Summon A Little Fire Dragon At The Start Chapter 950

Chapter 949: High-level traitor! !

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"The Nineteenth Realm Peak!"

far away.

Qin Ye, who had just arrived from the secret realm of Blood River, had some surprises in his expression.

From Bai Zhi's memory, he learned that the sea monsters on Juao Island almost all escaped into the endless sea, and the main force of Xinghai City was only killed by Bai.

Before Bai Zhi was summoned, he had already arrived in the offshore area of Endless Sea.

It stands to reason that now on this Giant Ao Island, those sea clan monster forces will definitely hide their figures to find opportunities and escape back to the endless sea.

Unexpectedly, there was such a strong monster attacking Little Black Bear Ridge at this time.

It's too abnormal!

First catch this guy alive, and with the help of a soul search, you can know the origin of the other party.

Qin Ye summoned Bai from the Void Realm. To be on the safe side, Bai only shot. Although he now has two servants in the 20th realm, Wu Shuang and Black Eagle are still used as trump cards.

"This is... Qin Ye?"

Hu Qianqiu floated up in the air, hovering into the air for more than a hundred meters, looking suspiciously in his eyes, and then transformed into a Wang Xuan-like Qin Ye, with a hint of doubt in his eyes.

Although he got the information.

Qin Ye had the transforming talisman array given by Ouyang Guiyuan, but it was a broken one. If he explored with the spirit power of the nineteen realms, he would definitely be able to perceive some flaws.

But now.

He didn't sense any flaws.

The other party's breath of life was not Qin Ye's.

But look at Xiong Wanshan's expression.

There is a great possibility that the other party is Qin Ye.

Hu Qianqiu's expression flashed coldly, and he grabbed it first.

But just when Hu Qianqiu was about to do it, suddenly in the air beside the white-faced scholar, a human youth appeared in a white robe.

When Hu Qianqiu saw the appearance of the white-robed human race boy.

The pupils of both eyes suddenly enlarged several times.

"White Demon Killing God!!"


In an instant, Hu Qianqiu felt that he had fallen into an ice cave with cold limbs.

The white devil kills the gods!

That was the most famous one among the Giant Ao Island and the Endless Sea-Monster Clan. The opponent was the most terrifying disciple on the first peak of the Inner Sect of the Giant God Sect.

In the Battle of Xinghai City.

It also killed a first-level life form of the 20th realm. Although Xuanyuanjiang's cooperation is supported, from the perspective of those monster races in the endless sea, the opponent is no weaker than some early-stage existences of the 20th realm. .

The key is that the information they got was just a disciple of the inner gate of the Titan Sect.

The talent is strong.

Even the core disciple of the Titan Sect is nothing more than that, even slightly inferior.

Therefore, because of its powerful domain talent, under a wide range of attacks, it can even take away dozens of domain-level monsters in an instant. The tyrannical methods are staggering.

They also got some pictures of the White Demon Killing God on the battlefield from the side of the Endless Sea-Monster Clan and several other intelligence-trading forces.

The scene of blocking hundreds of domain-level sea clan monsters by one person was very shocking. Once upon a time, among the monks on Juao Island, such a dazzling disciple had not appeared in a long time.

However, what makes the Nine Mountain Demon Gate quite strange.

They didn't get any trace of the White Demon Killing God's previous activities in the Taigu Universe Kingdom, as if it had suddenly appeared.

It is also possible that the other party has been cultivating hard.

Only recently joined the Titan Sect.

It's just that the white demon kills the gods. At this time, it should be in the endless sea, fighting with the top monsters of the sea clan monsters, how could it appear in the little black bear ridge.


Without any hesitation, Hu Qianqiu took out a teleportation talisman glowing with silver light from his arms, and wanted to send it away directly, but he hadn't waited for him to activate the teleportation talisman in his hand.


At a position several tens of meters above and below it, two giant white hands nearly hundreds of meters in size appeared out of thin air. The giant white hands were swift and thunderous, and suddenly photographed Hu Qianqiu who was in them.

Under the pressure of horror, Hu Qianqiu could clearly feel that his actions had been severely restricted, as if he was suddenly bound to several mountains.

The giant white bones hand up and down, put your hands together!

A loud and terrifying sound echoed over the entire mountain range.

The palms fit closely together.

Among them, Hu Qianqiu, under the attack of this elementary combat power comparable to the 20th realm, was directly photographed as a fan.

Only his soul is left!

The soul has also become a little weakened because of the influence of the giant hand of white bones.

Bai only took Hu Qianqiu's remnant soul into his hand, a flash of golden light flashed through his pale golden eyes, and his soul power directly invaded Hu Qianqiu's soul and searched his memory.

After a few interest rates.

Bai Zhi made a bone piece that carried the memory of Hu Qianqiu!

"Master, there are high-ranking traitors in the Titan Sect."

After Bai only searched for the soul, a dignified expression also appeared in his expression. He had just learned from Hu Qianqiu's memory that the Titan Sect definitely had a high level above the peak master.

Only then can Qin Ye use the Transfiguration Talisman Array to disguise things.

Moreover, even these inner disciples, the list of inner disciples who came to this Little Black Bear Ridge, and other places to do tasks, can clearly know, this point illustrates.

The rank of this traitor, the Titan Sect, is definitely not low.

Qin Ye took the bone fragment into his hand, and released a wisp of spirit, which penetrated into the bone fragment.


Then there was a picture of Hu Qianqiu's memory that surfaced in the depths of my mind.

"My lord, save me!!"

And at the moment.

Xiong Wanshan, who was haunted by black pythons, was firmly suppressed by the black python. The black python was covered with spikes, but it pierced his skin, and his whole body felt the python's drama. The power of poison churns in the body.

The strength of his own domain is rapidly weakening. If this continues, if he weakens a few percent of his strength, it is very likely that he will be bitten by this black python.

Bai Zhi beside Qin Ye.

He glanced sideways at Xiong Wanshan, who was entangled by the black python. When the soul fell on the black python, he could see through the body of the black python.

A hair on the body of a domain-level peak demon.

That hair has also undergone special refining techniques, barely able to reach the peak combat power of the nineteenth stage, but it can only exist for dozens of breaths.

Bai Zhizhi moved.

From the void beside the giant python, several dozen-meter-long white jade snake demon clones appeared out of thin air, and together they flew to the black python entwining Xiong Wanshan.

Several clones of the white snake and snake demon bite and gnawed together, and the black python was gnawed clean within a few breaths.


Qin Ye also mobilized the power of the poisonous talisman to cover the embarrassed Xiong Wanshan, causing the demon poison in his body to condense into black beads of dark venom, which flew out of his body and blended into it. Within a rune in front of Qin Ye. Summon a little fire dragon at the start of the latest chapter address: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/143360.html Summon a small fire dragon at the beginning of the game to read the full text: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/143360/Summon a small fire dragon at the beginning. txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/143360.htmlSummon a small fire dragon mobile phone reading: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/143360/For the convenience of reading next time, you can click on the \"Favorites\" below to record this time (Chapter 949 High Level Traitor!!) Read the record and you will see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "Summon a Little Fire Dragon", please recommend this to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) Book, thank you for your support! ! (www.wuxiaworld)

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