Super God Gene Chapter 2910

Chapter 2910 Cutting Open The Stone Table

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He held the causal karma knife. Han Sens body boiled with weird power. He slashed downward, but he was not aiming at the stone tablet. He slashed the air.

The knife light gathered in the air. It was like it was frozen. Han Sens knife light went faster, one light after another. It made the central knife light steadily grow brighter.

Everyone knew what he was trying to do. In the fight to light up the lantern, everyone in the universe witnessed his Under the Sky Knife skill. They knew that Han Sen only required enough time to generate enough knife lights to cast a powerful, top-class true god power.

Bai Wushang frowned. He wanted to see Han Sens hitting-god skill. He did not want to waste time watching a trick that required time to perform. A real, top-class true god class would not allow Han Sen this much time to gather up so many knife lights and knife airs.

Dealing with the stone tablet, which was a weird xenogeneic, Han Sens gathering of power skill was the most useful.

Other people had geno arts that enabled them to build up power too, but they were not long-lasting. They eventually faded away. It was also hard to control 10,000 powers.

Han Sens Under the Sky Knife skills left the powers there. They would not fade away, and there were no flaws in the controls. Even with a billion knife lights generated, he could control them well.

Of course, even if a normal true god could control that many knife lights, they could not cast out that many knife lights without using any power. Han Sen secretly used his Dongxuan Aura. He forced the energy in the universe to help him with the Under the Sky Knife skill adhering to the rules of the universe. That was how he kept on building up knife lights.

In a real deathmatch fight, it was very rare to see a few 1,000 or a few 100,000 knife lights used. Now, Han Sen kept quickly slashing. There were more and more knife lights. They did not plan on stopping. The knife lights were already uncountable. They were like a galaxy spinning in space that created a scary knife stream.

The primitive deifieds were shocked as they watched. They fell back a few thousand miles.

If there were only one or two of Han Sens knife lights, or even 10 to 20, his power would not be as good as Bai Wushangs punch. Now, the power was like a river. The power was far scarier than Bai Wushangs punch.

Bai Wushang frowned. There were so many knife lights. Even if he did not have the confidence to control them, it was impressive for Han Sen to be able to control the knife lights however he wanted to. Also, nothing was fading away. That was quite powerful. It was not something achieved through luck.

Han Sen kept casting knife lights. Clearly, his control power had not reached the max yet. He had just accomplished something that many top-class true god couldnt do.

Only true god elites, such as Sky Palace Leader and Very High Leader, who knew about such geno arts, could do it.

Han Sen did not know how many knife lights he had summoned. Knife lights were covering the sky and covering the ground. They seemed to be covering everything around.

"That should be enough." Han Sen felt as if he was almost at the breaking point. If he kept going, he thought he might not be able to control the many knife streams.

Han Sen looked at the stone tablet. He did not hesitate. He held the causal karma knife above his head. The sky was full of knife streams. It was like a vortex gathering atop the causal karma knife. The knife lights on the knife were growing stronger.

Although the stream of knives was powerful, the stone tablet seemed to have an impressive recovery power. If he continued to attack like he was, he might not be able to destroy it.

Han Sen planned to use all the knife lights together and generate an extremely powerful knife light. He wanted to slash and break the stone tablet.

Even if he could not destroy the stone tablet, he could slash a big piece of it. Whatever he was to receive would be greater than Bai Wushangs stone element bird Gold Wing Big God Bird.

As the knife lights grew stronger, the primitive deifieds were becoming increasingly frightened. Their foreheads developed a cold sweat. They could not help but retreat even further.

Even Bai Wushang was a bit impressed by seeing so many knife lights.

His full power attacks were inferior to this powerful knife light.

"Although it is dependent on skill, to be able to use knife lights, Han Sen must have quite a scary power. This son must go. In the future, he could be a big threat to the Extreme King." Bai Wushang was even more scared of Han Sen now.

From what Bai Wushang had seen, the stronger Han Sen was, the more of a threat to the Extreme King he was. It was better to get rid of him sooner rather than later. If he became a true god and challenged the Extreme King, there would be a lot of ruins in his wake.

Han Sen was holding the knife and shaking. He had gathered up too many knife lights. He felt as if he could not control it. If it was not for the fact that the causal karma knife could not be destroyed, he was afraid the entire knife would shatter with the weight of so many knife lights atop it.

The knife light was sharp. It also seemed like it was about to fly to the sky. Some knife lights still did not go on it. Han Sen did not care about them anymore. He waved his big knife and madly slashed at the stone tablet.

The knife light, which looked like it could rip up ground, came down. It struck the top of the stone tablet, cutting it open. Between the knife lights, the stone tablet was cut open inch by inch.

Countless knife lights shattered it, sending stone dust everywhere. Rainbow light burst out of the stone tablet that. The primitive deifieds standing far away were frozen. It was like the whole universe itself had been cut open.

Boom! Boom!

The whole stone tablet was cut in half. It fell completely apart. The knife lights on Han Sens causal karma knife were almost depleted. Some knife airs were burning. It was like a fire that had not been put out.

Dust was everywhere. Everyone was shocked.

Bai Wushang was only able to leave a punch mark on the stone tablet. Han Sen cut them in half. How scary was that power?

Although the time for preparation had taken a while, which was useless in combat, witnessing such power was scary all the same.

Bai Wushang and the others stared at the stone tablet that had been cut in half. They wanted to know what was going to happen next.

The stone tablet spawned a stone bird when a mark was left on it. Now, the whole stone tablet had been cut open. Therefore, it was hard to tell what was going to happen.

Han Sen frowned. He watched as the rainbow-looking stone tablet fell to the floor, but he did not speak.

He did not hear a notification for slaying a xenogeneic, which meant the stone tablet had not been killed. It was still alive.

He had such a scary knife, yet he was still unable to kill the stone tablet. The stone table was likely a top-class true god xenogeneic. It was a shame it did not attack and could only receive hits.


The rainbow light coming out of the two sections of the tablet grew stronger. They turned into a scary rainbow flame that burst into the sky. The whole sky transformed into a rainbow.

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