Summoner of Miracles Chapter 326

Chapter 327

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Chapter 327

At this moment, the scene that Rozen saw became completely different, as if he was in a different dimension. In this dimension, Rozen could see the fluctuations of all phenomena, the essence of all living things, etc.

Obviously, this was not the first time for Rozen to experience this kind of feeling. Rozen has already lost count of how many times he used Eye of the Mind during the past one and half years in order to master it because even though he could use it, he couldn’t keep it for long and use it as he will.

But now, Rozen finally mastered this technique, and he could keep Eye of the Mind active at all times.

“One and a half years…”

Rozen sighed.

“It sure takes a while, but I’ve finally mastered this technique.”

If it wasn’t for SAO, a game that emphasized body sensory, Rozen wouldn’t be able to perfect this technique.

After all, SAO provided Rozen a perfect body and a lot of real combat experiences.

Rozen could not help but got a little excited.

After mastering Telekinesis, Spirit Vision, Body Hardening, Magic Defense, Heavenly Eye, and Magic Blade, Rozen finally mastered the last step out of the Eight Great Steps, Eye of the Mind.

“Once I return to the real world, I’m sure I’ll be able to control my magic even better as I’ve grasped a deeper understanding of magic itself, and i should be able to reinforce my familiar even further.”

Rozen couldn’t wait to return to the real world.

“Unfortunately, there is no way to use magic here.”

Rozen swung around the sword in his hand and finally sheathed it back to its scabbard while recalling the sensation of the Sword Skill that he just used.

“This Sword Skill as always is easy to use, especially for monsters.”

The Sword Skill that Rozen was talking about was called Vorpal Strike. It was a one-hit One-Handed Sword Skill.

After nearly a year and a half, Players have long unlocked various Sword Skills, including the multiple hit Sword kills.

Of course, one-hit Sword Skill shouldn’t be able to match multiple hit Sword Skills in terms of total damage, but Vorpal Strike was a different matter.

In addition to its extraordinarily long-range, which was twice the sword’s length, it had exceptionally high attack power, among other One-Handed Sword Skills.

But its shortcoming was the longer post-motion duration. It would be risky to use this Sword Skill in a duel unless the Player was certain that once Vorpal Strike landed, it’d be their victory because if the enemy were aware that you were using Vorpal Strike.

They’d dodge and easily finish you off during the post-motion, but it should be fine to use it against monsters as they’d be knocked back if they got hit by Vorpal Strike and that made this Sword Skill quite popular among high-level Players.

Of course, it was not easy to unlock this Sword Skill. Players had to raise their One-Handed Sword Skill’s level to level 950 first before they could unlock this Sword Skill. In other words, nearly maxed it out.

Of course, Rozen did.

Rozen had already unlocked this Sword Skill half a year ago, and he maxed out One-Handed Sword Skill’s level a few days later, unlocking every Sword Skill that belonged in One-Handed Sword Skills.

And Rozen’s level has significantly risen ever since then.

———— “Level 82”.

That was Rozen’s current level.

Thanks to this, Rozen now had eleven skill slots, and the eleven Skills that he picked was…

One-Handed Sword, Blade Throwing, Sprint, Martial Arts, Hiding, Extended Weight limit, Battle Healing, Familiar Healing, Weapon Defense, Meditation, Acrobatics.

Among those eleven Skills, Rozen has maxed out 3 of them, namely One-Handed Sword, Blade Throwing, and Martial Arts, which baffled Kirito.

“Setting One-Handed Sword aside, why did you max out Blade Throwing and Martial Arts as well?”

Now that it has been almost a year and a half, all Clearers should have maxed out at least their Main Weapon’s Skill.

Some of them even managed to max out two Skills; one of the Skills was their Main Weapon’s Skill, but the other one shouldn’t be a weapon’s Skill.

That was because a Skill could only be leveled up upon usage, and since Players couldn’t equip two different types of weapons at the same time, they obviously will focus on one leveling up one type of weapon Skill.

But Rozen, for some reason, managed to max out three offensive Skills.

Didn’t this mean that aside from fighting using his main weapon, he also fought bare-handed and threw projectiles too? No wonder Kirito was baffled.

But that was not it.

While he was honing his Eye of the Mind, Rozen discovered a lot of stuff, and he did everything he could to come up with the most efficient fighting way to utilize Eye of the Mind.

Before he finished using a Sword Skill, he’ll execute Martial Arts Skill’s pre-motion, and before the Martial Arts’ Skill was forcibly executed by the system, he threw a projectile.

As a result, he’ll leave no opening between each Skill’s execution, and he’ll minimize the duration of post-motion as Sword Skill’s post motion and Martial Arts’ post-motion will end at the same time later, and he could do the combo again.

Rozen kept polishing this move to the point that it looked like Rozen only used one Skill even though he used three.

That was how Rozen managed to max out these three Skills, and he was probably the only one who could do such a complicated combo in SAO, and due to constantly polishing this move, Rozen was finally able to master Eye of the Mind today.

In other words, Rozen has made tremendous progress in both in-system and off-system skills.

In addition…



Following these pleasant cries, two Rainbow Butterflies flew toward Rozen while sprinkling countless glittering powder. They were Saichou and Hanachou, of course.

After nearly a year and a half, Saichou and Hanachou have also gone through significant progress.

For example, Saichou was level 81, only 1 level short from Rozen, and even Hanachou that Rozen tamed much later, was currently level 80. With Rozen’s training method, the effectiveness of their Skills has skyrocketed.

They’ve learned many more Behaviour Patterns that Rozen taught them. They were no longer the same Rainbow Butterflies as they were half a year ago.

Rozen petted them both playfully as Saichou and Hanachou approached him.

“I guess I should go back now, time to celebrate, and loosen my shoulder a little bit.”

It has been two days since Rozen entered the labyrinth, and he has been fighting monsters non-stop ever since because he could feel that he almost master Eye of the Mind. Now that he did, it was time to go back and rest.

By the way, the one-horned demon that he just defeated was no ordinary monster. It was a Mid-Boss in the 55th Floor’s labyrinth area.

Because the Mid-Boss was quite formidable, he was pushed to his limit and finally mastered Eye of the Mind. In addition, he got some good drop items upon killing it, that should be a good enough reason to celebrate as well.



In response, both Saichou and Hanachou cried pleasantly and perched on Rozen’s shoulder. Rozen then left the labyrinth and headed back to Main Settlement with them.

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