Super God Gene Chapter 2946

Chapter 2945 Call Of Fate

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"The fate monument is not a treasure that can be broken with brute force." Ancient Abyss Grandmaster wore a wry smile. "Right now, I am waiting for my fate to be on the fate monument. If we use brute force to attack the fate monument, only our fate will be damaged. If we break the fate monument, our life will be broken there too. We will die."

"Is this treasure that magical?" Han Sen looked at the monument with shock.

"Mister, he is correct," Nine Thousand King said. "The fate monument cannot be broken by brute force. If the Holy Kirin was still around, this monument could be broken. Now, the Holy Kirin is dead. The fate monument can do stuff by its own will, but maybe we can break it."

When hearing Nine Thousand King sound like a slave before Han Sen, Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and Sky Palaces first seat looked very strange.

"What way?" Han Sen asked.

Nine Thousand King did not answer. He looked at Ancient Abyss Grandmaster, Sky Palaces first seat, and the others with hesitation. Obviously, he did not want them to hear the solution.

Sky Palaces first seat looked at him with disdain and coldly said, "You are just a servant of Sacred. What kind of method or knowledge can you have? You only want to use the Call of Fate function of the monument, dont you?"

Nine Thousand King was not going to hide it. He fought back and replied, "If you know the monument has a Call of Fate, and you are still trapped here, isnt your life too cheap?"

Sky Palaces first seat was not angered by this. He coldly looked at Nine Thousand King and said, "My life is a very heavy one. It is 9,818 kilograms heavy. I wonder how heavy your life is. We can see whose life is cheaper."

"How dare you!" Nine Thousand King was furious. The eye on his armor opened. It looked like he was ready to fight.

Sky Palaces first seat looked at Nine Thousand King coldly. He was casting a power too.

Han Sen looked at Nine Thousand King and asked, "Number Nine, what is Call of Fate?"

Nine Thousand King looked at Sky Palaces first seat madly. He then bowed and said, "Mister, Call of Fate is the base power of the fate monument. It is like a normal creature using gold or stone to suppress an enemy. If the opponent is more powerful, the requirement of gold or stone would be greater. You had to be heavier than the opponent to suppress them under the gold and stone."

"The logic of the fate monument is like that, but it suppresses a soul and not ones flesh. Ordinary powers cannot escape the fate monuments suppression, but souls have weight. We cannot see or touch it usually. We cant measure it either, but the fate monument can measure how heavy your soul is. It uses kilograms to do it. Without the Holy Kirin controlling it, the fate monument can suppress souls that are 10,000 kilograms heavy or below. If your soul is heavier than 10,000 kilograms, you can escape the suppression of the fate monument. You might even be able to control the fate monument and become its new master."

Han Sen thought this was funny. He laughed out loud as he asked, "Really? What determines the weight of the soul? Your achievements? Your talents? Is it your level, maybe?"

Nine Thousand King shook his head. "It has nothing to do with your achievements, talents, or level. The weight of a soul, for every creature, is fixed. It is there when you are born. It does not increase nor decrease. Even some cheap low-life creatures can have a soul that is 10,000 kilograms. Many true god elite souls might be as light as a feather."

"Oh, so what is the effect of the weight of a soul?" Han Sen asked.

"I have no idea," Nine Thousand King quickly said. "The soul does not affect your talent or your practice. It also does not affect your lifespan. It does not do anything about your leveling up either. Aside from affecting the fate monument, I have never heard of the souls weight contributing to anything."

"That is because you are ignorant." Sky Palaces first seat behaved as if he had a grudge with Nine Thousand King. He looked at him with disdain.

Nine Thousand Kings face looked angry. The green eye on the armor stared at Sky Palaces first seat as he said, "So, are you not ignorant? Then, what is the use of a souls weight?"

Sky Palaces first seat said, "The weight of a soul is the base of life. If it is light, your life is cheap. If it is heavy, your life is expensive. It measures your fate. How is that useless?"

Nine Thousand King looked disdained. He coldly said, "You are exaggerating. According to what youre saying, the barons and viscounts that have a 10,000-kilogram soul are more important than true god creatures."

Sky Palaces first seat squinted his eyes. "The weight of life depends on your level. Commoners like you would never understand that."

Nine Thousand King was going to argue with Sky Palaces first seat, but Han Sen interrupted them. "How do you begin the Call of Fate? Is it dangerous?"

"You only need to place a drop of your blood onto the fate monument, and it will weigh your soul," Nine Thousand King quickly said.

Han Sen looked at Sky Palaces first seat, but he said nothing. Ancient Abyss Grandmaster did not say anything either. He supposed Nine Thousand King was likely correct.

Han Sen did not try it himself. He received a drop of blood from the goldfishs wound and threw it at the fate monument.

That drop of blood was like lava when it hit the fate monument. It spread like paint in water. The entire monument turned red.

Han Sen suddenly saw the top of the fate monument spawn four number zeroes. They started to jump, starting from 0001.

Han Sen knew that each number meant one kilogram. Four digits meant the maximum was 9,999. If it hit 10,000, which was more than four digits, that meant it reached the maximum of the fate monument. The fate monument would not be able to suppress the soul.

Han Sen looked at the fate monument number keep jumping and thought, "This fate monument works just like the laws eye."

Han Sen thought the number on the fate monument would keep rising. After all, the life of a true god xenogeneic could not be too light.

The number on the fate monument only reached 26 before stopping. It did not move anymore.

"Is the big goldfishs soul only worth 26 kilograms?" Han Sen was shocked. That was unexpected.

Sky Palaces first seat said his soul weighed 9,000 kilograms. The big goldfish was true god too, but it only had 26 kilograms. The difference was far too staggering.

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