Super Gene Optimization Fluid Chapter 534

Chapter 533 : Level 2 Of The Law Of Primal Chaos

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As the saying went, success came serendipitously, not through plans or schemes. Xia Fei had been trying all he could to comprehend the Law of Energy Purification; alas, he was unable to comprehend it, and his progress had been slow.

However, after a battle, he was on the brink of advancing in the Law of Primal Chaos. Before, Xia Fei would always pour all this disruptive force into all his fighting techniques, but this time, he had used his body as the medium to circulate his power. This had resulted in his comprehension of the Law of Primal Chaos massively increasing, allowing him to achieve level 2 successfully!

Once more examining his seventh brain region, where two mysterious patterns were aligned next to each other, Xia Fei let out a long sigh. He exited his cultivation state and walked out of his room into the yard.

It was already bright, the artificial sun hanging high in the sky.

The Yu family was still, seemingly unaffected by the battle from last night.

"Congratulations. Youve successfully grasped the second level of the Law of Primal Chaos," Phantom said with a smile. "Your attack power should have at least doubled, should it not?"

Xia Fei lit a cigarette. "Perhaps. In truth, the greatest boost Ive received from getting to level 2 is in its control. Look."

Xia Fei reached out with his right hand as Phantom watched.

"Theres some mysterious power circulating through your palm. Is it the Law of Primal Chaos?"

Xia Fei firmly nodded. "I find it much easier to control the Law of Primal Chaos now. Without using much effort, I can pour this disruptive force into wherever I please. I dont know how much my fighting power has increased, but this sort of unrestrained control is far more exciting."

Phantom heartily laughed. "Everyone else thinks that your fighting power originates from your unique understanding of the Law of Space. They have no idea that your true trump card is the Law of Primal Chaos!

"This subversive and disruptive force you have is truly too heaven-defying. Last night, you made a mess of that fellow Yuan Dian. Backlash from an ability? Hes probably going to his grave confused."

Xia Fei replied, "The Law of Primal Chaos truly does take people by surprise. Over the month or so Ive been here, Ive never heard of anyone else cultivating the Law of Primal Chaos. Is such a powerful law not known even in the Law Realm?"

The Law of Primal Chaos was truly very heaven-defying. Otherwise, the Gods of Black and White would not have been hunted down for researching it, but Xia Fei did not know of such a thing, nor did he know that only three people in the universe could use the Law of Primal Chaos. Besides the Gods of Black and White, there was just Xia Fei.

The Gods of Black and White had been forced to flee far away from their home. Xia Fei alone walked the path of primal chaos and reversal. Was it a blessing or a curse? Xia Fei did not know yet.

"The Gods of Black and White were the ones who gave you the Law of Primal Chaos, and theyre members of the God Race, which is one of the two supreme races in the Law Realm. Youre still very far away from their level. The same is true for the people of the Yu family. Its very normal for them not to know of the Law of Primal Chaos," Phantom said.

After eating breakfast, Xia Fei took Furball to see Yu Hua so as to learn who this Dark Ghost person was.

Last night, he had been in such a rush to leave because he sensed that his Law of Primal Chaos was on the verge of reaching level 2. That desire to break through had been so intense that Xia Fei could not even stay for fifteen minutes.

The Yu familys main city.

Yu Huas home was an ordinary twelve-story building in the suburbs. He lived alone on the top floor.

Xia Fei knocked on the door and was welcomed with the sight of Yu Huas bloodshot eyes.

"Come inside and sit." Yu Hua let Xia Fei into his home.

As an unscrupulous and rather big-time businessman, Yu Hua did not have a single servant, and his home was almost absurdly simple and clean. This left Xia Fei rather surprised.

It was utterly spotlessa sign that Yu Hua was a very meticulous person.

"After an entire night of work, I managed to find out what Dark Ghosts men were after," Yu Hua said as he threw Xia Fei a bottle of mineral water.

Xia Fei was taken aback. "What does that guy want? I dont remember ever provoking him."

Yu Hua replied, "Dark Ghost is an Apothecary. In his early days, he was called Bai Yingxia, and he was actually rather famous in the circle, but because he began to research forbidden hormones, he was banished.

"Since then, he changed his name to Dark Ghost and has amassed quite a number of excellent people under him. He focuses specifically on producing psychedelics and hormones."

Xia Fei was confused. "Let him manufacture his hormones. What does that have to do with me?"

Yu Hua smiled and turned on his terminal so that he could show Xia Fei a video. The video depicted the scene of Yu Guhe stealing his brain-healing medicine from Plentiful Peace Hall.

"This man is a drug seller in the clan, who has a small connection with Dark Ghost. He stole the brain-healing liquid you concocted and probably took it to Dark Ghost for him to research. Dark Ghost mustve discovered that your medicine is pretty good, so he sent his men to grab you so that he could question you on the recipe."

Xia Fei replied, "Its a tenable hypothesis, but its just some brain-healing medicine. Is it really worth a bunch of drug sellers sending such a large force into the Yu family to capture me?"

Yu Hua rolled his eyes at Xia Fei. In the past, Xia Feis brain region had been severely damaged, and he and Phantom had researched many recipes which had failed to heal it. Thus, the two of them had not regarded these medicines as being anything much, but in the Law Realm, any medicine that could heal the seventh brain region was extremely valuable!

"So youre saying that the medicine works?" Yu Hua asked.

"It works, but the effects are very poor. It can only repair a little bit, and if it encounters any severe damage, it will immediately lose effect," Xia Fei nonchalantly said.

"A bit?" Yu Hua laughed. "This is the Law Realm. Even healing a bit is already incredible. The circle has so many Law Adepts, and not everyone has the ability to buy high-level medicines. Plus, because of cultivation, most Law Adepts have brain region damage to some level. Even if its not that useful, theres still a market for it.

