Super Gene Optimization Fluid Chapter 536

Chapter 535 Darkness Metal

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The meteor streaked across the sky at maximum speed, leaving a long trail behind it.

All electronic equipment immediately stopped working!


Things were not over once the meteor disappeared at the end of the horizon. A massive shockwave swept out like a storm!

This was an electromagnetic storm, a superstorm created by darkness metal!


There was chaos in the streets!

The pedestrians out were blown to the ground by the shockwave, and some of the older buildings even collapsed from the shockwave!

Xia Fei crossed his arms in front of his chest and rooted his feet against the ground.


The communications terminal on his wrist that Yu Hua had left for him became scalding hot and began to spark!

Xia Fei hastily threw the terminal to the ground. An electromagnetic storm would instantly destroy all chips, and this machine was clearly already broken.

Any electronic device would have some shielding. Electromagnetic waves were ever present in the interstellar era and needed to be guarded against.

Alas, the electromagnetic waves brought by this meteor were simply too powerful. Even the shielding had been rendered ineffective.


Xia Fei paled. Pod was a robot, and his body was packed with chips. Would he be affected by all this electromagnetic disturbance? He would be in trouble if something happened to Pod!

He hurriedly released Pod from the spatial ring. The little robot appeared very uneasy, but he did not seem to be affected by the electromagnetic disturbance.

"Master, this is scary! Theres electromagnetic disturbance everywhere, and its the ultra-electromagnetic waves brought by Darkness Metal," Pod fearfully said as he looked around.

Xia Fei softly asked, "Are you okay?"

"I was in the spatial ring just now, so Im fine. Moreover, my body was modified by the Sentinel Goddess and is extremely resistant to electromagnetic disturbances.

After confirming that Pod was fine, Xia Fei sighed in relief and put him back into the spatial ring to prevent him from being caught in any after-pulse.

The street was in disarray. Injured civilians were moaning in pain, while merchants grumbled about how their computers broke, all of their sales data destroyed.

"It really is Darkness Metal!" Xia Fei said to himself.

"What is Darkness Metal?" Phantom curiously asked.

"Its a very precious high-level alloy. It naturally forms in the universe and is impossible to replicate. It is extraordinarily valuable. I came to know a bit about it when studying the technology of the ancient civilization.

"Even a tiny bit of Darkness Metal is incredibly valuable. Its one of the best materials for making weapons. That ultra-electromagnetic explosion earlier was because the Darkness Metal contained in the meteor reacted when it was passing through the atmosphere!"

Gritting his teeth, Xia Fei stared at the distant impact zone.

Casa had many experts, and presumably many of them knew the value of Darkness Metal. At this moment, the battle for Darkness Metal had probably already begun!

The communications terminal was broken, so Xia Fei could not get in touch with Yu Hua or find out where he was.

"Come on; lets go and look at the impact zone," Xia Fei sternly said.


Xia Fei jumped onto a roof and swiftly moved into the distance.

"Even the Spatial Gates are broken!" Phantom gasped. "This electromagnetic storm is truly something else!"

Several dozen Spatial Gates had been set up around Casa to make it easier for businessmen to move around.

At this moment, all of these gates had stopped working! This also meant that all routes leading outside of Casa had been sealed! The city had been locked down!

Even leaving via warship was impossible. This was because warships needed electronic systems to function, and all electronic systems on this planet had been damaged!

Xia Fei saw quite a few Adepts making their way toward the meteors impact site. They could be curious, or they could also be after Darkness Metal. They had differing goals, but there was one thing for certain. The more people there were, the worse the situation was for Xia Fei!

Darkness Metals value was inestimable. After all, it was the finest material for crafting weapons and armor, and it had many other uses in advanced technologies. A piece of Darkness Metal dropping from the heavens was enough to make one go insane!

In the distance, a tower of smoke rose into the sky.

The surrounding trees had pushed outward, making the impact zone look somewhat like a crop circle.

A massive crater had been smashed out of the ground, the earth as hot as a volcano!

"Kill him!"

Before Xia Fei could get close to the meteor, he was surrounded and attacked!

Several Law Adepts, who had arrived before Xia Fei, had decided to kill anyone who got close; swift-footed Xia Fei became their next target!

I cant force my way through! Xia Fei mentally remarked.

Crafty Approach!

Launching himself forward, Xia Fei accelerated past these Adepts in an effort to approach the meteor from the side. However, after running one thousand meters, he discovered that there was fighting on this side, too!

An iron tower of a Law Adept was fighting against a short and thin fellow.

There was fighting everywhere!

There was blood everywhere!

Xia Fei avoided direct confrontation, relying on Crafty Approach and his speed ability to get closer to the crater.

A pitch-black meteor lay at the bottom of the crater. It was not that large, only about one meter in diameter.

The friction from moving through the atmosphere had left the meteor with an extremely high surface temperature. Smoking was seething off of it, scorching the surrounding soil.

Three people stood in a triangle around it, their eyes focused on the meteor while Law Adepts battled around them.

"Yu Hua!"

