Super God Gene Chapter 2920

Chapter 2920 Sunglasses

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The skeleton’s clothing was a little bit different. It looked more like ordinary cloth or silk, and the style did not look protective. It was more like a simple fashion style.

The clothes were loose like a robe and mostly blue. The sides of the clothing had black flowers for decoration. They looked loose yet somber.

The purple light substances kept jumping across the clothing. It made the clothes shine brightly. The clothing was not decomposing, and the skeleton was not breaking.

Han Sen thought, “To be able to be unharmed by the purple light stream, those clothes and the skeleton must be special. It is a shame I cannot use power. If I could, I would probably take the clothes for myself. Perhaps it is a high-level treasure.”

The skeleton was close to them, bobbing up and down. It was within the purple light stream and kept moving through the purple light substances. It almost hit the space cabinet a couple of times. Han Sen was tempted to bring it inside.

The space cabinet was only big enough to fit one person inside. It was quite tight for him and Bao’er to be in there. There was no room for the skeleton to squeeze inside too.

Plus, the big goldfish said they had to hide and not show themselves. Otherwise, it would have all been for nothing. Han Sen kept thinking about it, but he eventually gave up on the idea.

The space cabinet kept moving with the purple light stream. Han Sen had no idea they were anymore. The skeleton was still wrapped up by the purple light stream. It occasionally drifted away from the space cabinet but never went too far.

After a few more days, the red light on the scale started to become weaker. It seemed as if its energy was running out. The red light in the space cabinet had also dimmed. One was able to hear the space cabinet make some “tzi-tzi-ah-ah” noises. It sounded as if it was going to fall apart.

“This scale is not going to last. What if the big goldfish was wrong?” Han Sen looked outside. The purple light was still flickering.


Both Han Sen and Bao’er shook. It felt like the space cabinet hit something and was rolling like a ball. When the space cabinet stopped, Han Sen and Bao’er noticed there was no more purple light trying to assault them.

Han Sen looked outside the window. He did not see any more purple light. It was actually snow-white outside. It was different from the white dust. The snow there was not dust. It was actually snow.

Han Sen saw a land of ice and snow.

“We are here.” Han Sen was happy. He suddenly heard a “katcha” sound. The space cabinet could not stay together any longer. It shattered and broke into pieces all over the snow. Han Sen and Bao’er were exposed to the snow. The fish scale Han Sen held shattered like a crumbling rock. It was all over the floor.

“This place is just as the big goldfish said.” They had been inside the space cabinet for many days. Bao’er was happy to be freed from the cramped space.


The two of them looked around the snowy field of ice. They wanted to locate the place the goldfish had talked to them about. Something suddenly fell from the sky and landed right next to them.

Han Sen and Bao’er turned their heads. It was the skeleton. It had dropped right into the snow near them.

“Dad, it is that skeleton.” Bao’er ran over to the skeleton and squatted down next to it. She used her finger to poke the skeleton’s brain. The skeleton’s brain suddenly turned. There was no more movement.

Han Sen walked over and smiled. “His clothes must be good stuff. There is no point in him holding on to them. He should do something nice and give them to us. We can bury him in exchange. We all benefit that way.”

After Han Sen said that, he started prodding the skeleton. He wanted to see if, aside from the clothes, there was another treasure inside the pockets.

He did not find any treasures. Inside one of the pockets, he saw something. He could not tell what it was. He put his hand inside and pulled the thing out.

“It is a pair of glasses… These cannot be the same glasses the crystallizers had.” Han Sen was looking at the glasses.

The glasses kind of looked like toad sunglasses, but the lenses were black. They were not transparent. They were as solid as ink.

Han Sen put the glasses on. The moment he did that, the glasses displayed a weird sort of power. The power only spread onto Han Sen and did not go anywhere else.

“Oh… Dad… Why did you turn into a big ape?” Bao’er’s eyes were opened wide as she looked at Han Sen.

The sunglasses were not transparent, but Han Sen could see everything. He looked at himself and realized he had been turned into a big ape. He was shocked.

He took off the sunglasses, and his body returned to normal.

“This is a god personality armament.” Han Sen looked at the sunglasses in his hands. His heart jumped. The sunglasses vanished. They appeared in the Sea of Soul.

This was different from the Sky Vine Radish God Lance. After killing the God Spirit, that god personality armament should have been one used to make the other god personality armament. It was just like the Sky Armor Scabbard. It was not a god personality armament one collected right away.

“Dad, let me try it. I want to be a big ape.” Bao’er approached Han Sen with a look of excitement.

Han Sen gave Bao’er the sunglasses. She put them on, and her body changed. Her face changed, but she did not become a big ape. She became a bee that was the size of a fist. She flapped her wings and buzzed in Han Sen’s ears.

“Dad, I became a little bee,” Bao’er said while happily flying.

“These glasses can change people’s bodies. That is fairly amazing,” Han Sen thought. Bao’er, who was a little bee, landed on the floor. She then turned into a white rabbit.

“Dad, I became a white rabbit!” Bao’er was very excited. She kept jumping. She suddenly turned into a pigeon in the air.

In a short amount of time, Bao’er was able to turn into many different things. Han Sen was frozen. He said, “Holy crap. This thing is like the monkey king that can change 72 times.”

After watching her for a while, Han Sen got bored. He squatted down and tried to take off the skeleton’s robes. The robes had been able to survive the purple light stream, so they had to be made with some good stuff.

“This cannot be another god personality armament, can it?” Han Sen took off the robe. He did not put it on yet. He looked at the skeleton and started digging a hole in the ice. He put the skeleton inside. He closed his hands and said, “I put you in the soil… No, I put you in the ice so that you do not have to be exposed. Thanks for the items you have given us, but now we no longer know each other.”

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