"Dark Ghost is a master of pharmacology. He wouldnt try to capture you if he didnt think that theres any value in it."

Xia Fei felt that Yu Huas words made sense. The thought that the medicine he looked down on would be so valuable left him feeling rather surprised.

Suddenly, Yu Hua thought of something and stretched out a hand as he beamed at Xia Fei. "I heard that your financial situation is pretty good as of late. Isnt it time you return the money I loaned you?"

"What money?"

"Remember? When you first got here, I gave you ten grade 2 Origin Crystals, and I even brought you through the Spatial Gate. That costs money! Are you not going to recognize your debt?"

Xia Fei pursed his lips. Yu Hua truly was an unscrupulous businessman. He was even after a little money like this! So stingy!

"How much?"

"Adding on the interest, Ill take two grade 3 crystals from you."

"Theres interest too?!"

"Why not? Its only natural for loaned money to have interest."

Xia Fei was speechless. He took out two grade 3 crystals and handed them over.

After carefully putting them away in his ring, Yu Hua said, "Not bad, not bad. Making a little money in the morning means that the rest of the day will go splendidly.

"In short, the cause of all this is your brain-healing medicine, but theres one thing I dont get. Since you know pharmacology, how could you not put a blocker in your concoction, and since you didnt add a blocker, why does Dark Ghost still want to catch you?"

Xia Fei smiled. "I did add a blocker."

"Impossible. I watched the video from start to finish, but I didnt see you adding in any substance of the sort."

Xia Fei replied, "My blocker doesnt require adding a neutralizer. It comes from another method."

"What method?" Yu Hua curiously asked.

Of course, Xia Fei would not tell Yu Hua this secret. In truth, even if he wanted to, he would find it very hard to describe. When it came to purification, Xia Feis medicine had no secret about it. The key was in how it was mixed.

What to put in first, what to put in last, what time to put it in, stirring clockwise or anticlockwise, the temperature of the liquid, the speed at which the liquid was poured All of which was carefully selected, joining together into a complicated pharmacological process. It stood apart from what was commonly understood as pharmacology and formed its own school.

It was for this reason that Dark Ghost had suffered such a great loss. He had no understanding of its secrets.

Yu Hua saw that Xia Fei was unwilling to talk, so he changed the subject.

"Since you have the recipe, we can produce it on a large scale and sell it. The most valuable thing in the Law Realm is money. Only with money can you have everything."

Xia Fei smiled but did not answer. He opened a bottle of mineral water and took a sip.

"I have the capital. If youre willing to provide the recipe, we can split the money evenly. When the time comes, you wont have to worry about lacking crystals for cultivation."

Yu Huas proposal was truly tempting. Alas, even if Xia Fei wanted to agree, he could not.

Phantoms methods were all about using everything to their maximum, and it was unimaginably demanding when it came to the mixing process. Only someone who had gone through a long period of training could properly mix the medicine.

This sort of rigorous mixing method was unsuitable for mass production, and not even machines could do it. It was a unique existence.

"I said before, that medicine is basically ineffective and is hardly worth anything. Even if we mass-produce it, we wont be able to make much money, so just forget about it." Xia Fei refused.

Yu Hua sighed. Seeing that Xia Fei was not going to agree, he gave up.

"Dark Ghosts drug sellers and our Yu family have always minded each others business. Now that theyve crossed the line, we must counterattack, or else everyone in the circle will take us as a bunch of softies."

Xia Fei frowned. "So youre going to strike back?"

"Not strike back, but wipe them out."

"When are we making our move?"

"What? Youre interested?" Yu Hua asked with a smile.

Xia Fei firmly nodded. "One has to watch their enemy die with their eyes in order to rest easy."

Yu Huas eyes flashed, seemingly moved by Xia Feis words. It appeared that a ruthless decisiveness permeated every cell of Xia Feis body.

"Very well. Tomorrow at the same time, Ill wait for you at the Spatial Gate. Going out to experience a little is good for you. Its best for Law Adepts to travel around and experience different laws. Only then can their martial techniques swiftly progress."

"Its settled then!" Xia Fei sternly said.

Cultivation was a very mystical thing. At times, one could put in all of ones efforts and come out with nothing, and at other times, one might come upon an unexpected harvest.

Though Xia Fei still made no progress in the Law of Energy Purification, his Laws of Space and Primal Chaos made large strides.

The thought of taking revenge on Dark Ghost left Xia Fei feeling excited!

After a night of diligent cultivation, he had gotten even closer to level 5 of the Law of Space.

This rate of progress could be called divine!

Peerlessly divine speed!

"A pity! Im just a little bit away," Xia Fei muttered. "If I were given three more days, I could reach level 5."

The time for departure was here. Xia Fei packed his things, placed Furball on his shoulder, Pod in his spatial ring, and went out.

From a distance, he could already see Yu Hua waiting for him at the Spatial Gate.

"Why is it just you?" Xia Fei asked in confusion. "Didnt you say that we were going to kill Dark Ghost?"

Yu Hua replied, "We are."

"Just you and me?" Xia Fei asked in disbelief.

Dark Ghost had many subordinates. On that night alone, one hundred people had appeared.

One unscrupulous businessman and one newly promoted Law Warrior were going to wipe out a powerful drug seller? What in the world?

"I was originally going to go alone. Youre the one who wanted to come." Yu Hua smiled. "Are you chickening out?"

Xia Fei was speechless. All he could do was harden his head and pass through the Spatial Gate.

Before going, Yu Hua glanced into the distance. In that direction was the pier where Patriarch Yu Jiang spent every day fishing. Yu Hua muttered, "Old rascal, fishing again."

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