Super God Gene Chapter 2917

Chapter 2917 Tester 304

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After the big goldfish sucked the bubble in, its butterfly-like big tail swung. It traveled through space and swam around.

Han Sen and Baoer were inside the bubble that had been sucked into the belly of the big goldfish. Outside the bubble, everything was completely red. It was very bright. It was like they were inside a red mist.

Beyond the red mist, Han Sen slightly saw copper-looking metal walls. The weirdest part was that the metal wall had strange symbols and text on it. It was obviously a man-made construct.

Han Sen noticed that the bubble was not breaking, and the powers of the zone were not corroding their bodies. He was attracted by the text and symbols displayed on the metal wall. He was not in a rush to attack just yet.

"Are the xenogeneics inside the big barren systems all man-made? It is probably hard to make a true god class xenogeneic. Even a God Spirit cannot do it. Was Sacred really that strong before?" Han Sen was checking out the text and symbols on the metal walls.

Han Sen did not know what the symbols meant. The scribe was in the universes common language, so he could understand it perfectly fine.

"Tester No. 304" Han Sen read it aloud. It was obviously a number. That was all he could see.

Han Sen understood the words, but they meant nothing to him. The way the words were written did surprise him.

He recognized the words. Back then, in the Tianxia System, Han Sen had entered Purple Fights vision before jumping into the eyesight of another woman. It was the woman who was trapped in Two Worlds Mountain. Her handwriting was the same as the handwriting on that metal wall.

"It seems like I am correct. This goldfish must be a test subject of Sacred. The woman was a researcher for Sacred Leader. The goldfish must be one of her test subjects." Han Sen remembered that inside the Black Hole Spiders belly, he had encountered the white tiger. It made people grow mushrooms on their heads.

Although he knew more about the origin of the goldfish, it was useless information for Han Sen and Baoer. He did not know where the woman went. He wanted to find her and ask a bunch of questions, but he hadnt seen hide nor hair of her again.

Han Sen wanted to break the bubble and rush out, but he noticed that the goldfishs direction was actually the direction he wanted to go. His heart jumped. He lessened the tightness of his fist.

"This fish is going in the direction I want to go to. Since we are in its belly, there is no danger. Lets take this for a ride. Perhaps it can save us a lot of trouble." After thinking about this, Han Sen did not move.

Baoer jumped down from Han Sens shoulders. She stepped onto the bubbles wall. She surfed around on the inside and was having a lot of fun.

Han Sen thought it was weird. The goldfish had swallowed them, but it had not broken the bubble. With the bubble there, the power of the red mist was not hurting Han Sen or Baoer. It was hard to tell what the goldfish wanted.

"Does this mean the goldfish recognizes the relationship between me and Sacred Leader? Is that why it hasnt planned on killing us? Does it want to take us somewhere?" After Han Sen thought of that, he had no qualm with staying still. He did not want to kill the fish.

Because they were inside the goldfish, the Dongxuan Aura was blocked by the goldfishs body and its own power. Han Sen had a guess as to where the goldfish was headed, but he could not feel or see anything regarding where they were. All he could do was wait where he was.

"Did that woman go back to the big barren systems? Did she discover that I have come here? Is that why she commanded this big goldfish to come and collect me? Is it supposed to deliver me to her?" Han Sen had nothing to do, so his mind kept thinking about what the goldfishs ultimate goal was.

It had been a few days, yet the goldfish had yet to stop. Han Sen did not know where the goldfish was going, but there was one thing that was for sure. The goldfish did not want to kill them. At least, it didnt want to yet. If it harbored ill desires against Han Sen, it would not have kept the bubble active.

The goldfish traveled for around seven or eight days. Baoer thought it was getting to be a bit too boring. She could not be bothered by playing surfing games any longer. She pulled out a chessboard and played chess with Han Sen.

It was unknown how many matches the two had, but they eventually realized the goldfish had stopped moving. The bubble with Han Sen and Baoer inside suddenly flew out.

Not long later, the goldfish spat out the bubble.

Han Sen looked around. He noticed he was still in the sea of trash. Atop the trash, there was a countless number of flowers. It was like a lovely garden in space. There was a domed building full of fresh flowers. There was water inside it. The water came out from the buildings gaps. The waterfalls were like descending silver dragons. They looked absolutely gorgeous.

Inside the building, the water was like a lake. A smaller goldfish was parked at the waters edge. Its mouth was facing the sky. Its eyes were wide open. Its tail kept swinging, making waves in the water.

The bubble Han Sen and Baoer were in headed for the little goldfishs mouth. It moved very swiftly.

Han Sen was now able to understand what was going on. With a wry smile, he said, "It looks like I thought too much. The reason the goldfish did not want to kill us is that he was saving us to feed its child. This goldfish is quite professional. He knows its child likes to eat fresh food."

Seeing the bubble move closer to the mouth of the little goldfish, Han Sen generated power. He was going to break the bubble.

"Great! I can get them all at once." Han Sen stared at the little goldfish. He did not strike yet. He wanted to draw some distance between him and the little goldfish. He wanted to take the little goldfish as a hostage. The big goldfish would certainly be afraid.

Although it was a small goldfish, its head was as big as a killer whale. It would be easy for it to eat Han Sen and Baoer.

Upon seeing the face of the little goldfish, one could tell it was quite different from the big goldfish.

The big goldfishs scales were made of metal, and there was flesh below the scales. This little goldfish was made of metal too. From top to bottom and in and out, there was no flesh. It looked like a metallic fish statue. It looked weird.

Seeing the bubble land before the little goldfish, Han Sen did not hesitate. He generated Jadeskin power and threw a punch at the bubbles wall.

That punch was not enough to break the bubbles water power, but the ice power froze the bubble. It was now solid.

Han Sen summoned his Cold Light Sword. He slashed at the temporarily frozen bubble. The pink sword light shattered the ice and water bubble.

Without any hesitation, the sword followed the person. The man and the sword were one. Han Sen was thrusting toward the little goldfish, which was eagerly awaiting its meal with its mouth wide open.

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