Super God Gene Chapter 2934

Chapter 2933 Pavilion

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After his encounter with the death angel, Han Sen did not dare use his Dongxuan Aura to peep into people in case something happened.

In a hellhole like that, it was best for him not to do anything he was uncertain about.

The person was still sitting where he was not doing anything. It was like he had not heard Han Sen.

Han Sen shouted a few times, but the man did not respond. He thought it was weird, so he walked into the garden and asked, "Are you in some kind of trouble? Do you require my help?"

He was in Sacred. He was not going to walk around willy-nilly. He had to explore that holy garden.

Han Sen thought the holy gardens trees, flowers, grasses, and woods were special. When he looked closer, he realized they were just plants that could not have been any more ordinary. They were not even xenogeneic plants.

Han Sen walked around to confirm that was the case. The holy garden was very elegant, but the things inside it were very normal. It was not like the secret garden Han Sens mind had been imagining all that time.

"Sacred Leader made that scary thing, the death angel, to protect this place. How can it be so normal?" Han Sen looked at the man in the pavilion again.

The man did not say anything. He just sat where he was, leaning against the railing. He was admiring the view. He did not care for Han Sens presence there.

"Isnt it boring to just drink and watch flowers all alone? How about I provide you some company?" Han Sen walked to the pavilion. It was then he realized the person was a woman. The clothes she wore were quite loose, which was why Han Sen had not realized it before.

There was a stone table inside the pavilion. There was also a thing that looked like a stone pot. The pot was cooking meat, and the fire was burning.

The soup inside the pot was bubbling. When he got closer, he was able to smell the aroma of the meat. It smelled good. Han Sen could not help but start leaking saliva from his gaping mouth.

Aside from that pot of meat, there was some wine. There were no cups.

"Being happy alone? Why not be happy together? We, a father and daughter who are meeting you, is surely an encounter that was destined to be. Why dont you and I share a drink?" Han Sen could see the woman was still not responding, so he left the big goldfish and little goldfish outside. He held Baoer and carefully entered the pavilion.

The father and daughter both looked at the meat intently with their eyes. It was unknown what sort of meat it was, but it smelled delicious. Even Baoer, who was asleep, was woken up by it.

Traveling all that way had cost a lot of energy. They had been fighting for a long time. Their bellies were a bit empty. Facing all that meat, she could not hold it.

Although the father and daughter wanted to eat the meat, they were not the owners of the upcoming dish. They would not just boldly eat it, but the woman was still not talking. Han Sen faced Baoer away from the stuff. They turned toward the woman, wanting to learn more about who she was.

When Han Sen saw her front side, he immediately took notice of her face. He could not help but utter, "Argh!" He looked confused.

The woman was not alive. It was just a statue, but the statue seemed to be very real. It was like it was alive. It was wearing ordinary clothing. If one did not see its face, one would not tell it was a statue.

It wasnt because the woman was a statue that Han Sen was shocked. It was because the statues face looked like the blonde Waner. It was totally in the shape of Waner.

"Sacred Leaders holy garden has a statue of Waner. Does that mean Waner is related to Sacred Leader? Does that mean Waners brother is Sacred Leader?" Han Sen looked at the statue in shock. He thought of many things.

He looked at the Waner statue and saw her holding a cup. The cup still had wine in it. He could smell it.

"Wait a minute" Han Sens heart suddenly jumped.

The wine cup was a part of the statue, but the wine was on the table and meat was cooking. The water in the pot kept bubbling.

"This is not right. If it is just a statue, where did the wine and meat come from? Is someone already here in the holy garden? Did he put down the wine and the meat here?" Han Sen looked around and used his Dongxuan Aura.

The name of the holy garden was famous, but the actual place was not very big. Han Sen saw through everything. With the Dongxuan Aura, not a portion of the place was missing. He did not spot a lifeforce there.

"Did the people who come here notice we were here and left via the back door?" Han Sen wondered. Baoer ran in front of the stone table and took a seat atop one of the stone chairs. She pulled a spoon out of nowhere, put it into the pot, and started eating the meat.

"It tastes so good!" Baoer bit into the meat. She looked very happy. It seemed to be very good.

Han Sen was going to eat some as well. He sat down in front of the stone table. Baoer used her spoons to pick up meat from the pot and bring it up to Han Sens mouth. She said, "Dad, you should try it. It tastes so good. This is so much better than the food Mom makes."

"Let me try some." Han Sen knew that Baoer loved to eat, but she would not eat just anything. If there was an issue with a meal, Baoer would be the first to raise a complaint. Thus, Han Sen did not have to worry about there being a problem with the food.

Han Sen took a bite of the meat with the spoon. It tasted very tender. It was fatty, but it was not greasy. It melted yet was crispy.

"It really is not bad." Han Sen had to compliment it too. This was the first time Han Sen had eaten meat this good.

"Deified gene 1" While Han Sen was complimenting it, he suddenly heard the sounds of his genes increasing.

"Holy sh*t Does the pot contain meat of a creature that was true god class? Who was this generous to cook some true god class xenogeneic meat and just leave it here?" Han Sen did not feel this was right.

Even powerful people like Very High Leader and Sky Palace Leader would not have been this lavish. They would not cook true god xenogeneic meat and just hand it out to people.

Even if they were going to leave, they would take the meat.

Han Sen used his Dongxuan Aura to have a look around. He had yet to find anything else. Aside from them, there was only the statue of Waner in the garden.

Baoer did not mind. She kept eating the meat and drinking the wine. The wine was her beverage.

Han Sen did not see any danger in it. Although it was weird that the meat could increase his deified genes, it was a good thing for him.

The black dragons body was too big. Han Sen was worried about how long it would take for him to earn a deified gene after killing it. Thanks to this pot of meat, however, all he needed was to take one bite for a whole deified gene. This was perfect for him.

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