Super God Gene Chapter 2922

Chapter 2922 Fighting The Dragon

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The dragon head, horn, and beard all rose as the dragon moaned. Its voice pierced through the universe and space. It made the snow mountain and ice mountain collapse. The ice fields broke.

Han Sen was hanging in space. He used all of his power with the Dongxuan Aura to suppress the dragons cry. His body was shaken. He felt as if he would fall apart any second.

"Thats a very powerful xenogeneic." Han Sen grabbed the Shield of the Medusas Gaze and blocked the dragons sprinting cry. He activated the image on the face of the Shield of the Medusas Gaze. The pretty ladys eye had some weird, cold light. It landed on the black-scaled dragon.

Han Sen wanted to strike first. He wanted the black-scaled dragon to freeze on the stone mountain.

The dragons eyes were like bottomless black holes. It looked into the weird eyes of the Medusa. It looked like two black holes were creating a vortex that sucked the Medusas eyes into them. The body of the creature did not get frozen.

Han Sen wanted to start the Medusas Gaze again because the black-scaled dragons eyes could absorb the staring light. Other bodies would not have been able to block the light.

Before Han Sen activated the Medusas Gaze, the black-scaled dragons head raised. Its body kicked up a black cloud of smoke. The dragons mouth opened and spat something out.

Han Sen had the traditional cultures effect. He thought the black dragon would be spitting out some dragon ball to play with him, but the dragons mouth did not spit out a dragon ball. It was a lantern.

It was a black stone lantern. Based on its appearance, it looked like a geno hall race lantern. But the lantern did not have a race mark. The lantern was burning with a fire that possessed a holy white color.

The white flame was glowing brightly. It made the old stone lantern more mysterious and serious.

Han Sen instantly reacted. When the big goldfish described the treasure, it mentioned something about stone and fire. Han Sen had no idea what that meant. Now that he saw the stone lantern, he realized what it was.

"The treasure the big goldfish spoke about was this lantern, but the stone lantern is inside the dragons mouth. Even if I close my eyes and walked there, how was I supposed to retrieve the lantern from the dragons mouth?" Han Sen did not understand, but things were already in motion. He could not waste time thinking about things like that. To freely collect the stone lantern, he needed to kill this xenogeneic. Afterward, he would get the black-scaled dragons xenogeneic genes. That was like killing two birds with one stone.

Han Sen thought about that before doing anything.

The stone lantern flew out of the dragons mouth. The black-scaled dragon reached a claw out. It put the stone lantern in front of its dragon mouth and blew fire into it.

As the black dragon presence went through the flame, it turned white. It was like a tide going for Han Sen.

The dragon presence covered the entire area. Unless Han Sen risked teleporting to unknown space, he could not evade that scary dragon presence.

Han Sen gathered up all his power. He held Baoer and placed her behind the Shield of the Medusas Gaze. He used the shield to block the dragon presence that came with the lantern fire.


Han Sen felt a scary power strike his shield. His arm almost broke. The shield hit his body, which sent him flying. He flew through space for what seemed like forever. As the dragon presence messed with his senses, he kept his body tight to stabilize himself.

Han Sen felt as if his body had been shattered, but he still had the shield in his hands. He was shocked. The surface of the shield was burning with a holy white flame. It was just like the flame on the stone lantern.

The white flame had no heat, so it did not burn the Shield of the Medusas Gaze. The white flame was quickly spreading across the shield. It seemed as if it was going to be devoured in no time at all.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan powers. He tried to put out the fire on the shield, but he could not stop it. He watched the shield become surrounded by a white flame. He did not want it to spread onto his hands, so he had to let the shield go.

As Han Sen let go of the Shield of the Medusas Gaze, the shield was surrounded by white flame. The purple, metal-looking shield looked like it was surrounded by a holy white flame. It actually looked kind of looked holy.

The black-scaled big dragons talons suddenly moved. Han Still did not have complete control of the Shield of the Medusas Gaze. It was flying toward the black-scaled dragon. Once it got closer, the dragon grabbed it with its talons.

Han Sen saw that the big dragons eyes were full of disdain. With the talons wrapped around the Shield of the Medusas Gaze, the weird woman on the front opened her eyes. She fired out a weird light.

"How is that possible?" Han Sens face suddenly changed.

The Shield of the Medusas Gaze was not normally something a stranger could take and use, but the black-scaled dragon was somehow able to do so. That was a bit difficult to believe.

The Shield of the Medusas Gaze could only be used by the Ganas special element power. Han Sen used the Dongxuan Sutra to simulate Gana powers. That was how he was able to make use of the Shield of the Medusas Gaze.

The black-scaled snake dragon had a different element from the Gana. Han Sen was certain about that. So, how was it able to activate the shield?

Time did not grant Han Sen the chance to think about it too much. Seeing the Medusas Gaze light about to land on him, he flashed away. He teleported out to dodge the light emitted by the shield.

Han Sen understood the Medusas Gaze quite well. The black-scaled dragon kept on firing Medusas Gaze like bullets. All of those Me kept being launched, but not a single one was able to harm Han Sen.

Now, Han Sens teleport skill could have him teleport away in the galaxy. The Medusas Gaze light could not keep up with his teleportation speed.

The black-scaled dragon continuously attacked and repeatedly failed. It seemed to lose patience. It opened its mouth wide and spat out some dragon presence. This time, the dragon presence did not go through the stone lanterns flame. It was like a black cloud covering the sky and ground. It did not allow Han Sen to move.

Han Sen looked at it. There were waving watermarks on his body. The dragons presence covered the sky and earth. It looked extremely murderous, but it could not get close to Han Sens body.

His Time Ghost beast soul delayed time in the area. It made the dragon presence unable to reach Han Sen.

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