Super God Gene Chapter 2921

Chapter 2921 Statue On The Mountain Path

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Things such as bacteria had been decomposed by the purple light substances, so nothing dirty was left.

When Han Sen put the clothes on, he tried using power to activate the clothing’s power. He thought if it was not a god personality armament, it had to at least be a treasure.

No matter how much Han Sen tried to activate it, the blue and black robe did not move. It was like something normal without any energy.

“This thing cannot be a treasure. It did not get decomposed in the purple light stream, so it is at least deified. Why does it not have any reaction?” Han Sen thought it was strange, but there was nothing he could do if the clothes did not do anything. He tried to tear the clothing up, but they were too tough. Even with Han Sen’s power, he was unable to shred the clothing.

Han Sen thought, “Never mind. I will wear them like armor. With this robe, power like wind, fire, thunder, and lightning cannot come to me.”

Han Sen looked around. He saw three black stone mountains far away across the ice fields. Those three stone mountains looked very unique. They were different from the ice mountains and snow mountains.

The ice mountain was like a blade, and the snow mountain was like a ring-shaped volcano. Only the black stone mountain looked like the petals of a lotus flower. The three mountains looked like the Chinese character for “pin.”

“This should be the place.” Han Sen picked up Bao’er. He stepped on the snow and walked toward the three black stone mountains.

According to the big goldfish, after arriving, they had to walk across the snow. They were not able to fly or teleport. Otherwise, they would not get their treasure and likely be attacked by scary xenogeneics.

The big goldfish was a top-class xenogeneic. If it was afraid of these xenogeneics, so they had to be extraordinarily powerful. Han Sen did not want to risk it.

“This place is very bright. If we fly, we will be seen. But won’t we also be seen while we walk?” Han Sen felt rather suspicious about all of it.

Since they were already there, no matter whether it was true or false, he had to give it a shot.

On the road, it was just like the big goldfish said. It was just ice and snow around. There were no creatures. There were no xenogeneics either. Everything around just seemed dead.

The father and daughter did not face any danger. They only wasted some time by walking to the three black stone mountains. At the foothills, they looked up at the three mountains. They were very big and pretty. The three stone mountains were each about 30,000 feet tall. They were all lined up together. In the center of the hills they were on, the three mountains spread out. It was like a lotus flower that had just opened.

Following the mountain crags, they went the seven or eight miles the big goldfish had told them to travel. They stopped at stone stairs, which would take them up the mountain. They followed the mountain wall. It was like one long staircase ascending to heaven.

After they arrived, Han Sen did not go up straight away. He looked at the stone staircase. His heart was racing.

According to what the big goldfish said, he and Bao’er had to face away from the stairs and close their eyes. To go up, they had to blindly feel their way up. They could not use any powers either. They could not even use powers like area casts or anything of the sort.

The big goldfish also reminded them that while they walked up the stone staircase, no matter what noise they heard behind them, they could not look away and open their eyes. They had to keep going no matter what. When their hands felt as if they were running across a stone carving, they could keep feeling their way forward until they found the treasure.

After they found the treasure, they still couldn’t open their eyes. They had to keep their eyes shut and go back the way they came. If they descended the mountain, they still would have only succeeded half-way.

“With that goldfish’s intelligence, I do not think it could compose such a complicated plan to trick us.” Han Sen froze. He picked up Bao’er, put her in his arms, and smiled. “The big goldfish told you what I heard too. When we are on the mountain, we cannot open our eyes. If you really cannot help but open your eyes, you must tell me.”

Bao’er was in Han Sen’s arms. She closed her eyes and excitedly said, “Dad, I am ready. Let’s go up the mountain.”

Han Sen closed his eyes. He used one hand to touch the wall and went up the stone staircase backward.

He could not use his Dongxuan Aura as an aid or use his eyes. He had to use his ears, so he focused on listening.

Aside from the wind, he did not hear anything strange.

The stone staircase was not difficult to ascend. With the power Han Sen’s body had, he could shut his eyes and easily walk backward. It was like an ordinary thing. He was still afraid there might be some trick on the road. He did not go fast. He kept walking and listening.

Han Sen kept on walking, but he did not hear anything weird. It was quiet the entire time.

Suddenly, Han Sen’s fingers felt the stone wall was a bit different. The very smooth stone wall had some cracks in it.

Han Sen moved his fingers. He noticed the markings were deep, light, straight, and curly. He could not tell what the carvings were about.

If he used his Dongxuan Aura, he would not even have to use his eyes to look at what they were. Right now, he was only able to guess.

Han Sen touched the markings and kept on going. His fingers kept touching the stone. Because he could not touch more of it, he was unable to tell what it was.

While he was walking, Han Sen suddenly heard something strange from behind. It sounded like a snake hissing. It was very quiet, but it made one’s head itch and body flare up with goosebumps.

The sound was getting closer to Han Sen. It felt like a toxic snake was approaching him from behind. Very quickly, it was almost on his back.

“What the f*ck?” Han Sen could not do it anymore. If he had to compare himself to the big goldfish, he trusted himself more. He would rather face the danger and fight for the treasure than put his life at risk by believing the big goldfish.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura. He opened his eyes and looked up the stairs. He was shocked.

There was no toxic snake behind him. The path was completely the same. It was still leading up the mountain. There was nothing on the stone stairs. There were lots of carvings on the wall, which led up and up. One could not see how long they went.

Han Sen was unable to understand the things carved on the wall. That was because Han Sen only saw a part of it.

Seeing the one part he was ascending, he guessed it might have been a large snake. Han Sen saw part of a snake statue.

Han Sen looked at the carving and snake body that was moving. Although it had just been stone, it came alive. The black scales smelled like blood.

Han Sen looked over at it. The stone statue turned into living flesh. The black scales were moving. A scary presence was all over the place.

“That goldfish didn’t lie. I should not have opened my eyes.” Although Han Sen knew the goldfish had not lied to him, he did not regret it. Han Sen needed to control his own fate. He could not expect to keep meeting good people all the time.

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