Summon A Little Fire Dragon At The Start Chapter 951

Chapter 950: transaction!

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The eastern coast of Juao Island.

Under half-day **** battle.

On the entire sea level, the clouds and fog hundreds of meters high in the sky were dyed a pale red.

The rough sea.

You can see the bodies of many large sea monsters floating on it, close to the offshore waters of Juao Island, nearly a hundred miles away, and now you can't see the sea monsters who were stationed before.

Most of the area near the shore of Ju'ao Island was re-slammed down, and the monsters of the Sea Clan suffered heavy losses.

The main reason was that because of the big defeat in Xinghai City, the core of their sea clan monster line of defense was directly inserted into a sharp knife by the monks' alliance on Juao Island.

It also gives the repairers on Juao Island an advantage.

The sea clan monster was expelled to more than a hundred miles away near the coast.

There is even a tendency to be driven thousands of miles away.

East coast.

Thousands of miles away from the sea.

Above the volcanic islands in a piece of sea, among the rolling red clouds, the figures of the peaks of the two domains flicker and flicker in them. Every time they fight each other, they will make a thunder-like explosion in the air.

The three-headed and six-armed Blood Sect at the pinnacle of the Sea-Monster Clan's domain yelled in angrily. Among them, the blue spirit orb he had grabbed on one of his arms threw out fiercely.

Like a dark blue meteor, it slammed straight towards the Xuanyuan River in front of him.


Now that the momentum is weak, there are already a few sword-scarred blood sects on his body, a move of his mind urged the rune formation on the nineteenth-level peak secret treasure, and the rune formation suddenly became extremely chaotic.

An agitated breath erupted from that Lingzhu.

In the blink of an eye, the Lingzhu blew itself in the air.

A blue tornado nearly a thousand meters above was formed, and the violent force instantly drowned the figure of the blood sect in front of him.

After blocking Xuanyuanjiang's figure, the blood sect got another chance to breathe and continued to flee towards the depths of the endless sea.

He escaped here all the way from above Xinghai City.

Xuanyuanjiang behind him didn't intend to let him go just like that, as if he was going to kill him, and this Xuanyuanjiang was still a sword repairman, and he had a lot of scars and was corroded by the sword qi.

Prevented healing.

If this procrastination continues, it is really possible that Xuanyuanjiang will be dragged to death. If it weren't for the little clone he split up and was killed by Xuanyuanjiang and the white-robed boy, he wouldn't be so crushed by the other party. Slapped.

He must find a chance to escape.

When he reached the boundary of the Deep Sea Monster Race, his security was great.

But just after the bloodzong flew thousands of meters, there was a burst of sword aura that made his back cool. If he didn't take the initiative to resist, he would have an illusion that this sword aura would definitely Its body was cut in half directly.

The blood sect immediately turned around, and on the five sturdy arms, the magic weapons held by each released their respective treasures, and they all smashed towards the flying sword behind him.

The two competed against each other for a while.

On one of the arms of the blood sect, a secret treasure topaz gourd at the peak of the nineteenth realm suddenly uttered a crisp sound, visible to the naked eye, from the surface of the topaz gourd, dark and fine cracks emerged.

The crack spread to most of the topaz gourd in the blink of an eye.


After insisting on a few breaths.

The topaz gourd burst suddenly.

It turned into countless fragments and swept all around.


The blood sect received a backlash from the magic weapon, groaning in his mouth, and his figure quickly retreated towards the back, but just when he wanted to turn around and flee behind him.

However, Xuanyuanjiang's figure flew down from the air, blocking his way, his flying sword and his body were sandwiched one after the other.

"Xuanyuanjiang, you don't think you can kill me!?"

The blood sect narrowed his eyes slightly, and said a little provocatively in his tone.

Both sides are of the same order.

Even if the blood sect is injured now, the realm cultivation base has fallen to a small level, and there is a tendency to continue to fall, but as long as he fights hard.

Can still escape.

Just need to pay more or less price.

at this time.

Xuanyuanjiang just received the news from the sect. Many of the disciples of their inner sect, several of them had been sent back for interrogation. They were followed by someone who was suspected of being a demon sect, and their whereabouts were exposed.

Moreover, the other party also knows their hidden identities, and the intelligence information they have obtained is clear.

Xuanyuanjiang's mind was dull.

This shows that among the high-level inner sects of their Giant God Sect, some of them cooperated with the endless sea monster clan and sold their own sect in exchange for cultivation resources.

Once this kind of betrayal of the sect is found, it will be linked to the Nine Clan!

But even knowing such a red line.

The other party still chose to trade.

Xuanyuanjiang has an extremely strong sense of belonging to the Giant God Sect. He would not allow such a scum in the Giant God Sect. The opponent is not only a traitor to their Giant God Sect, but also a traitor in the Human Cultist Alliance on the Giant Ao Island.

When he thought of this, he couldn't help but a very strong killing intent appeared in his heart!

"Blood Sect."

"I want to know who our Giant God Sect is cooperating with your Endless Sea-Monster Clan."

"You give me information, I only need one arm this time to let you go."

Xuanyuanjiang said indifferently.


"Has the magic door started?"

"We didn't expect that there will be people like this on your Giant Ao Island, especially your Giant God Sect. This is something that has never happened before."

"Why should I tell you that you are so confident that you can chop off one of my arms?"

The Blood Sect sneered unwillingly to show weakness.


Under the gaze of the blood sect, Xuanyuanjiang took out a set of twenty-level lightning talisman array from the storage star ring, the talisman array was about half a meter in diameter.

The whole body was submerged by the dark blue thunder, and the aura of destruction emanating from it made the blood sect feel shocked.

The level of this rune array is definitely above the middle level of the twenty realm.

This Xuanyuanjiang already has the advantage now, and if this talisman formation is added, it is indeed possible to cut off one of his arms.

"I am not sure as well."

"Xuanyuanjiang, you can think about it yourself. The high level of your Giant God Sect must be above your inner door peak master, or elders, nine peak masters, twenty or thirty elders. This range is too big. It's not easy to check."

"How can they reveal their true colors and trade with us!"

The Blood Sect glanced at the formation that exuded powerful destruction, and couldn't help but say helplessly.

"I only need the video information about his dealings with you."

Xuanyuanjiang said.

Without the slightest hesitation, the thunder talisman formation in front of him was aroused.


The symbolic array rapidly expanded.

They surrounded them, and a hundred meters away from them, thunder pillars nearly ten meters thick and thousands of meters high rose up in the void.

A total of eighty-one roots were besieged around them.

The thunder and lightning dragons coiled on the thunder pillar, and the aura on each of the thunder dragons reached the peak of the nineteenth stage. Together, it was not difficult to encircle a middle-level cultivator of the twenty stage. Summon a little fire dragon at the start of the latest chapter address: https://www.wuxiaworld/book/143360.html Summon a small fire dragon at the beginning of the game to read the full text: https://www.wuxiaworld/read/143360/Summon a small fire dragon at the beginning. txt download address: https://www.wuxiaworld/down/143360.htmlSummon a small fire dragon mobile phone reading: https://m.wuxiaworld/read/143360/For the convenience of reading next time, you can click on \"Favorites\" below to record this time (Chapter 950 transactions! ) Read the record, you can see it next time you open the bookshelf! If you like "Summon a Little Fire Dragon", please recommend this to your friends (QQ, blog, WeChat, etc.) Book, thank you for your support! ! (www.wuxiaworld)

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