Super God Gene Chapter 2925

Chapter 2925 Sacred Ruin

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"I am afraid that in this universe, it might be difficult to find another Dead Area Demon Dragon." Han Sen licked his lips and felt a bit disheartened. He spoke to himself sadly.

The ability to get a beast soul or not was something Han Sen could not control. As for what the chances were, he did not know yet.

According to what God told him, God Spirits and beast souls had to have been composed of the spirits of creatures. Every creature had a spirit, so why was it that one could only get beast souls by killing xenogeneics in the universe? Why was a beast soul not given every time? Han Sen did not understand the reasons behind all of that.

If every xenogeneic had a spirit, then killing a xenogeneic should have definitely yielded a beast soul. But it wasnt like that.

"This Dead Area Demon Dragons deified xenogeneic gene should be enough to get my deified gene tally up to 100, but this guy is too big. I do not know how long it will take me to eat it all." Han Sen looked at the dragons body, which looked like a giant rock. It made a wry smile develop on his face.

Although his Consume was at the highest level, swallowing such a big dragon body would still take a long time. He would have to spend 10 days to half a month eating it.

"The black dragon is dead. I wonder if there are any other treasures to find on the three black mountains." Han Sen raised his hand and held the stone lantern high. He was still feeling a bit greedy. He called Baoer and put her in a blanket. The two of them headed up the three black stone mountains.

They did not find any treasure. In the center of the three mountains, there was a circular valley. At the bottom of the valley was an old teleporter. It was unknown where it led.

Han Sen did not know where the teleporter went, so he did not want to try it. He had to leave the valley and play with the stone lantern he had.

The stone lantern was strange. Han Sen could not activate its power and or control it. If he put his power through the fire, the flames imbued strength into the power he passed through it. It did not matter what power went through the flames. Any power was boosted. That was true for anyone who used it.

"What is this stone lantern? It does not look like a god personality armament, and it does not look like a xenogeneic treasure. It kind of looks like a race lantern from the geno hall, but it is not quite the same as them either." Han Sen studied the lantern for a while. He was still unable to find out what the stone lantern was.

If it was safe to use, Han Sen was not going to research it too much. He put it inside Destinys Tower and went to start eating the Dead Area Demon Dragons flesh.

After he took a few bites, he saw a gold and red light appear in the sky. The big goldfish was flying toward him. It had brought the little goldfish along.

Because the big goldfish had not lied, and Han Sen had maxed out his genes after eating the Dead Area Demon Dragon, he was not planning on killing either goldfish.

When it saw the body of the Dead Area Demon Dragon, the big goldfish looked very excited. It brought the little goldfish before Han Sen and kept firing bubbles as if it was trying to say something.

Baoer translated the bubbles. "It says thank you for killing the Dead Area Demon Dragon for it. He and his child appreciate it a lot. If the chance ever arises, it wants to return the favor someday."

"Of course, you need to pay me back. Just show up whenever I need you," Han Sen said to the goldfish and its kid.

The goldfish family seemed to understand Han Sens words and nodded. The big goldfish spat out many bubbles at Han Sen. After that, it swam to the top of the three black mountains. It turned its head and fired many more bubbles to Han Sen.

"It said the Dead Area Demon Dragon is dead," Baoer said. "Now, the child can finally be returned home. It wants to invite us to its house."

Han Sen looked at the big goldfish with curiosity and asked, "Your home would not happen to reside on the other side of the teleporter, would it?"

The big goldfish nodded. It spat out many bubbles. Baoer tried to explain. "It said its home is on the other side of the teleporter. Something that happened many years ago was the whole reason it teleported to this place. Then, the Dead Area Demon Dragon took over the teleporter. They have been unable to go back. Now that you have killed the Dead Area Demon Dragon, they are finally able to go home. So, they are really grateful. They want you to go and visit them. They will also reward you with some more treasures too."

"Sure. I dont mind going there." Upon hearing there was treasure to be found, Han Sen stopped hesitating. He put the Dead Area Demon Dragon meat inside Destinys Tower and followed the big goldfish into the teleporter.

He now understood it completely. People said fish only had a seven-second memory. Whether or not it was true was unknown. This big goldfish was a top-class deified xenogeneic. Its intelligence and memory were not so good.

Han Sen estimated its intelligence and did not think it was able to lie to people. So, he was not too worried.

He held onto Baoer and followed after the big and small goldfishes to the teleporter. The big goldfishs body released a red light. The light went into the teleporter. The teleporter was activated. It started to glow.

Han Sen felt as if his eyes had gone black. When his vision returned to normal, he was no longer in the snowfields. It was all dark upfront.

There was no space. There was no hint of the universe around. There was no land, and there were no mountains. It was like nothing. It was just a pitch-black void. In front of that black nothingness, there was a broken stone door. That door only had two broken stone pillars left. The stone of the roof was broken. He saw half of a sign hanging on the broken roof. There was a lamp in front of the door. It was releasing some obscenely dim yellow light. Han Sen only saw half of the sign, which said the word "holy."

"Is this place a ruin that belonged to Sacred?" Han Sen was shocked. He was not able to think of any other race that would dare use the word "holy" aside from Sacred.

The big goldfish led the small goldfish toward the broken door. The big goldfish looked very confused. It seemed as if it did not recognize the place.

Han Sen held Baoer and followed. Before the big goldfish walked in front of the door, it saw the door released some cold light. The big goldfish was not prepared. It was shot in the forehead. Blood was everywhere. It was like a very sharp arrow pierced into the big goldfishs forehead. Although the arrowhead did not go deep, it broke the big goldfishs protective substance chains. That arrow was very strong.

"How dare you come to Sacred! Do you guys want to die?" A very dim voice came from the left side of the stone pillar. They then saw someone walk out from behind the stone pillar.

That someone, who had a human body and a dog face, was holding a teethy bow. There were three teethy arrows on the persons back. The person reached out a hand. The teeth arrow lodged in the big goldfishs head flew back into the persons hands. The wound on the big goldfish ripped. Blood came out with the arrow. It could not be stopped.

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