Super God Gene Chapter 2912

Chapter 2912 Doll

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The big barren systems. That place was like a heaven for those in search of high-level xenogeneics. There were all kinds of deified xenogeneics, but all of them seemed to be in a perpetual rage. Therefore, it was a dangerous place to venture.

With Han Sens current power, there was no need to worry too much about it.

"Littleflower should be in the big barren systems. With my current power, if I can find Littleflower, I will be able to save him from Old Cat." Han Sen made up his mind to go to the big barren systems.

Previously, the reason he had not gone was not that he did not want to save or care about Littleflower. It was because he lacked the necessary power. If he died in the big barren system, his family would die.

He knew Littleflower was not in any danger. So, Han Sen kept a low profile while trying to slowly level up.

"Now should be the time." Han Sen set up things in Space Garden. He readied himself to go to the big barren system.

There was nothing much to prepare. Ever since Qin Xuan came to the geno universe, she had been in charge of many things. She managed Space Garden very well. It made the Han Sen, who was a bad leader, a bit embarrassed.

"It is a shame Ning Yue has already become primitive. He still cannot get rid of the little green sword affecting him. The little green sword is stronger than I thought it would be." Han Sen was hoping for Ning Yue to get well soon so he could be useful again.

Linger was sent back to the Alliance by Han Sen. Kindergarten was going to start again, so she had to return there to study. She could not stay in the universe.

Although Lingers body could survive in the big universe, and she was able to adjust to the environment of the big universe and was better than most creatures in it, Han Sen wanted her childhood to be one of peace in the Alliance.

Han Sen packed some necessities. He was preparing to use Space Teleportation to reach the big barren systems. He suddenly felt something heavy on his back. Baoer landed on his back. She grabbed his neck and was being cute. "Dad, Space Garden is boring! Baoer wants to follow you."

"It is too dangerous this time. You should just stay home. I will take you out of here next time." Although Baoer was special, the big barren system was too dangerous. Han Sen was not planning on taking her.

"No! Baoer wants to go now." Baoer used her hands to grip Han Sens neck. She refused to let go. No matter what Han Sen said, she could not be convinced. She really wanted to go with him.

Han Sen felt guilty, so he agreed to take Baoer with him. "Fine, but you must be good. You cannot just runoff."

Baoer, on her own, was not weak. Han Sen was also quite confident in his own abilities. Even if he was unable to fight, he could escape with Baoer.

"Long live my Daddy." Baoer happily jumped into Han Sens chest and kissed him on the cheek.

Han Sen felt bad. He rubbed Baoer on the head. He could not resist her.

There were many ways into the big barren systems. The most direct way was to make use of the Four Sheep Cube. With it, he could enter the big barren system right away. He could even open the gate in the Alliance.

Han Sen thought about it for some time. He decided to head there via the universe, searching from the outside to the inside.

Han Sen read a lot of information about the big barren system. He did not see anything genuinely useful. Most of what he saw were just guesses driven by old myths and legends.

That was expected. Ordinary deifieds who entered the big barren systems rarely came back alive. Those that dared to go were either butterfly elites or higher. They would not casually post about their experiences in the big barren systems on the internet. It was expensive, classified information.

The space was all greyed out. He could see giant machines everywhere. There were planets with lots of holes. It was like most of the planets were snowing.

In space, it was impossible for it to snow. These things, floating in space with the shape of a snowflake, were things Han Sen had no idea about. They were like ash from a volcano.

This was the edge of the big barren system. Although he had just entered the big barren systems, it felt lonely there. It made people feel rather bad.

A broken battleship floated through space like an asteroid. It kept hitting other asteroids to make a deep sound. The pieces of the battleship and asteroids were covered in the grey dust. After the hit, some parts were showing.

"I wonder how far away from East Holy Kirin Garden we are." Han Sen went to East Holy Kirin Garden once before. This time, his way was different. He hadnt been here before.

"Dad, what is this?" Baoer sat on Han Sens shoulder, pointing at the broken ships.

Han Sen looked to where Baoer was pointing. He saw the broken ships had been hit by meteors. The grey dust was like an avalanche that started to break.

It was a battleship that was partially ball-shaped. Many of its parts were broken. It was like an apple that had been bitten in half.

Because dust had fallen, one was able to see a broken spot. Some orange light seeped out. The orange light was fluctuating between bright and dark, which was why Baoer noticed it.

Han Sen carefully flew to the ship. He used the Dongxuan Aura to keep scanning the battleship. He did not want to discover a xenogeneic inside.

Fortunately, what worried Han Sen did not come to pass. He entered the battleship from the broken portions. He did not feel the presence of xenogeneics.

Inside the battleship, however, was chaos. The tools and wires were all broken. Most of the stuff was covered in white dust.

The flickering, orange light came from a corner. Han Sen waved his hand to brush all the pieces around that corner away. The glowing thing underneath was a very cute doll.

That doll had the face of a little girl. She had black hair and big eyes. She was wearing a beautiful dress, but it was covered in dust. Thus, it looked very vintage.

The place that released orange light was atop the dolls chest. The dolls neck had a pendant necklace. The pendant was an orange gem. It had been the gem flickering like a lamp the whole time.

Han Sen used his hand and sucked. He pulled the girl doll and necklace over. The white dust fell off. The dust was everywhere.

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