Super God Gene Chapter 2929

Chapter 2929 Long Bright Lantern

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After Han Sen stepped past the stone pillar, he realized that behind every pillar there was a long, bright lantern. They looked like streetlamps that went all the way into the darkness.

Aside from the very dim, long bright lanterns that shone, every other area around them was pitch black. Even with the Dongxuan Sutra’s feeling power, one could not go into the darkness. Han Sen saw many broken universal cogwheels on the edge of the darkness. Everyone was shocked by the scene.

“What kind of fight took place here? Even the most basic universal cogwheels that built the foundation of the universe are broken.” Han Sen felt a chill. He did not dare be reckless.

The darkness was like a silent big beast. It was open like a scary and bloody maw. If anyone entered the darkness, the big beast would consume them.

That was a feeling that struck everyone’s mind. Even the Extreme King deified elites felt very serious about the situation they were in. They looked into the darkness with proper nervousness.

“Brother Han, the darkness down that way is very dangerous,” Ancient Abyss Grandmaster said. “Even if a true god elite was to fall into the darkness, he would not live. Therefore, we have to follow the long, bright lanterns. We cannot leave the radius of light cast by the lanterns.”

“Thank you for telling me, Grandmaster.” After Han Sen said thank you, he looked at the big goldfish. It had been hurt by the dog teeth arrows earlier, and the wound had not yet been fixed. The fish was still bleeding. Although it did not bleed much, the big goldfish did not look too good.

Its face was a bit twisted, and its eyes did not look too well. The lifeforce of the creature was fine, but Han Sen did not think its body was.

“Did that arrow have a poison power?” Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to scan the big goldfish’s wound. He soon found a red substance. It was drilling through the big goldfish’s wound. It was like there were many small bugs inside the wound that could not be seen.

Han Sen used a few healing geno arts, but they were not working on the red bugs inside the wound.

Han Sen had a closer inspection. He noticed that the big goldfish’s eyes had a lot of blood in them. The blood was actually those red bugs.

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster took notice of Han Sen’s situation. He came closer and said, “If I am not mistaken, the wound your pet suffered has inflicted it with rabid powers.”

Han Sen quickly asked, “What is rabid power? Do you know how to fix it, Grandmaster?”

Ancient Abyss looked at the teeth arrow in Han Sen’s hand. He said, “Rabid power is Crow Sky Dog’s power. If someone is inflicted with rabid power, that creature will lose their mind. They will go crazy and try to attack every monster they come across until they become exhausted and die. Seeing what has happened, I suspect this is indeed rabid powers. I would guess that there is an 80% to 90% out of 100% chance that the teeth of the teeth arrow you have belonged to Crow Sky Dog. That is why it has rabid power.”

After pausing, Ancient Abyss said, “Rabid powers are strange. In the legends, only the fourth holy beast Holy Kirin can fix it. I am not sure if there is another way to fix it.”

When Han Sen heard what he had to say, he frowned. He had visited Holy Kirin’s garden once, but the Holy Kirin was dead. It had been buried in the gardens. It could not heal the big goldfish anymore.

Plus, Han Sen did not know where East Holy Garden was from his current location. There was also no way of getting there even if he wanted to go.

Han Sen used some healing geno arts on the big goldfish’s wounds. He managed to stop the bleeding and make the wound start to recover, but the blood in the big goldfish’s eyes steadily grew. It looked scarier and scarier.

Han Sen could tell the emotions of the big goldfish were becoming more negative.

Han Sen frowned. He knew that was not the way. He hesitated a moment before he summoned Spell guns. He fired a few bullets at the big goldfish’s body.

The bullets went into the big goldfish’s scales. Because of a lack of power, they were locked into the scales. Perhaps it was because of the rabid power, but the goldfish did not feel any pain or resist.

Han Sen fired 100 bullets from top to bottom. Every now and again, a bullet fired into the big goldfish’s flesh. The bullets had a Forever Solid power. That power made the goldfish’s body solid. Although it could not get rid of the rabid power, the rabid power ceased spreading across the big goldfish’s body.

He watched it for a while. The blood bugs inside the big goldfish’s eyes did not increase in their numbers, so Han Sen felt relieved.

Han Sen did not have a better way to solve the predicament. For now, that was going to have to do.

The big goldfish was like a patient with some slight mental issues. Its face was twisted next to Han Sen. Fortunately, it was not completely controlled by the rabid power. It still had some of its mind.

“That is a very powerful rabid power and Crow Sky Dog. It is just an arrow made out of teeth, yet it can turn a true god xenogeneic into this. I wonder how scary it would be if the felon was still alive.” Han Sen was shocked.

Crow Sky Dog, who was a door guard, was quite scary. Han Sen could not imagine what things must have been like in Sacred back then.

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and the others were also shocked. Han Sen was able to suppress rabid powers. They had not expected that outcome.

The lights of the long, bright lanterns were dim. They could only see the lanterns on the stone pillars. All of the stone pillars looked extremely old. There were many cracks and signs of damage. They looked as if they were going to collapse into rubble at any moment.

The light was just enough for them to reach the next long, bright lantern. All they could see was a radius of about 30 feet. The floor was a grey stone plane. Most of the bricks were broken or lifted. It was hard to find a complete stone brick. Han Sen thought there must have been a fight there before.

Suddenly, there was one long, bright lantern missing. Han Sen saw the darkness ahead of them still had long, bright lanterns. In the center, one of the long, bright lanterns had not been lit up for some reason. That area was completely dark. One was unable to see anything.

“This section doesn’t have a long, bright lantern,” an Extreme King deified said. “I do not think it will be easy to get past this.”

Han Sen stopped and looked into the darkness ahead. The universal cogwheels had not been broken there, but most of the universe there was broken. The universe’s rules there were breaking.

“Do you think we can collect a long, bright lantern and just take it with us?” a deified Extreme King asked. He was looking at the long, bright lantern ahead of them.

“Don’t do that,” Ancient Abyss Grandmaster said with a shake of his head. “The lights of these long, bright lanterns can expel the darkness, but their power does not stem from the lantern itself. It comes from the pillar that connects to the earth. If the long, bright lantern leaves the pillar or the pillar is destroyed, there will be no energy source for the lantern. They would be put out immediately.”

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