Super God Gene Chapter 2932

Chapter 2932 Holy Garden

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Moon Shadow God wanted to retreat into the darkness. Han Sen realized she was very nimble, but her moving distance with each evasion was very short. It was like she hadnt moved at all.

The radius of the time area was very small. Unless the enemy was at a close distance, it was very difficult to restrict and restrain the movements of an opponent.

Earlier, Moon Shadow God thought Han Sen would be killed by the death angel. There was also a bai sema to keep them apart. That was why she stood so close to Han Sen. Only the bai sema kept them apart. She wanted to watch Han Sen get killed at close range.

But Baoer had turned into death angel. After hitting the death angel, the bai sema broke. Moon Shadow God was exposed and directly in front of Han Sen. Time area was able to touch Moon Shadow God.

Moon Shadow God could not move by much, but Han Sens knife air hit Moon Shadow God like it was hitting a shadow. It went right through her image. He was unable to damage her.

Han Sen slashed a few times, but it was the same result each time. He was not able to touch Moon Shadow Gods body. Moon Shadow God coldly laughed and said, "Time area is such a strong power. How long are you going to last? When the time area disappears, it will be time for me to avenge the death of my son."

"I am afraid you will never have that chance," Han Sen coldly replied. He put the stone lantern in front of him and brought out the Shield of the Medusas Gaze. He activated Medusas Gaze.

Two weird lights went through the flame, which was dyed white. When the Gaze went toward Moon Shadow God, she was trapped by the time area. She was unable to move. She had to generate Moon Shadow power to fight it.

Medusas Gaze, which had been boosted by the fire, froze Moon Shadow Gods body. It made her freeze in the air.

Medusas Gaze was a true god weapon, and it was reinforced by the lantern. Even a true god would not be able to block it. She was frozen. She was like a dead person.

Han Sen ignored Moon Shadow God. He looked at Baoer, who was still fighting the death angel. He noticed Baoer had an advantage on the enemy, and she was able to keep suppressing the death angel.

When the power and geno arts were in the same situation, Baoers power and geno arts had the Han family legacy. Her timing and understanding of combat were impeccable. At the very least, it far exceeded the death angel. She was beating the death angel, which had the same level of power as her.


Baoer was slashing on the death angels chest. She cut open its chest armor. Han Sen noticed that the death angels armor did not show flesh beyond. There was only white light.

"It really isnt a living thing," Han Sen complimentarily said. "Everything Sacred Leader does is a bit beyond belief. I cannot believe he made such a powerful machine. If he was able to make many death angels, it would be easy for him to conquer the world."

The death angel kept getting injured, but it refused to concede. It was like it did not know about pain or fear. It continued to fight Baoer.


The death angels head was cut off by Han Sen. It didnt die though. The fire from its neck continued to burn, and it was still headed for Baoer.

Baoers body flashed. She slashed open the death angels chest piece, revealing a white-colored crystal inside.

Baoer flew right at her enemy. She grabbed hold of the crystal. Suddenly, the white light of the death angels body was gone, which led to the armor crumbling into itself.

"Dad." Baoer flew back and returned to her true self. She looked very tired. It looked as if she had used the sunglasses too much.

Han Sen quickly held her. Baoer was like a cat in Han Sens arms. She looked super tired. She almost immediately fell asleep in Han Sens arms.

Han Sen rarely saw Baoer tired. He thought, "Using the sunglasses is quite the drain of energy. Even Baoer was unable to last long."

He picked up the death angels crystal, which was in Baoers hands. There were a lot of sides to the crystal. The shape of it was rather oval. It was shiny on the inside, and it released a scary power.

"I wonder what this thing is made of. If there are no announcements for its killing, I presume it cannot be a xenogeneic gene." Han Sen did not understand what the crystal was for, so he put it away.

Han Sen was going to exit the area, but he suddenly thought about Moon Shadow God. Next to the big crack was the death angel and the entrance to the holy garden.

Han Sen thought, "I do not know what sort of place the holy garden is. If Sacred Leader wanted the death angel to guard there, that means there must be something important worth guarding. If the death angel that guards the door is dead, maybe I should go into the garden and see what is there. Perhaps I will find something."

He had entered Sacred to find Littleflower. He also wanted to learn more about Sacred. This was a very important place, so he had to explore it.

Han Sen was holding the stone lantern. He shone its light below the big crack. It was very dark. There did not seem to be a bottom. It was unknown how deep it was.

Han Sen held the stone lantern and carefully entered the crack. After he flew down for a short amount of time, he was able to confirm that there was no danger. He then allowed the big goldfish and little goldfish to fly in.

Han Sen held the still-sleeping Baoer as he descended atop the big goldfishs back. It was pitch black down there, so Han Sen did not dare allow the big goldfish to fly down too quickly. He went down slowly. After an hour, he saw something flicker down below.

"A long, bright lantern" Han Sen stared at it for a while. He suddenly noticed a door by the long, bright lantern.

He let the big goldfish go toward the long, bright lantern. The closer he got to the long, bright lantern, the more he used its light to highlight the stone door. The door was not as powerful as the Sacred door. It was just a very small stone door. It looked like the entrance to a garden.

After he got close enough, he saw the sign above the door, which said, "Holy Garden."

The door was open, but it looked as if what lay beyond was not in ruins. The conditions of it were still quite good. As Han Sen stood in front of the door, he could see the view beyond it.

He saw the holy garden had many long, bright lanterns there. They lit up the entire place. When Han Sen had been above, he had not seen any lights.

The holy garden had a pavilion and some buildings. There were fake mountains, flowers, and grass. It looked very elegant. The combat had not reached and destroyed that place. Its condition was remarkably fine.

When Han Sen looked at one of the pavilions, his expression changed. Someone was sitting in the pavilion.

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