Super God Gene Chapter 2928

Chapter 2928 Going To Sacred

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Nine Thousand King laughed and let go of Qige. He let him land next to his feet. He touched his face and laughed. “Good! You are a good boy.”

Qige quickly said, “To have a powerful father like you, I must have fulfilled a few lifetimes of good deeds to be rewarded so handsomely. I don’t just have to be your child either. I can be your cow. I can be your horse. I can be your servant and slave. It would be my pleasure. I never dreamed of being able to have such an amazing, invincible father like you before.”

Han Sen and the Extreme King could not watch this anymore. After all, this was a child of the 10 generals. They did not expect him to behave like this.

When Nine Thousand King heard what was said, he smiled. He squinted his eyes and placed his hand on Qige’s head. He looked at Moon Shadow God with a cocky expression. “Moon Shadow, now that your son has agreed, you should be fine with this too.”

Moon Shadow God was furious. She also knew that regardless of how much Qige begged, if she did not agree, Nine Thousand King would crush Qige’s head.

No matter how much she did not want to, Qige was still her son. She didn’t have an option to say no. She did not want to see her son die in front of her.

While Nine Thousand King, Moon Shadow God, and her son were entangled with their own matters, Han Sen went over to Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and asked, “Who is this Nine Thousand King? I have never heard of someone like that in Sacred before.”

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster did not immediately say anything. A voice soon sounded in Han Sen’s ear. “Although Nine Thousand King was not one of the top 10 generals, he was an officer of Sacred. Although he was not as famous as the 10 generals, he is not someone ordinary. After Sacred was destroyed, people assumed he was dead. I did not expect to find him alive. While the big barren power was the weakest, he came to the Sacred ruins. It looks like he wants that thing from Sacred.”

Han Sen nodded. He knew many scary people were going to the ruins, so this could not have been a coincidence.

Han Sen did not say anything. Besides, he did not know much about the topic. It was just a coincidence that he was there. The more he spoke, the more wrong he was. He preferred not to say anything.

“Moon Shadow, have you thought about it? There is not much time, so stop delaying your son’s business.” Nine Thousand King looked evil as he patted Qige on the head.

Moon Shadow God replied, “Nine Thousand King, let go of my son. If you do, I will let you do anything.” Although she really wanted to kill him, she had to think about her son with Evil Sky Dog. He was the only connection they had now, and she did not want to see it severed.

“Ha! Ha!” Nine Thousand Kind looked at the sky and laughed. “Moon Shadow, do not worry. Why would I do anything bad to our son? He is such a good son. I will be happy to accept him. I will reward him and not hurt him.”

Qige was very happy. He kowtowed as he shared his gratitude. “Thanks, Dad.”

Nine Thousand King was still acting cocky. He patted Qige on the head and smiled. “Good, son! Very good, son! I really should reward you.”

Qige rolled his eyes. He stared at Han Sen and said, “To be your son is the greatest reward. I would not dare try and take your rewards, but that crystallizer slave dared to disrespect you. He deserves to die. I am not strong enough to fight him. Otherwise, I would skin him alive in the name of avenging you. As for the Dog Crow Bow, I want to retrieve it so I can give it to you. It will be a gift for the gratitude I feel for you.”

Han Sen looked at Ancient Abyss Grandmaster. They thought that guy was the ultimate rare thing. He was like an extreme animal. Even now, he still wanted to bite Han Sen.

“Good, son, that is not so hard.” Nine Thousand King looked at Han Sen and quietly asked, “Did you hear him? Give the Dog Crow Bow back to my son.”

Qige shouted, “Dad, stop talking crap with him. Just kill him!”

Han Sen looked at Qige. He raised the Dog Crow Bow again and coldly said, “I said the life of my prey is decided by me.”

The bow was being pointed at Qige. He was shocked, but he saw that Nine Thousand King was right next to him. He had the courage again to mock Han Sen. “How dare you to misbehave before my father. You have a death wish!”

Han Sen ignored him. He thought Qige was a mad dog and stupid. Nine Thousand King must have been worried about something. Otherwise, he would have already attacked. There should have been no need for simple provocation.

Even Nine Thousand King did not dare do anything. He was a fox trying to prove that he was a tiger.


Han Sen let an arrow loose. The teeth arrow was gone. It was clearly going for Qige. Qige’s expression changed, but it quickly returned to normal. He saw Nine Thousand King raise his hand again. He thought Nine Thousand King would catch the teeth arrow just like before.

Suddenly, the teeth arrow pierced through Qige’s head and came out the other side.

Qige’s eyes were wide open. He could not believe he was about to die like that.

“Time power!” Nine Thousand King’s expression changed too. His hand only reached out a short distance, so he was unable to catch the arrow.

Moon Shadow God looked shocked and very conflicted. She ran to hold Qige’s dead body. She gnashed her teeth, looked at Han Sen, and screamed, “I will kill you!”

After that, she turned into a shadow. She blended in with the darkness and disappeared.

Nine Thousand King steadily stared at Han Sen. His power seemed red. He was suppressing Han Sen, who was just standing there. He looked like he was going to kill Han Sen any second, but he had yet to do anything.

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster asked, “If you guys fight here before entering Sacred, are you not going to benefit other people?”

“I will let you live a bit longer.” Nine Thousand King coldly grunted. He turned around and fled through the door. He vanished into the darkness.

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster turned to Han Sen and said, “Brother Han, you really should not have killed Qige. Now, we have offended two scary elites at once.”

“That mad dog was worse than an animal. He bit whoever he saw. It was better to just kill him.” Han Sen did not care. He planned on going to Sacred to save Littleflower. Even if Sacred’s 10 generals or four holy beasts were there, they would not stop him. Besides, Qige was just a dog hybrid with a bark worse than his bite.

“Right, never mind then. Let’s go to Sacred. Otherwise, they will have the chance first.” Ancient Abyss Grandmaster paused. He smiled at Han Sen. “If you do not mind, why don’t you come with me? Then, we will all have backup.”

“If you don’t mind our presence, of course, we will come.” Han Sen called Bao’er, who was riding atop the big goldfish. They followed Ancient Abyss Grandmaster through the door.

As for Qige’s dead body, Han Sen did not bother looking at it. There was only a killing announcement in his head and no mention of beast souls. There wasn’t even a xenogeneic gene. Qige was obviously useless rubbish.

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