Super God Gene Chapter 2919

Chapter 2919 Floating

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The way the big goldfish talked about how to get the treasure also seemed strange. Han Sen wondered if the big goldfish was trying to trick them.

After considering the big goldfish’s intelligence, the chance that it could make up a complicated story to fool someone was minimal. In the end, Han Sen decided to go and do what the big goldfish said.

Han Sen did not let go of the small goldfish. He still took the small goldfish as a hostage and made the big goldfish lead the way.

In that endless sea of trash, Han Sen and Bao’er were hidden in an old, space cabinet. They had been looking around their environment.

Han Sen regretted believing the big goldfish. It said he would only have to hide amidst the trash and follow the current of the sea of trash to reach the treasure’s location.

Han Sen and Bao’er had not been in the broken space cabinet for long when they saw the sky flash with some purple light substances. They reduced the size of the trash.

Han Sen watched all the purple light substances flicker as they decomposed metal, stone, and plastic. He was afraid he and Bao’er would end up decomposed with the cabinet.

“I hope the big goldfish did not lie to me. Otherwise, I will go back and cook his entire family. I will put in some extra chili when I cook them.” After Han Sen pulled the string of the bow, there was no turning back. Although he was furious, he had no choice but to trust that big goldfish.

He was holding a fire-looking red scale that the big goldfish had given it to him. He was told to hold it to go through the magnetic stream safely.

There were more purple light substances. They were like a bunch of fireflies flickering in the sky. They made their way onto other substances. When those had enough purple light substances on them, they decomposed and fell apart.

The broken cabinet had quite a lot of purple light substances on it. Han Sen hesitated and wondered if he should use some form of defense.

The big goldfish had said that he should not make use of powers and reveal himself. Otherwise, the xenogeneic that guarded the treasure would find him. If that happened, he would have no chance of obtaining the treasure.

If the big goldfish was lying to Han Sen, and he did not use defensive powers now, only God knew what would happen if the purple light substance touched them.

While Han Sen hesitated, a red light formed on the red scales in his hands. The red light was in the space cabinet, creating a layer of red.

Perhaps it was because of the red layer’s protection, but the space cabinet did not decompose like the other space trash even though the space cabinet was filled with purple light substances.

Seeing the big goldfish scale working, Han Sen felt much safer. The father and daughter hid in the space cabinet. While the magnetic light stream kept floating, they saw more space trash being decomposed.

There was a small mountain-looking stone palace under the purple light substances. It broke and created numerous big rocks. When the big rocks had a huge amount of purple light substances on them, they became even smaller rocks. The process happened again and again. Everything was becoming decomposed. Finally, the small mountain-looking stone palace decomposed into the big barren system’s white dust that was everywhere.

This process only lasted four or five days, yet a big palace had been reduced to dust.

In the time they were floating, Han Sen and Bao’er had seen too much of this scene. Han Sen felt numb to it. Fortunately, the scale kept releasing its weak, red light. It protected the space cabinet and stopped the space cabinet from being decomposed.

In the beginning, there were not many purple light substances. Now, the purple light substances had created a sea of purple light. Aside from purple, there was nothing else.

In the space cabinet, a purple light kept rolling by. Fortunately, Han Sen’s Dongxuan Aura was very good at space and universe location. Otherwise, they would not have known which direction they were headed.

Bao’er looked out the window of the space cabinet and asked with shock, “What is that?”

“Have we arrived?” Han Sen moved closer to the window. He saw the purple light stream was like an ocean. It was not where the big goldfish had told them to go.

According to the big goldfish, when the purple light stream disappeared, then they would have arrived.

It was still purple outside. Han Sen was not able to see more than nine feet away. This could not have been the place yet.

In the purple light stream, Han Sen saw a blurry shadow. It was like some purple light was going up and down.

The thing was a bit far away. Although Han Sen was barely able to see it, he was shocked.

The father and daughter had been floating for almost 15 days. Everything they had seen was decomposed by the purple light stream. During the past few days, the purple light stream had become extremely thick. There was no more trash. Aside from the space cabinet, everything that entered the purple light stream had decomposed into the white dust.

Now, that thing outside was like the space cabinet and had not been decomposed. It was going up and down in the purple light stream. It followed Han Sen in the purple light stream.

“What is that thing?” Han Sen and Bao’er were in front of the window. They kept watching the thing outside. They wished it was closer to the space cabinet so that they could see what it was.

It seemed as if their prayers reached the God Spirits. For a while, the purple light stream waved. The thing was getting closer to Han Sen.

“Closer. Closer. I can almost see it now…” Han Sen was excited. After all, they had been inside the space cabinet for many days and were bored. They needed something interesting to do.

Bao’er was also excited. She looked at the window and asked, “Dad, do you think that is a truck that sells ice cream?”

“Selling ice cream in this place… You are quite imaginative…” Han Sen wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. He knew Bao’er had been trapped there for many days and had not eaten much food. She wanted to eat good food.

Suddenly, that thing was nearly right in front of them. It was only six feet away. Han Sen inspected the part that was closest to them.

“Holy sh*t… It is a dead body…” Han Sen clearly saw the body. It looked like a man who was sitting cross-legged. His clothes were still whole, but his face and hands were skeletal. There was no flesh.

In that very bright, purple light stream, the skeleton looked like jade. Its eyes were purple. The scene was quite bizarre.

“His body and bones did not get decomposed. It does not look normal.” Han Sen was used to dead people, so he was not afraid. He was more focused on the dead body’s clothes.

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