Super God Gene Chapter 2945

Chapter 2944 Fate Monumen

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Suddenly, amidst the ruins, Han Sen found a very well-preserved statue. It was the statue of a ghost car.

Han Sen pointed at the statue and asked, "This thing Is it one of Sacreds holy beast Ghost Car?"

"Mister, this is the Ghost Car statue," Nine Thousand King quickly answered. "This statue is supposed to be in the center of the holy palace plaza. I do not know why it ended up out here."

Sob! Sob!

In the dark, the sound of a crying woman was heard again. It gave those who heard it a flare of goosebumps.

"Number 9, do you know where the crying sound comes from?" Han Sen asked with a frown. On the road, he had heard a woman crying many times.

"Mister, that crying sound comes from the space charm," Nine Thousand King answered. "It is the sound she makes when the space charm is hungry. The space charm must be looking for us. Since you have the lantern, Mister, she has not dared get too close."

"What kind of xenogeneic is space charm?" Han Sen asked.

Nine Thousand King smiled and said, "Regarding that, I have no idea. That thing only lives in the dark recesses of Sacred. It never gets close to the long, bright lanterns. Normal light can light up the darkness, but you cannot see space charms body. All you will see is a shadow. It is like a fairy flying. You cannot see the details of its face."

"That being said, Mister, your stone lantern is very good. I have never heard of something being able to light up the darkness that wasnt one of those long, bright lanterns." Nine Thousand King carefully continued to keep licking Han Sens boots. He wanted to find out where that stone lantern came from.

Han Sen did not say anything. He only continued to go forward while holding the stone lantern.

Suddenly, Han Sen saw a long, bright lantern up ahead. It was like a very big firefly, but there was still a distance between him and the light.

Han Sen was happy. He hastened his passage to reach the light. Nine Thousand King made sure to swiftly follow.

When they got close to the light, Han Sen saw a giant monument. Each side of it had a bright, long lantern. Those two long, bright lanterns were much bigger than the usual ones they had seen. They lit up several hundred feet around the area they were situated. They felt like shields of light against the dark.

Before the monument, Han Sen saw a few people were standing there. Ancient Abyss Grandmaster was there, as were three of the Extreme King deifieds. Aside from them, there was someone else. When Han Sen saw him, his body shivered and shook. It was the person from Sky Palaces first seat. Han Sen had seen him at the sanctuarys gate before.

Back then, Sky Palaces first seat wanted to take Littleflower for a student in Sky Palace, but Han Sen was able to get away. Since then, Han Sen had not seen this person again.

Han Sen had been to Sky Palace a few times since then, but he had never Sky Palaces first seat. He did not expect to find him, of all people, there.

Han Sen wanted to hide his face, but it was already too late. Sky Palaces first seat, Ancient Abyss Grandmaster, and the others were already looking in his direction.

Han Sen frowned. Sky Palaces first seat knew Han Sen came from the sanctuaries. If he exposed his identity, that would not fare well for him.

When Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and the others saw Han Sen and who he was with, they were shocked. They stared at Han Sens stone lantern in awe. The stone lantern was similar to the long, bright lanterns that could light up Sacred. It even provided more room around it than the other lanterns, so they were shocked.

The first seat of Sky Palace looked surprised too. What surprised him the most was different from what surprised Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and the others.

Han Sen led Nine Thousand King and the goldfish family toward the monument. He put away the lantern. He was going to say hello to Ancient Abyss Grandmaster, but he shook his head and provided a wry smile instead. "Brother Han, you should not get too close."

"What do you mean?" Han Sen asked with surprise.

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster said, "Although there are long, bright lanterns, this place is a trap. We are all trapped here, and we cannot get out."

Han Sen thought, "Why couldnt you tell me sooner? What is the point of waiting for me to get this close before telling me?"

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster was not really a friend, so he had no reason to warn Han Sen at all. Han Sen had not really expected that he would. He just coldly asked, "If it can trap you, a grandmaster, what amazing thing is this?"

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster pointed at the monument. "Once you look at the monument, you will understand."

Han Sen turned his head and looked at the monument. When he looked at Sky Palaces first seats face, he stared at him like his eyes were on fire. Yet, he didnt do anything.

Han Sen looked at the monument. He saw two big words on the monument.

"Fate Monument." Han Sen read the two words on the monument, but he did not understand why they were trapped there.

When Ancient Abyss Grandmaster saw Han Sens face, he knew that Han Sen did not know what the Fate Monument was. He quickly said, "Fate Monument is Holy Kirin from the four holy beasts talent gene treasure. This monument can decide your fate. The Holy Kirin used his treasure. Not a single person in the universe could beat him. The monument ended up here. Although the Holy Kirin does not control it, the power of fate is still within it. If you enter the radius of the fate monument, you will be affected by it. Your life will be frozen in this place. If you stay away from the Fate Monument, your life will be gone, and you will die with it."

"Is such a thing possible?" Han Sen looked at the Fate Monument in shock.

"Yes, it is, Mister Nine Thousand King politely said to Han Sen. "If you look at the back of the Fate Monument, you will see your fate."

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and the others were shocked. Nine Thousand King was accompanying Han Sen. It was something they were already surprised about. After hearing the way Nine Thousand King was talking to Han Sen, it was like he had become a servant or something.

Nine Thousand King was leading the way. Han Sen led the goldfish family behind the fate monument. An Extreme King deified elite quietly said to Ancient Abyss Grandmaster, "It looks like Nine Thousand King is with Han Sen. This is unbelievable. How can Han Sen claim such an old monster?"

Ancient Abyss shook his head but did not speak. When Sky Palaces first seat heard what was said, his frown tightened.

"This kid is the person I saw at the sanctuary gate. Even if he did come to the universe from the sanctuaries, he could not achieve much with the power he had. It was not that many years ago, yet he is already deified. He can also tame the old monster Nine Thousand King. In the years I have been trapped here, what has happened?" Sky Palaces first seat weirdly looked at Han Sen.

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