Super God Gene Chapter 2908

Chapter 2908 Stone Tablet Bird

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In the next moment, everyone was shocked. Han Sen was surprised too.

Rainbow light flew out of the punch mark. It turned into a white falcon. It surrounded Bai Wushang as it flew.

It did not attack Bai Wushang. It flapped its wings and landed on Bai Wushangs shoulder. It twisted its neck to rub against Bai Wushangs hair in a very intimate way.

"What is going on? Why did the stone tablet have another falcon xenogeneic inside it? Why is it being so intimate with Bai Wushang?" All the primitive people were confused.

While they were wondering what was happening, Bai Wushang flipped his hand. He grabbed the falcon by its neck and placed it out in front of himself. He ripped the falcon in half and threw the pieces on the ground.

The white falcon squealed in pain. When it hit the floor, it turned into two pieces of stone. It soon turned into dust that flew back to the stone tablet. It covered up the punching marks left behind by Bai Wushang. The marks vanished and left no trace behind.

"Interesting. This stone tablet is a very unique stone xenogeneic." Han Sen thought this was interesting. He looked at the stone tablet with interest.

After destroying the white falcon, Bai Wushang looked at the stone tablet again. The gold flames on his body were like a volcano erupting. He raised a fist.

He still used Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch being used. This time, Bai Wushangs Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch shone like a sun. He unleashed a strong wave of power that was like a thunderous tide. The primitive creatures flew away.

The remaining primitive deifieds were blown away a few hundred miles before coming to a stop. They all looked pale and were bleeding from their mouths. They looked injured.

That was just from the punchs shockwave unleashed by Bai Wushang. If they were the ones to receive that hit, they would have been reduced to ash.

Han Sen was sitting nearby. He did not react. His shirt sleeves were waving as if they were held to a harsh wind.


Bai Wushang left another punch mark on the stone tablets. This time, the punch marks were much bigger. They were much bigger than the cat paw and even bigger than the cow footprint. It was a little smaller than the handprint on top.

The punch was over. Bai Wushang pulled his fist back, but he saw his marks were smaller than the handprint and frowned.

After pulling his fist back, the punch marks again shone with rainbow light. This time, the rainbow light was many times stronger than the previous rainbow light.

Han Sen saw a big, gold bird fly out of the mark. It flapped its wings and flew into the nine tears in the sky. It squealed loud enough to tear space. Its body had gold feathers that were blindingly shiny. It was like pure sunshine.

"Gold Wing Big God Bird." Han Sen looked at the big gold bird with shock. Seeing its face, he was able to recognize it as the legendary Gold Wing Big God Bird. The power of its body was mighty. It was regarded as a top deified xenogeneic.

After taking a closer look, one noticed it was different. Han Sen did not know what the real Gold Wing Big God Bird looked like.

This Gold Wing Big God Bird that came out of the punch mark had a stone element. It also had a wave of power very much like Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch.

The Gold Wing Big God Bird landed on Bai Wushang. It placed its head near him and looked as if it wanted to make him happy.

Han Sen thought, "This stone tablet is very funny. It can take Bai Wushangs full power attack. It is a true god xenogeneic for sure, but it cannot attack. It can only live. That is very interesting."

A part of the stone tablet body suddenly broke and became a stone element bird xenogeneic. It was given to the enemy in hopes that the enemy would leave. Its way of life was like a gecko.

The stone element bird xenogeneic that came out was an independent xenogeneic. The Gold Wing Big God Birds power was not inferior to a top-class deified xenogeneic.

The Gold Wing Big God Bird absorbed Bai Wushangs Extreme King Shocking Sky Punch power. It was a xenogeneic with two elements. With that xenogeneic for a follower, it would help a lot.

Upon seeing this, the primitive deified creatures felt remarkably jealous. They did not have enough power to leave the most minor of marks on the stone tablet. Besides a Gold Wing Big God Bird, they were not even able to create a sparrow.

Everyone knew that the more wounds the stone tablet incurred, the stronger the stone element xenogeneic bird would be when it appeared.

Like the falcon, Bai Wushang punched out. It was much weaker than this Gold Wing Big God Bird.

Everyone was jealous. Bai Wushangs hand came forward and ripped the head of the Gold Wing Big God Bird off.

The Gold Wing Big God Bird turned into simple stones, which flew back to the stone tablet. They filled up Bai Wushangs punch mark and returned to normal.

Han Sen thought, "It looks like the three marks up there are ones left behind by someone who also took the stone element xenogeneic bird away with them."

Everybody looked at Bai Wushang. He had ripped the Gold Wing Big God Birds head off. It looked like he wanted to use an even stronger power to hit the stone tablet.

Bai Wushang stopped attacking the stone tablet. He looked at Han Sen, who was standing nearby. Han Sen was shocked. Bai Wushangs power had been remarkably strong. It was better than any top true god class elite Han Sen had ever seen. With the destructive power he had, he wasnt much weaker than Sky Palace Leader or Very High Leader.

Han Sen was also quite strong, but he wasnt certain he could beat Bai Wushang. After all, he was not yet true god class. He was still quite different compared to true gods.

The Xuan Yellow Sutra could go against deifieds of the same level or less and permanently beat others into dust. When used against true gods greater than Han Sen, it would only make them temporarily drop a level.

The most important thing was that other people had seen him use the Xuan Yellow Sutra while conquering the Destroyed Leader. They must have been prepared for it. It would not be easy for Han Sen to use the Xuan Yellow power to strike again.

Han Sens heart was prepared, but Bai Wushang did not look like he wanted to fight. He pointed to the stone tablet and said, "You give it a go."

Han Sen looked at Bai Wushang and replied, "Are you not going to try again?"

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