Xia Fei immediately recognized one of the three people at the center to be Yu Hua. The others were a red-haired elder and a thin, weak-looking middle-aged man with a fair face.

He had already arrived, but it appeared that he was just standing around here with the other two, all three greedily eyeing the meteor.

Perhaps because his appearance was too savage, Xia Fei was immediately encircled and attacked.

By using Nothim, Xia Fei had changed his appearance and rendered himself unrecognizable. This should have been a good thing; alas, his fiendish face stood out too much. No matter where Xia Fei went, he would become the first target of attack.


A Law Adept suddenly emerged from the ground. The powers of the Law of Matter allowed him to become one with the soil and take enemies by surprise easily.

The earth turned into a dagger in his hand which he stabbed at Xia Feis chest!

"Crafty Approach!"

Stomping his foot against the ground, Xia Fei made a semicircle and appeared behind the adept!

A punch infused with the Law of Primal Chaos struck out!


Blood rained down, the Law of Matter adept was instantly blown into chunks by Xia Feis punch!

"So powerful! Level 2 of the Law of Primal Chaos isnt one to mess around!" Phantom said in shock.

Xia Fei was also astonished. This was his first time in combat since reaching level 2 of the Law of Primal Chaos. He had not expected it to multiply his fighting power by so much!

His confidence swelled!

The sensation of power left Xia Fei extremely satisfied!

Yu Huas eyes narrowed into thin slits. Xia Feis performance had left him very surprised.

He still did not move. Yu Hua and the other two were like old monks in meditation, just standing there. What exactly were they trying to do?

At this moment, a scream came from the meteor in the center. A Law Adept had tried to ambush Yu Hua and the other two adepts; alas, he had barely gotten close when he suddenly bounced away, a powerful energy penetrating through his body.


The man landed on the ground, vomited blood, and died.

"So Yu Hua and those other two are engaging in some unseen battle. The Law energy each of them is releasing is in equilibrium. Anyone who tries to get between them will suffer an energy backlash. Anyone else who tries to get close will suffer the same result!" Phantom sternly said.

Xia Fei carefully looked. Sure enough, the air around them was solidified. The dust drifting through the air would drift away when it got close to them, stopped by some invisible wall.

This had to be the power of the Law of Space!

What sort of foe could fight evenly with Yu Hua? These two were probably also Law Emperors!

Three Law Emperors were in one place and fighting with one another. This was a rare sight, and the reason was the precious Darkness Metal!

Xia Fei slowly walked up behind Yu Hua, wondering how he could get between these three Law Emperors and steal the meteor. Alas, the possible outcomes were all poor. He had seen Yu Hua attack before, and one attack could shake the heavens! Xia Fei did not have the strength to contend against a Law Emperor.

The other two people gradually gathered their own men. They had clearly come with their own subordinates.

Yu Hua smiled. "This is no way of doing things. Lets lock this place down first. If some other experts come in, well probably all die very gruesomely."

The other two grimaced. None of the three Law Emperors was backing down, their Law energy wrangling against one another such that none could break away. If a fourth Law Emperor, all three of them could be killed very easily.

The red-haired elder nodded at his subordinate. This subordinate took out a pyramidal object from his spatial ring and placed it near the center of the meteor.

"This is the Golden Bell Curtain! A large-scale spatial protection weapon! So this red-haired elder is part of the Sunglory Jin Clan!"

The others present were amazed. This Sunglory Jin Clan was apparently a very formidable family in the Law Realm.

The strange pyramidal device activated, red beams of light shot in the air and then descended like a sun umbrella, concealing the crater and everyone inside it. It was impossible for outsiders to make out what was going on inside, but those inside could see what was going on outside.

The red-haired elder coldly laughed. "Jin Gu, clean up these extras!"

As he spoke, an Adept of the Jin Clan suddenly struck. Led by a young man of twenty-some years, all those who were not followers of one of the three Law Emperors were slain!

Xia Fei frowned. He was standing behind Yu Hua and was considered to be one of Yu Huas men. Although Jin Gu did not attack him, he shot him a hostile and murderous glance.

In his bosom, Furball became restless. He instinctively sensed danger and began radiating fighting intent.

Through their mental connection, Xia Fei instructed him to restrain himself. In this stalemate of three Law Emperors, the Sunglory Jin Clan had the most men, with over ten warriors, all of rather high rank. The white-faced middle-aged man had seven, and then the weakest was Yu Hua, who had just Xia Fei on his side.

Furball was Xia Feis trump card, and he would not show off Furballs power until the last moment. All warriors had to leave themselves a back-up plan!

The crater became much emptier, with only the three parties left. Everyone else had been killed.

The red-haired elder proposed, "Since were all at about the same level of strength, why dont we split this Darkness Metal evenly to avoid damaging a good relationship?"

The middle-aged man hesitated, but Yu Hua snorted.

"An even split? This Darkness Metal is mine! The rest of you will get squat!" His eyes erupted with killing intent!

Xia Fei was flabbergasted. He had never realized that this unscrupulous businessman would have such a vicious side to him!

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