Super Gene Optimization Fluid Chapter 458

Chapter 458 Thanatos Obtained

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One week after the battle of the Westwind Defense Line.

"Has the final statistics from the battle come out?" Xia Fei asked.

On the screen, the faces of the military triumvirate were in a rare moment of relaxation. The insectoids were in the middle of rapid retreat from the Alliance territory, and many civilians, with no need to wander the depths of the universe, were returning to their homes. The pressure on the triumvirate was reduced, but now, the most important problem they faced was how to rebuild their homes which had been devastated by the flames of war.

"The capital ship losses were about equal. The insectoids lost more than one thousand combined fleets and the Alliance lost nearly eight hundred fortresses and twelve supercarriers," Williams said.

Xia Fei replied, "The loss of supercarriers is truly a pity, but after this battle, the insectoids no longer have their main force, so they wont be planning to start another war with the alliance for the time being."

Layton answered, "The new emperor of the Golden Tent, Qingyan, has already given the order to retreat. She even sent a message saying that she wants peace talks with the Alliance. No one else has been informed of this yet. In any case, I dont trust those bugs anymore."

Xia Fei said, "I dont trust them, either, but this time, the bugs really might not start another war."

"How do you know what the bugs are thinking?"

"I guessed."

Xia Fei had kept his actions, particularly his collusion with Qingliu and Qingyan, in the insectoid territory a secret, even to the military triumvirate, until now.

Layton was about to keep asking, but Tai waved his hand and stopped him. Tai understood that if Xia Fei did not want to talk about something, it would not matter who asked.

"Now that the dust has settled, quickly come back. The President is itching to give you a hero medal. In addition, Ive gotten you that thing you wanted."

Xia Fei smiled and nodded. "Thanks, but I dont need anything like a hero medal. I dont have that much time to waste."

Williams said, "Its just a simple ceremony to honor you for your heroic deeds in the war. Anyway, you need to come back to the capital."

Xia Fei waved his hand and sternly said, "Gentlemen, you dont get it. I really dont have the time, and Im not going back to the capital, either."

"Youre going to return to Earth."

"Not that, either."

The triumvirate was rather confused. The war was about to end, but Xia Fei was neither returning to capital nor to Earth. Did he plan to remain in the insectoid territory?

"Gentlemen, dont forget our agreement," Xia Fei said with a smile.

Tai and Layton appeared rather confused. As for Williams, after a momentary pause, he slapped his head and said, "Did the you two forget? Xia Fei is a member of the Alliances trade envoys. Xia Fei, who completed his mission, is on his way back, so we need to honor our promise to him."

Tai suddenly understood. "So its about the Terminus Star Region. Although I dont know what you want a star region so badly for, Ive always been a man of my word. Once you come back, you will become the owner of Terminus Star Region."

"Thank you." Xia Fei gave a slight nod. "Since that is so, the deal between us is settled. Lets meet again if we get another chance."

Saying some more, Xia Fei tactfully refused all other proposals from the triumvirate and shut off the screen. After which, he lit up a cigarette.

"Isnt it a little bad to reject the proposal of the triumvirate and the president?" Phantom asked with a frown.

Xia Fei casually replied, "Dont forget that I need to head to the world of Law Adepts in two years and eight months. This isnt a very long time, and I dont have the time to waste on those politicians. A medal? What value does a medal have for me?"

Phantom nodded in agreement. Time was extremely important to Xia Fei. Unless Xia Fei believed that something was worth it, he would not waste even one second on empty titles.

Matters among the insectoids proceeded about as Xia Fei had expected, but what was surprising was that the one the Guild of the Wise had pushed onto the stage was Qingyan. Xia Fei understood what sort of tricks Qingyan was capable of. Her allure was something that not even women could resist, and with a crafty fox like Qingliu assisting her from behind the curtain, the father-daughter pair was essentially a perfect match.

Turning on the screen, Xia Fei called Avril.

"Im coming back," Xia Fei softly said.

Avril nodded, a happy blush on her face. "Mm, were heading back to the Venal Galaxy the day after tomorrow. The Sunset Villa was destroyed, but the family still has some villas in neighboring systems which havent been destroyed, so well be staying there temporarily."

Xia Fei frowned. "Ill be heading straight from the Wild Star Region to the Navi territory before entering the Alliance territory from the western end; after which, Ill head to the Death Tri-region. Couldnt you wait for me at the western end of the Alliance? I want to see you once before I head to the Death Tri-region."

Avril bit her lip. "Youre not returning to Earth or the Venal Galaxy?"

Xia Fei lightly nodded. "The majority of Earths residents, as is Quantum Holdings, are currently in the western part of the Alliance. I plan to go straight there and meet with them. You also know that the Alliance has given me complete authority over Terminus. I dont have much time, so I need to use it well and take a look around my new territory. The people of Earth cant always live on that small homeplanet of ours. The establishment of the new territory and the reconstruction of Earth have to take place as quickly as possible. These are all matters that cant be delayed in the slightest."

