Super God Gene Chapter 2940

Chapter 2939 Space Cycle

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Han Sen nodded, but he did not say anything.

After Nine Thousand King confirmed that, his expression grew even direr. He did not say anything. He quickly ran to the holy gardens gate and ran out.

Once Nine Thousand King ran out, he immediately returned at the back door. He looked at Han Sen. Han Sen saw that Nine Thousand Kings expression was glum. It almost looked like he was going to cry.

"Damn it, I should have known that the holy garden was not a fine place to visit," Nine Thousand King madly said.

Han Sen picked up Baoer and walked out of the holy gardens gate. After walking out of the holy gardens primary gate, he noticed it was not the entrance they had come in from. They were still in the holy garden. Behind them was the holy gardens back door.

Han Sen frowned. Nine Thousand King was furious. He waved his hands to unleash a horizontal shockwave. It cut most of the grass and flowers in the garden. It was like he was a chef slicing and dicing chives. Shredded grass and broken flowers were everywhere.

Nine Thousand Kings eyes suddenly opened wide as he observed the ruined garden.

Han Sen knew what Nine Thousand King wanted to do. He looked at the shredded grass and broken flowers in the garden. It was not long before a weird scene occurred. The whole garden returned to normal right under their noses.

All of the grass and flowers, trees, and wood returned to normal. It was like it had never been damaged. It all happened within a second. Han Sen and the others watched as it happened, but they were unable to figure out how or why it was happening.

The feeling was like watching a movie get trimmed. It was a ruined garden. After its trim, it connected with the perfect garden. The ruined garden suddenly became perfect and immaculate again.

"Damn it! It is a time cycle." Nine Thousand Kings face looked even worse. His god personality armaments eye opened.

Seeing him from afar, Nine Thousand King looked like a monster with green eyes all over him. The evil eyes were flickering with green lights. They covered Nine Thousand Kings entire body.


The eyes on the armor unleashed some scary power. It made Nine Thousand Kings body tear space. It was headed for space.

In the next second, Han Sen and the others saw Nine Thousand King come out of the other side of space. He was still inside the garden.

"Oh, no Oh, no It is Sacred power! It is Mister Sacred Leaders Sacred power" Nine Thousand Kings looked frightened. His body started to shiver and shake. He looked to be very afraid.

Upon hearing Nine Thousand Kings words, Han Sen suddenly thought of something. While he was in the geno being scroll fights, Littleflower used the name Sacred to join the fight. It looked like he used powers that could control time and space.

Han Sen did not witness it personally, but he had heard about it. It was a power that was similar to Sacred Leader.

The power Littleflower used could only change the movement of time. It was not like what they were seeing now, in which they were caught in an endless loop.

Even Nine Thousand King did not talk about Sacred power. The situation now only made people think of the time cycle. In a certain area, time kept looping, and time kept repeating itself. Time would not go forward. That was why the area around them kept on repeating.

It was like the meat that was eaten. Because of the time cycling, it would return to how it was. The meat in the pot would appear again.

Clearly, this was not just time recycling. There was space recycling involved too. Otherwise, if they walked out of the door, they would not come back unless the space around there was twisted too. It was like a Mobius strip that carried an infinite amount of space. The beginning and the end connected together. No matter how they entered or left, they could not escape the holy garden.

Han Sen thought, "If this really is a time cycle, it means that unless our power isnt enough to break the time and space powers in the holy garden, we cannot get out of here."

Nine Thousand King turned pale. His body kept on shaking. Although he was now free and a top elite in the universe, he was a servant of Sacred back then. Sacred Leader was still a very powerful figure at the forefront of his mind. After he thought about the holy garden being controlled by Sacred Leaders Sacred power, he felt utterly hopeless.

"Nine Thousand King, since we are trapped and cannot leave, why dont you tell me more about this Sacred power? Let us figure a way out of her. Perhaps we can break through the holy gardens trap and escape this place." Han Sen wanted more information from Nine Thousand King.

Nine Thousand King screamed and said, "Impossible We cannot leave. Sacred Leaders Sacred power can even trap a God Spirit. We are all dead."

Han Sen knew Nine Thousand King was freaking out. He deliberately sounded cold as he said, "No matter how strong Sacred power was, Sacred Leader could not keep that power entirely in the holy garden. As you said, Sacred Leader loved his little sister. Why would he use Sacred power to contain his little sister?"

When Nine Thousand King heard Han Sen say that, his eyes turned bright. He said, "Right, Sacred Leader would not trap his little sister in here completely. That means there has to be a way for us to get out of here."

what happened next made Nine Thousand Kings expression change again. He looked even more scared.

"No! The leaders little sister did not have much of a lifespan. The leader used Sacred powers to control the holy garden. It is because he wanted to freeze his little sister in this time area so she would never leave him and always exist in this loop."

Han Sen shook his head. "If that is the case, then what is in the holy garden? Isnt that a statue? That would be Sacred Leaders little sister."

Nine Thousand King was frozen upon hearing that. He looked at Waners statue and said to himself, "No! How could this happen? Why does a statue remain here? Where did Sacred Leaders sister go? The holy garden was not destroyed, and the Sacred powers are still intact. If the leaders sister was trapped in here, she should still be around."

"Nine Thousand King, we are in the same boat now," Han Sen said. "If you know something, please tell us. The more heads we bang together to figure this out, the better. It is better than trying to work it out by yourself."

Nine Thousand King raised his head and looked at Han Sen. He gnashed his teeth and said, "I already told you what I know. Regarding the other stuff, I dont really know much. There is a legend about Sacred power. The legend says Sacred had a woman that figured out how to break the Sacred power."

"Who was that woman?" Han Sen asked with confusion.

"Han Yufei."Nine Thousand King uttered a name that surprised Han Sen.

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