Super God Gene Chapter 2913

Chapter 2913 Drifting Away From The Road

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It was unknown what the doll was made of. When the grey dust fell away from it, it looked rather clean. The gem pendant on its chest looked even brighter.
Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick.

Han Sen suddenly heard the doll make a strange sound. It sounded like a clock moving. The gem pendant stopped flickering and turned bright.

"Scanning Scanning" The doll suddenly spoke. It kept repeating one word.

"That doll is a machine. I wonder what it is scanning." Han Sen and Baoer were very curious. Four eyes were staring at that floating doll.

The cloth doll spurted out a bunch of words. "Ding Scanning successful Database broken Identity cannot be confirmed Cannot open the information system System lacks energy Going into sleep mode Sleep mode countdown Ten Nine"

Han Sen knew the cloth doll did not pose any threat to him, so he reached his hand out and grabbed it. Once it was in his hands, it felt like an ordinary cloth doll.

When the countdown finished, the pendant on the cloth dolls chest stopped flickering. The doll stopped moving and speaking.

"This doll is interesting." Baoer looked at the female cloth doll with ardent curiosity.

Han Sen checked it out for a while, but he did not find any weapons or such devices on the doll. With it being safe, he passed the doll to Baoer and allowed her to play with it.

Baoer happily took the doll and started playing with it. Han Sen walked around the rest of the battleships wreckage in search of anything else that might prove useful.

Things inside the big barren system potentially had a connection to Sacred. Thus, Han Sen was not going to leave a single stone unturned.

Unfortunately, the area was too badly destroyed. There was nothing complete there anymore. Based on the broken machines and tools, there was enough to suggest that the place had been a laboratory at some point in time.

Han Sen did not find any test subjects on the ship. He also did not encounter the remnants and remains of dead bodies. Perhaps whatever bad happened there had resulted in the creatures escaping. Or the place may have already been abandoned.

"I wonder where Littleflower is right now." After leaving the battleship, Han Sen looked around. He had no clue which way to go. He went back to where he had stopped and continued onward.

While he was flying, a xenogeneic jumped out of the wreckage. Han Sen did not actually see it coming. Its lifeforce had been off the radar until he saw it.

Still, Han Sens reaction was fast. He teleported away before the xenogeneic was able to reach him. He was non far in space looking at the xenogeneic.

The xenogeneic looked like a tiger, but its body was a few times bigger. Its body had metal and cogwheels on it while some parts of it were flesh. It looked very weird.

The tiger did not speak. Its eyes were shining red. It was jumping toward Han Sen again. Its claws were like crystal steel. They were half-transparent. As it teleported before Han Sen, he saw that it had scary god light claws.


Han Sen lifted the Shield of the Medusas Gaze. He used it to block the tigers jumping attack. He used his other hand like a knife and slashed across the tigers head. He cut half of the tigers head clean off.

The tiger still wasnt dead. Its brain contained lots of crystal and metal. They were all strangely flickering. The beast waved its claws at Han Sen to attack him again.

Han Sen waved his knife a few times. He finally cut the tiger into pieces. Only then did the tiger stop moving.

"Deified xenogeneic hunted: deified xenogeneic gene found."

"This guy really is a xenogeneic. I thought it was just a machine." Han Sen looked at the tigers body in shock.

Based on the tigers power, it should have been just transmutation or larvae class at best. It was not useful for Han Sen.

Han Sen threw its body into Destinys Tower. He was going to bring it back to Space Garden. He had a lot of pets to raise, so he had to save up as much as he was able to.

"All xenogeneics here are deified class. If someone came here who was not already being deified, it would be a death wish for them." Han Sen was glad about the fact he was able to jump in and out of the sanctuaries. If he went to the universe via the big barren systems, he would likely not have survived.

In the past, many powerful creatures were able to exit the big barren systems from the sanctuaries. They were now gone. They probably died in the big barren systems. There was no way they were able to live there.

In the past, Han Sen saw a graveyard in the sanctuaries. Many powerful creatures had died there. It also had some geno armaments. Due to the likeness to their blood, Little Gold and Little Angel received their geno armaments there.

After emerging from the sanctuaries, Han Sen was afraid all of the creatures there were dead.

After thinking deeper, he did not think that was right. If those creatures had left the sanctuaries and met big barren system xenogeneics, they would not have even been able to run with the powers they had. How would they have been able to get back to the sanctuaries?

"Even if they were able to run, they would have already generated their geno armaments. That means they would be kicked out of the sanctuaries." Han Sen was very confused.

Han Sen was flying aimlessly when he suddenly heard a voice say, "Tick. Tick. Out of the trail. Out of the trail."

It came from the doll Baoer was holding. The pendant was flickering with a weak, red light. The red light steadily grew weaker. It was like an electric doll without any batteries.

Han Sen was shocked. He took the doll from Baoer and tried using it to fly.

The cloth doll repeatedly reminded Han Sen that he was flying off course, but the voice was getting weaker. The red light on the pendant was also becoming weaker. It was like its energy was going to run out any second.

Han Sen tried changing course a few times, but the doll stopped making a sound after a while. The pendants red light also ceased its constant flicker.

Han Sen did not know if he had decided to go in the right direction or if it was just the simple fact that the doll had run out of energy. After thinking about it, Han Sen tried venturing in a bunch of different directions. The doll still did not act. It seemed as if it really had just run out of energy.

"I do not know what the history of this doll is, but where does this trail lead to? I do not have any other pre-determined way to go. Lets try my luck." Han Sen gave the doll back to Baoer. He turned in a direction the doll hadnt commented on and soon teleported that way.

Han Sen did not know if he chose the correct path. He kept going for a long time. He did not encounter a single xenogeneic. In those big barren systems, that should have been impossible.

Han Sen did not keep on teleporting. He slowly flew to check around. He quickly found out there were many remnants of past fights strewn about.

Although the senses had been wiped away, the fragile items and rising white dust were not recovering. Han Sen was still able to see the trail.

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