Super God Gene Chapter 2905

Chapter 2905 Trapped In The Mountain

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"It is no wonder Father took him as a student. He did not show off, gloat, or anything, yet he possesses such power." Bai Wanjie frowned.

Bai Lingshang said, "It looks like our guesses were not so accurate. Holy Baby did not just come here to evaluate our performance. Father must have asked him to protect us too."

When she said that, she sighed. "If I had known that, I would not have had to do what I did earlier."

"Who could have guessed Holy Baby would have this sort of power? You cannot blame us for what we did. It is fine if he reports it to Father." Bai Wanjie did not regret his course of action.

Bai Wei and Bai Wuchang looked at Han Sen with shock. They could not do anything before the blonde-haired lady, yet he was able to suppress her with one hand. That kind of power was quite shocking to behold.

Han Sen pushed the blonde-haired lady against the mountain wall and quietly asked, "What are you?"

He wanted to know where the blonde-haired lady came from. She was able to take the spirits of other creatures. In addition to that, she looked just like Waner. She had a god spirit presence too. It was very strange.

The blonde-haired lady was emotionless. It was like she did not even hear what Han Sen said. She suddenly turned her body around. She did not care for the fact that her arms were captured. She broke her arms just to turn her body. She looked at Han Sen and used another arm to grab Han Sens wrist.


All Han Sen saw was golden light. He and the blonde-haired lady went inside the mountain where the crystal machinery was shining. It created many crystal lights. They covered Han Sen and the blonde-haired lady.

Han Sen was shocked. He wanted to teleport away from the mountain, but he felt like the space around him was completely sealed. He was unable to teleport.

The crystal lights turned into crystals that one could see. When the crystals got bigger, they took on a circular shape. They looked just like the big eggs Han Sen and the others saw earlier.

Han Sen punched the blonde-haired lady. In the crystal light, the blonde-haired ladys power had reached a scarier level. Han Sens punching power looked like a commoner trying to punch a steel board. He was unable to hurt the lady.

The crystal shell wrapped the pair up. It was just like when Han Sen saw the crystal egg in the beginning.

The blonde-haired ladys broken arm recovered. She held onto Han Sen. A scary power kept invading his body. It was trying to take Han Sens spirit away.

In that forever solidified mode, the blonde-haired lady could not take Han Sens spirit. Yet, Han Sen could not get free of the blonde-haired ladys grip. They were both stuck in the big egg.

Han Sen thought, "Did Bai King treat me so nice to lead me here and have the blonde-haired lady take my spirit?"

With that blonde-haired ladys weird power and the help of the crystallizer machines, even true god elites would not have been able to fight her.

Bai King had sent him there to protect the prince and princesses. Something had to be amiss.

If Bai King was tricking him, he would not know if Han Sen was going to fight the blonde-haired lady. That was not something he could control. Han Sen could have just left. He was curious about the blonde-haired ladys identity, so that was why he was there.

Bai King could not have known Han Sen would be interested in the blonde-haired lady, so it did not make any sense.

In that crystal egg lights buff, the blonde-haired ladys body suction was stronger. Her entire body was like an octopus holding on to Han Sen.

Han Sen used his power to punch her. He felt like her body had been protected by a layer of a crystal shell. He was unable to break it.

In the mountain in Starter Kings Land, Han Sen was grabbed by the blonde-haired lady. The big crystal egg had been filled with crystal. It was like Han Sen and the blonde-haired lady were frozen in ice. He could not move.

Han Sen used his Sky Vine Radish God Lance, but he was unable to harm the blonde-haired lady. She was steadily becoming stronger. and Han Sen felt as if his body was starting to become loose. He was unable to withstand the suction power of the blonde-haired lady.

"It looks like I have to use Super God Spirit mode." Han Sen forced himself to make use of Super God Spirit mode. He wanted to use that moment to escape the mountain.

When Han Sen used Super God Spirit mode, he activated Waner, who was still asleep. It made Waners body shine with gold.

Han Sen thought the results would be the same. He thought Waners power would nullify the power of his Super God Spirit mode, thus enabling him to leave the area before that happened.

Who would have known that this time, Waner suddenly opened her eyes to awake from a deep sleep?

Bai Wanjie and the others saw the flash of gold light. Han Sen and the blonde lady vanished together. The mountains crystal light was like a volcanic eruption that blew into the sky.

They did not dare get close to the mountain. They waited from afar. After time passed, they still did not see Han Sen come out from the mountain. The volcanic eruption created lingering crystal light.

The princes and princesses heard Bai Wanjie tell them what happened. They looked at Bai Wuchang, who had white hair. They were so shocked that they did not proceed to the next island.

After a long time, when Starter Kings Land opened again, Han Sen had yet to appear from the mountain. The princes and princesses returned to the bones of the True Space Demon Dragon and teleported away from Starter Kings Land.

Bai Wanjie, Bai Wei, Bai Lingshang, and Bai Wuchang were called upon by Bai King. They reported what had happened to Holy Baby to Bai King. They did not hide anything.

Bai Wanjie and Bai Lingshang felt conflicted about telling him, but Bai King did not look any different when hearing what he was told. He did not say much. He only asked them a few questions about the blonde-haired lady and Han Sen. He then asked them to leave.

"It was fortunate that Father sent Holy Baby to protect us," Bai Wanjie said. "If he hadnt, who knows what would have happened?"

"Father, you were so clever," Bai Lingshang said with a smile. "You took Holy Baby as a student and saved Wuchang and Wei."

After they left, Bai King frowned as he sat by the table. After a while, he said to himself, "He shouldnt have. If he was able to kill Sky Armor God, why was he unable to defeat that tester? Was that tester more powerful than a God Spirit?"

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