Super God Gene Chapter 2916

Chapter 2916 Trash Sea

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"Can you pull it out?" Han Sen looked at Baoer with shock.

"I think I can," Baoer said with a nod.

"Why did you not do it?" Han Sen was curious as to how and why Baoer would resist. That was not her usual way.

"It was because there were baddies." The bad guys Baoer was referring to were Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and the others with whom he traveled.

"You are very smart." Han Sen rubbed Baoer on the head and said, "There is no rush. On the way back, we can pull out the big treasure sword."

Now, Han Sen knew why Baoer was being so nice on the road. It was because of Ancient Abyss Grandmaster.

They entered the sea of trash. Han Sen felt as if the radius of his Dongxuan Aura had been severely reduced. He found it much harder to sense things. The power of the sea of trash was messed up. Even Dongxuan Aura was difficult to cast. Dongxuan Aura was only able to scan up to one mile away. With the messed-up energy present, it was too severely reduced.

"It is no wonder Ancient Abyss Grandmaster did not want to walk with me. In this place, no one wants to bring a ticking time bomb closer." Han Sen looked around and proceeded forward with care.

There were broken pieces of metal, crystals, and materials strewn about everywhere. There were also big pieces of machines and broken buildings, as well as many small things. Han Sen did not know what most of the things were.

After navigating around a broken giant stone pillar, Han Sen looked over the trash sea ahead of him. There was an energy ring that looked like a black hole. It was moving inside the trash sea.

The black hole was bigger than the planet with the big treasure sword in it. As they passed by, the trash got sucked in.

Although Han Sen was too far away from the energy vortex, he still felt the powerful suction.

"Thats a very scary energy vortex. I am afraid if the true god elites were sucked up, they would be unable to escape it." Han Sen left the energy vortex. He did not dare get close to it.

In this place, Han Sen wasnt about to use teleportation techniques. He was worried about entering some turbulent patch or another place like it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Han Sen went around the black hole. He saw flickering fireworks coming out of the trash sea in front. It was like a light substance flickering. It looked colorful and pretty.

The area with the light substance shining was where trash was getting ripped apart. It was not forced. It was like a robot breaking itself down into smaller parts.

"What the hell is this thing?" Han Sen frowned. He saw some flickering universal cogwheels, but he did not know what those universal cogwheels were.

While Han Sen was wondering that, he saw a river of flowers on the other side of the trash sea.

It was a real river of flowers. There were all kinds of flowers with different colors growing amid the garbage. They coated a significant portion of the trash, creating a river of flowers that was 30 feet wide. It was impossible to tell how long it was. The flower river seemed to go on forever.

This was not a realm with zero atmospheres, but it also was not somewhere where a normal plant could grow. Plus, there was white dust everywhere. It did not look normal for flowers to be growing there.

Han Sen looked closer. He saw a big red goldfish with the head of a lion swimming in front of the flower river. Wherever it went, a red light shone. The trash around it had flowers growing in it. The scene looked miraculous and beautiful.

"True god class xenogeneic?" Han Sen frowned. He noticed the presence the goldfish released. It was scary. It was sure to make the hearts of all jump. There was an eight or nine out of 10 chance that it was a true god class xenogeneic.

The goldfish xenogeneic swung its tail. Wherever it went, a path was cleared in the rubble. No matter whether or not it was metal or stone, flowers would grow in its wake. It was swimming toward Han Sen.

"Good timing. If I kill this true god xenogeneic, my deified genes will have almost filled up." Han Sen drew his causal karma knife and readied himself to fight the goldfish.

When the goldfish drew a little closer, Han Sen discovered that the goldfish was very strange. Its scales were red. It was unknown what kind of metal they were made from, but inside it was flesh. It had the elemental powers of plants. It was really hard to tell what kind of xenogeneic it was.

As the goldfish got closer, Han Sen thought, "The big barren systems are really weird. Why do the xenogeneics here have so many elements?"

Flowers were growing on top of the trash. The pale, white trash sea looked a whole lot livelier.

Han Sen was ready to swing his knife and combat it, but the goldfish opened its mouth and spat out some bubbles. The bubbles were 30 feet long. They gently floated toward Han Sen.

Han Sens causal karma knife had purple air. He used Fang to slash the bubbles.

The bubbles were very thin. It was like one touch could break them. When Han Sen slashed the bubbles, the knife air went inside. It seemed to be affected by some kind of power that spun around inside the bubbles. It was like he had fallen into a vortex.

"Does it have a water element power?" Han Sen was shocked. He could not determine what the goldfishs element was.

Seeing the bubbles float his way, Han Sen dodged them and lashed out at the goldfish.

Before his knife air could get close to the goldfish, the goldfish spat out more bubbles. There were so many that they covered the entire area.

Han Sen dodged twice. He noticed that the places where he had moved had been taken over by the bubbles. He was not able to dodge, so he pulled out the Shield of the Medusas Gaze to shield his body. He also used Medusas Gaze.

The weird woman on the face of the shield slowly opened her eyes. Some strange light came out from her eyes. When the weird light touched the bubbles, it was reflected.

The light of Medusas Gaze kept being reflected in the bubbles. It created even more light. Han Sen almost had it on him, so it made him hurriedly dodge.


The places around were taken over by the bubbles. Han Sen had only just moved a bit when he touched a bubble.

The Shield of the Medusas Gaze touched the bubble and went inside it. Han Sen and Baoer fell into the bubble too.

Han Sen did not dare use the Medusas Gaze. If he used it inside the bubble, the reflection would have obliterated him and Baoer.

Han Sen gathered up power. He clutched his shield with the hope to rush out of the bubble. He was only able to get close to the wall before he felt a spinning power make him and the shield slide away. It was like he was surfing. He kept sliding inside the bubble.

Once Han Sen flashed away from the wall of water, it stopped. He frowned and said, "This xenogeneics power is so weird. It can deflect the power of the Shield of the Medusas Gaze."

Pang! Pang! Pang!

While Han Sen was thinking, the bubbles around broke open. Only the bubble left inside with them was still whole. The goldfish went in front of the bubble. Its eyes, which looked huge, were going to touch the bubble. Each eye was taller than Han Sen. The fish stared at Han Sen and Baoer inside the bubble.

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