Avril nodded, her voice as soft as a mosquitos whine as she said, "Wherever you go, I will follow. You want me to wait for you in the west, so Ill wait for you in the west."

"This" Xia Fei did not know how to respond. He was about to leave the territory and go to the completely unknown world of Laws. Avril had no idea about this. How should he explain it to her?

Avrils meaning was obvious. She was determined to be with Xia Fei. Even if it was the distant Terminus Star Region, Avril would accompany him, but he had other plans. What was the Death Tri-region compared to the world of Law Adepts?

Phantom sighed. "Xia Fei, how do you plan to handle Avril? Have her accompany you to the world of Law Adepts?"

"I still havent thought about it."

"Then youd better start thinking. I can tell that Avrils not joking around, so its best if you mentally prepare yourself."

After taking the Impaler that he had stashed away in the insectoid territory, Xia Fei immediately rushed toward the Wild Star Region. Xia Fei had left a signal there, and it was still waiting for him. This signal told him how to find that crazed Black Star Phantom Bat and that Thanatos carrier.

"Were here." Phantom looked outside the window at the blinking red signal marker. "Back then, you were almost killed by the Black Star Phantom Bat. Now that youre back, we must kill that accursed bat and take away the capital ship."

Xia Fei silently nodded. Tightening the Planet combat uniform, he glanced at Peacock Blue on his right. He saw that this Blueluster Grass was no different from when it had been growing in that crevice. It was thin and small, but it stubbornly raised its head.

"How exactly does this grass grow? It shouldnt be like Furball, right?" Phantom curiously asked. "Youll go bankrupt if thats the case."

Xia Fei was speechless. He originally had a ball, a ghost, and a machine at his side, and now, a grass was added to the crew. None of the four was normal. It was an assembly of freaks.

After sorting out his loadout and placing Furball on his shoulder, Xia Fei pressed a button. The Impaler suddenly vanished from space.

The temporary warp wormhole opened, and the Impaler slowly moved through it.

This was the ruins of an ancient battlefield, and the wreckage of warships drifted about, so it was impossible to use the cloaking system here. Moreover, Xia Fei had no plans of hiding. His failure to defeat the Black Star Phantom Bat was a thing of the past, and Xia Fei was no longer the same Xia Fei.

In the distance, the enormous Thanatos carrier was still there. Even though it had floated about the universe for so long, this metal monster still appeared brand new.

Xia Feis eyes erupted with sharp light. "Such a beautiful ship! Im definitely taking you with me today!"

Furball had been sleeping on Xia Feis shoulder, but upon entering the ancient battlefield, Furball instantly raised his head and lazily sensed the Black Star Phantom Bats existence. He scornfully pursed his lips and continued to sleep, apparently not taking the bat seriously.

The Impaler was preparing to link with the Thanatos capital ship. Xia Fei recalled that this wicked creature lived in the reactor room of this capital ship. He had not seen it in a few years, and he did not know if the monster had grown just as Xia Fei had.


The two sealed doors connected, and Xia Fei disembarked, entering the capital ship and going down the corridor to the reactor room.


An intimidating cry came from down below. The Black Star Phantom Bat sensed Xia Feis appearance and immediately attacked!

The voice of the Black Star Phantom Bat was a mental attack. If struck, ones thoughts and reaction time would be affected!

On Xia Feis shoulder, Furball grunted, and a deafening vibration, like the sounding of a deep bell, rang out. The two completely different sounds collided with each other and created a significant disturbance, but the Black Star Phantom Bats voice quickly disappeared. It appeared that Furballs voice was far too shocking, and the Black Star Phantom Bat did not dare to fight back.


Xia Fei accelerated, moving down to the reactor room.


The Dragonscale Hectoslasher transformed into a two-handed saber that Xia Fei slung across his back!

After taking several turns, he arrived at the reactor room. Xia Fei was worried that this special beast would damage the ship, so he planned to end the battle quickly and seize it in one go!


Xia Fei busted through the door! Within, a giant Black Star Phantom Bat was curled up in the corner of the reactor room, its body slightly shivering as it stared in horror at Xia Fei.

"Beast Spirit Codex!"

Their eyes met, and their mental energies began to mix!

A savage smile appeared on Xia Feis lips. "After so many years, you havent made any progress, but Im not the same person I was back then!


His eyes erupted with light!

Xia Feis mental energy flooded out, pushing aside the Black Star Phantom Bats weak resistance in its mind!

The Black Star Phantom Bat had fear on its face, but its eyes were filled with savagery and hatred as its death approached.

"Such a vicious fellow! Not conceding even as death approaches! Since thats the case, Ill grant you your wish!"


He swung the Dragonscale Hectoslasher without any sort of technique, simply swiping it across the bats neck, causing blood to gush out!

Xia Fei stood on the command deck of the Thanatos carrier, the Impaler and Vampire stowed in the storage compartment, allowing him to set out with all three of them!

Phantom excitedly looked at this enormous ship, proudly saying, "I never imagined that I would have the chance to sit on a legendary capital ship!"

Xia Fei smiled. "There will be many more things that you cant have imagined in the future. Come on, to the Navi territory!"

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