the federal government instead of a four-person organization."

"What about the Masked Legion?" Fuxue asked curiously.

"The Masked Legion will keep it."

Xia Shu looked at Fuxue and said, "But you have to quit the Masked Army."


Chuuxue frowned and asked, "What do you mean by letting me go now?"

"You are not the only one leaving."

Xia Shu said: "The stinger will leave, the spring beard and the golden ball will leave. Tetsuzhong, Masawa, Bunsuke and others will focus on the tiger tooth cracking true fist. Hikae and Saori will also establish the eight-foot bird's pole fist. The office is the main one. There will not be too many people left."

"But this..."

Chuuxue felt uncomfortable when they heard that everyone was about to separate, and asked, "It's too sudden. Is there any pressure?"

"No one can put pressure on me."

Xia Shu said confidently, "Don't worry, this is my decision."

"Why do you want to do this?" Chuuxue asked puzzledly: "Is it okay for everyone to be together?"

"There are many reasons. For example, social stability, for example, the loss caused by this is smaller."

Xia Shu said: "But the reason for everyone to leave is very simple, because everyone is outstanding and should have their own business, rather than being covered by my reputation."

"is it?"

Chuuxue's expression slowed down a bit when she heard this, and then she glared at Xia Shu, and said, "Suddenly making such a decision, I don't want to discuss it with others."

Xia Shu smiled, did not speak, and then Chuuxue said, "Since you have decided, others can't change your mind. Just do it as you said."

"One more thing."

Xia Shu nodded and said, "I will have a wedding next month. The date has already been decided, so I will send you an invitation first. I must come at that time."

"Are you and Huazhi getting married?"

Chuuxue said with a smile, "It's also time."

"It will pass by then." Tornado also said from a distance.

"Then it's okay," Xia Shu said, "I won't..."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute."

Chuuxue interrupted Xia Shu's words and said, "I still have something to ask you."

"What's the matter?" Xia Shu looked at Chuuxue.

"I fought with Sweetheart Mask to the end, and I was about to lose. Suddenly a huge motivation for thought appeared in my body, which was ten times the previous."

Chuuxue frowned and said, "This is weird. Could it be that you said that I broke the limiter."

"This question."

Xia Shu pondered for a moment and said, "It's very possible."

"That's great."

Chuuxue said with a smile, "My efforts have finally been reported."


Xia Shu said with a smile, and after a few conversations with Chuuxue, she stood up and said goodbye.

After he left, Chuuxue was still a little excited, and Tornado suddenly asked, "What are your plans for the office?"

"The office?"

Chuuxue said, "Look at the rules at that time, but I should find the mountain monkey eyelashes and establish a new office."

"is it?"

Tornado nodded, then hesitated, and said, "Then, do you want to team up with your sister?"


When Chuuxue heard this, she was taken aback for a moment and looked at her sister.

"Look, the association is going to be dissolved."

Tornado looked a little unnatural, and said, "I also want to form an office, but it's a bit of trouble for one person, so we can work together."

Seeing that Chuuxue didn't reply, Tornado said again: "Of course, you don't want to let it go."

"how could be."

Chuuxue grabbed Tornado's hand and said with a smile: "I really want to team up with my sister. We are sisters. How can we not be together. Then we will build the strongest office."


Tornado squeezed the back of Fuxue's hand.

"And oh."

Chuuxue said triumphantly: "Sister, now my motivation has increased tenfold, and my combat effectiveness has increased more than tenfold. I may not lose to you."

"is it?"

Tornado said with a smile: "Then I am not your opponent."

"It's unlikely."

Chuuxue waved his hand and said, "Sister, the scene in which you are fighting with Orochi is more than ten times better than me, so I am still inferior to my sister. However, I don't care whether it is worse than my sister. As long as we are together, it will be fine. ."

No better than you.

Tornado thought to her heart as she looked at Chuuxue's happy profile.

Because after I distribute the power to you, the energy in my body is the same as yours.

But at this moment, Chuuxue's body stiffened, turning his head and staring at the tornado.


Tornado was a little puzzled, and looked up at Fuxue.

The next moment, Chuuxue fell down and kissed the cherry mouth of the tornado.


Before Tornado could react, he was kissed upright and his eyes widened.

She didn't know why Chuixue kissed herself, and she was so flustered that she wanted to push her away, but she felt weak when she pressed her hands on her chest.

Fuxue's full lips sucked tornado's lips, bit by bit, and then stuck out his tongue, prying Tornado's mouth open and leaning in.

"This is Fuxue's tongue!"

Tornado's face turned red with a sigh, but he opened his mouth uncontrollably, letting Chuuxue's tongue come in and entangled with his own tongue.

Tornado and Chuuxue hugged and kissed. After a long time, the two people slowly separated, and a silk thread formed by saliva hung over their mouths and slowly disconnected.

Tornado wiped his saliva dry, blushing and didn't know what to say.

"Thank you sister."

Chuuxue suddenly said softly.


When Tornado heard this, he was taken aback for a moment, and then immediately understood something, and asked: "You know ~ wuxiaworld.online~ ah."

Chuuxue pointed to his head and said, "Xia Shu told me just now. You gave me energy so that our total power of thought is almost the same."

"That guy..."

Tornado looked a little angry, "I told him not to tell you."

"Sister, why do you need to give me your energy."

Chuuxue sighed and said, "For me, you make yourself weaker."

"You, don't you want to become stronger. Also, you still want to surpass me." Tornado said without confidence from the side: "So Xia Shu asked me if I would give you the strength, I agreed."

"thank you."

Chuuxue took Tornado's hand and couldn't help but said, "But sister, this kindness is so great that I can't afford it. What should I do?"

"No need to pay back."

Tornado squeezed her hand and whispered: "You are my sister, I am willing to give you everything I have."

"No need to pay it back?"

When Chuuxue heard this, she pretended to be disappointed and said, "I still plan to give myself to my sister to repay this kindness. So my sister didn't plan to ask for it?"

"Give you to me?"

Tornado was stunned, and asked blankly.


Chuuxue said with a smile, "Sister can do anything."


Tornado didn't know what he thought of, his face was extremely ruddy, and finally he had a nosebleed.

"Actually, it's better to pay it back."

Tornado whispered, thought for a while, and made up his mind, "Well, Chuuxue, you have to return this kindness to me."

"is it?"

Chuuxue laughed happily, leaned down again, and kissed Tornado's red lips.

Tornado closed his eyes and was immersed in Chuuxue's embrace.

After a while, Chuuxue stood up, picked up the tornado, and walked towards the house.

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