Super God Gene Chapter 2909

Chapter 2909 Slashing Stone

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Han Sen understood and thought, "Bai Wushang really is so full of pride. Seeing that other people have done this with their hands, he will never settle for using a treasure. His punch mark is not as big as the palm, but it is still impressive. Yet, he does not want the stone element xenogeneic.

Han Sen was not as proud as Bai Wushang. It did not matter if he could leave the biggest mark on it or not. If there was a chance to nab a xenogeneic, he did not mind giving it a go.

Han Sen moved in front of the stone tablet. He generated a slight amount of power in his hands. He used his palm like a knife and slashed the stone tablet. He used his Teeth Knife Fang skill.

The primitive deifieds continued watching from afar. They did not dare get too close to that place. They did not want to get struck by Han Sens power.


The purple knife air slashed the stone tablet. It left a mark that was a foot long. The mark was no bigger than the cow footstep, which was the smallest print on the stone.

Teeth power did not spread onto the stone tablet. The knife mark was shining with rainbow light. A small bird emerged from it.

When Han Sen saw the small bird, he wanted to cry and laugh. It was a little purple sparrow. It could not be compared to Bai Wushangs Gold Wing Big God Bird. It was not even as good as the falcon.

Han Sen thought, "It looks like my absolute power is still quite bad. I cannot really do this like a true god Bai Wushang can."

The small purple sparrow flew around Han Sen for a while. It landed on his shoulder and rubbed its head against Han Sens neck. It looked very nice and cute.

Although it looked very alive, one was able to tell that this little sparrow was made of stone just by touching it. Even its feathers were made of stone.

The primitive deifieds that were far away whispered, "Godfather Hans genes are powerful, but he is only butterfly class. Comparing his power to Bai Wushang, who is a true god, he is a little bit weaker."

Bai Wushang looked at the sparrow on top of Han Sens shoulder, but he did not say anything.

Han Sen was not as prideful as Bai Wushang, so he did not plan on stopping now. His heart jumped. He summoned a black doll.

It was the god doll he had received from Burning Lamp. It was a true god item with true god power. Han Sen only needed to put his power inside it to be able to activate it. He could make it cast a true god power.

The god doll accepted the command. Its body was full of power. It made a scary wind sound as it punched toward the stone tablet.

The moment the god doll hit the stone tablet, the sparrow on Han Sens shoulder suddenly flew up. It returned to the initial knife mark Han Sen had left on the stone tablet. It melted into the stone tablet and fixed the knife mark.

Han Sen knew that the stone tablet was not just letting its tail go to survive. Each creature was only able to earn one stone bird xenogeneic. If people attacked the stone tablet again, the stone bird xenogeneic would return to the tablet.


The god doll left its punch mark on the tablet, but it was not very deep. It also wasnt any bigger than the cows foot. It was just like the knife mark Han Sen had left behind before.

Han Sen was shocked. The power of the god doll was true god. Although it was a weaker true god, it was still a true god. It only left behind a knife mark similar to what he had done before.

"Despite the fact I am not true god, it seems like my body is already like a true god. I just cannot compare with a top-class true god-like Bai Wushang." Han Sen felt like he had underestimated his fitness.

His ordinary self couldnt be compared with a true god. If he entered xenogeneic mode, he would be even stronger. Although it was not as good as Bai Wushangs ability, it was better than a true god.

The fist marks rainbow light spread. Another sparrow emerged. It was similar in size to the other one Han Sen had created. This time, however, the sparrow was black.

"Top class true gods like Bai Wushang are too strong. This is a simple comparison. We are both practically true gods, but he is much stronger." Han Sen looked at Bai Wushang. He was still just standing and watching. His expression had not changed.

"Dont you want to use your god-hitting skill to try?" Bai Wushang suddenly asked. Han Sen had no idea what he was talking about.

Han Sen thought about it for two seconds. The god-hitting skill Bai Wushang was talking about was likely the Xuan Yellow Sutra. It was the reverse of Blood-Pulse Sutra.

To be honest, Han Sen was not sure if the Xuan Yellow Sutra would work on this strange god xenogeneic since the Xuan Yellow Sutra reversed the Self cogwheels of spirits. When he used it, he was able to devolve their Self blood pulse.

Han Sen was just butterfly class. The Xuan Yellow Sutras power was barely able to reverse a true god Self cogwheel. The results were also only temporary.

For a true god that had a powerful Self cogwheel like Bai Wushang, it was very difficult for Xuan Yellow Sutra to move and have an effect on.

With Bai Wushangs power, it was hard to destroy that scary stone tablet. Thus, the stone tablet was likely also a powerful true god. The Xuan Yellow Sutra might not have worked on it.

Han Sen was having trouble trying to use the Xuan Yellow Sutra and make it look powerful. It scared off everyone. Even the three higher races did not dare get close to Space Garden. The crystallizers also werent harassed anymore.

If the Xuan Yellow Sutra failed to break the stone tablet, his prestige would decrease. Han Sen did not want that to happen.

Without a guaranteed hit, Han Sen would not use the Xuan Yellow Sutra in public.

"It is just a stone tablet," Han Sen said with a smile. "I do not need a god-hitting skill."

He thought Bai Wushang wanted to see how strong his Xuan Yellow Sutra was. He was not going to fulfill his desire.

Han Sen went silent and waved his hand. An item appeared in his hand.

It was the causal karma knife Han Sen had stolen. The causal karma knife was created from Han Sens knife blank. If it had been forged by ordinary people, it would not be at such a high level.

Burning Lamp was able to make the causal karma knife true god because he used a Buddha power. All their efforts, across the years, had been poured into that one knife blank. That was how they were able to make the causal karma knife a true god weapon.

One of the very important materials used was the Buddhas relic.

The so-called relic was a race talent of the Buddha. When a Buddha died, the energy inside their bodies gathered up and turned into solid energy. That was the relic.

Burning Lamp used countless relics of the Buddha. He then made the causal karma knife. There would never be another causal karma knife because all the Buddha was dead. Thus, there were no longer as many relics as there used to be.

Aside from the Buddhas relics, there were other rare materials the Buddha would never get again.

The only shameful thing was that the causal karma knife was strong, but its power was very weak. Its material was tough, but it did not have a blade.

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