Super God Gene Chapter 2904

Chapter 2904 Fighting The Blonde Lady

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After a short amount of time, Bai Wuchang turned snow white. Now, he looked like the real Bai Wuchang.

If this kept on going, in less than 10 seconds, he was going to die.

Han Sen did not care if Bai Wuchang was alive or dead, but he wanted to take care of Bai Wei. Considering the deal he made with Bai King, if he wanted to keep living with the Extreme King, he had no choice but to help.

The blonde lady blew up Bai Wanjies deified hammer. Her face suddenly flashed. Another hand was reaching out to Bai Wei, who was the closest.

Bai Wei used Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch, so she had no choice but to get in close with the blond-haired lady.

A scary suction made Bai Weis body uncontrollably fly toward the blond-haired ladys hands. Bai Wei did not freak out. Her body flashed with a circular halo that made her body spin. She wanted to use that spinning power to get rid of the blond-haired ladys suction.

She only spun halfway. Before she was able to complete a loop, she was sucked into the blond-haired ladys hands. The blond-haired lady grabbed her by the neck.

Bai Wei was stronger than Bai Wuchang. The moment her neck was grabbed, she wanted to teleport away. That was Gods Wander from the Very High.

The Space Teleportation she had flickered. It was like a firework being extinguished by water. She was unable to teleport away.

Bai Lingshang and Bai Wanjie were shocked. No one expected the last level of the undead to be this scary.

The two of them said nothing. They turned around, wanting to run. They headed for the bridge they had crossed. They no longer cared for Bai Wuchang and Bai Wei.

One could not blame them. The blond-haired lady was too strong. She had a crushing power. If they stayed, they were going to end up the same.

Bai Wei knew the situation was dire and felt that she would soon die. It felt like something was coming out from her body and going into the blond-haired ladys hand.

When her bodys power began to fade, Bai Wei felt as if she had no strength left to even struggle. She was quivering inside the blond-haired ladys hand.

"Am I going to die? I still havent beaten her yet!" A dark shadow flashed through Bai Weis brain. Although she was about to die, she did not feel fear. She felt disappointed.

Suddenly, Bai Wei heard a striking sound close to her ear. It was like the striking of a jade stone. At the same time, the grip on her neck loosened. The blond-haired ladys hand, which had been on her neck, lost its grip.

Before Bai Wei could figure out what was happening, a power was pulling her away. It dragged her away from the blond-haired lady.

Pang! Pang!

Bai Wei and Bai Wuchang fell to the ground. They looked up and saw Holy Baby standing between them. He was staring at the blond-haired lady like a god from the sky.

As Bai Wanjie and Bai Lingshang were escaping, they heard loud noises. They turned around and looked back. They saw Holy Baby grabbing Bai Wei and Bai Wuchang and bringing them back. He had managed to save the two of them from the blond-haired lady. It was unbelievable.

They were both frozen and stopped their attempted escape. If Bai Wei and Bai Wuchang were killed, they could have just reported it.

Now, Bai Wuchang and Bai Wei were alive. They had just tried running away. That was sure to result in a bad impression. It would likely mean Bai King would be upset with their decision.

Although they did not continue fleeing, Bai Wanjie and Bai Lingshang did not go back. They watched from afar.

"You guys should leave." Han Sen looked at the blond-haired lady as he spoke, but his words were uttered to Bai Wuchang and Bai Wei.

Bai Wei picked up the weak Bai Wuchang. They both looked at him with a conflicted look and retreated. They returned to the bridge.

The island now only had Han Sen and the blond-haired lady on it. The blond-haired lady coldly looked at Han Sen. Her body turned blurry in space. When it appeared again in front of Han Sen, she was trying to grab him by the neck.

Han Sens hands somehow reached out to strike the blond-haired ladys hands.

Earlier, he had punched the blond-haired lady. Their powers were quite matched. Neither of them had the upper hand. When they fought this time, Han Sen felt a magnetic power inside the blond-haired ladys hands. They latched onto his hands. It made Han Sen feel something from his body leave and go into the blond-haired lady.

That thing was not the gene power he practiced or his lifespan. It felt weird. It was unknown what it was.

"Taking Spirit skill!" Han Sen realized what it was the woman was trying to take.

The woman was not taking his lifeforce away. She was taking away the spirits of creatures. It was no wonder Bai Wuchang still had a young face despite the grey hair.

His lifeforce was still the same. The aged thing was just his mental fortitude. After being so tired and exhausted, it made people think he had lost his lifeforce. But that wasnt it.

"Does that mean the xenogeneics from the Nine-Defense Spirit have their spirits taken away by her?" Han Sens brain flashed through many different ideas, but his hands did not stop. The Dongxuan Aura had been pushed to the max, but he could not prohibit his spirit from going away.

Han Sen quickly discovered that the spirits did not have a place in the cogwheels of the universe. Even if he used the Dongxuan Aura to stop every cogwheel in the universe from spinning, he could not stop the blond-haired lady from taking away his spirit.

Han Sen used many different powers, but none of them were able to stop the blond-haired lady from taking away his spirit.

Han Sen frowned. It was the first time he had seen such power. He had never encountered an opponent like this before.

When his heart jumped, Han Sen cast The Story of Genes. He used Forever Solid power, hoping to stop his spirit from leaking.

When Forever Solid power activated, Han Sen felt the blond-haired ladys suction power vanish. His spirit stopped leaving him.

"The Story of Genes really worked! It is no wonder Sacred Leader created it to deal with God Spirits. It is useful against spirits." Han Sen was happy. He was just giving it a go, but it actually worked.

The blond-haired lady still grabbed Han Sen, but she could not take the spirit away from him. Her emotionless face looked confused. Her gold eyes were focused on Han Sen.

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