Super God Gene Chapter 2947

Chapter 2946 Expensive Life

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Han Sen did not have many high expectations. After all, its mother had a soul that weighed a measly 26 kilograms. The small goldfishs soul would likely be less than half of that.

But the fate monuments number managed to hit three digits, and it was increasing fast. The numbers were rising like mad. A second later, it hit four digits.

"The soul is so weird. They are blood-related, but the weight of the soul has a massive difference." Han Sen was shocked.

Nine Thousand King, who was nearby, said, "Although the soul is very ancient, under ordinary circumstances, it is hard for anyone to see souls. Only xenogeneic treasures like the fate monument can look into the soul you have. The weight of the soul is very hard to explain. Some low-level creatures have a very heavy soul. Some high-level creatures have a very light soul. Even if they are born from the same mother, their souls can be vastly different. It is hard to tell the rules and what determines the weight of a soul."

Han Sen nodded. He looked at the small goldfishs number jumping up. After a while, the small goldfishs soul number came to a stop at 7,493.

Nine Thousand King saw the little goldfishs soul test come to a stop and sighed. "A 7,000 soul? It still has a lot to go before hitting 10,000."

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster said, "What a shame. If one of us can hit 10,000, perhaps we can get out of this."

Han Sen looked at Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and asked, "Ancient Abyss Grandmaster, have you conducted your own test?"

"Our people have already tested. There have been a few hundred to a few thousand. No one reached 10,000. If one of us had managed to do that, we wouldnt have been trapped here." Ancient Abyss paused before saying to Han Sen, "Now, there is only you and your daughter than has not conducted the test. I hope one of you can have a 10,000-kilogram soul so we can leave. Otherwise, we are all trapped here."

Han Sen nodded. He pricked his finger and drew out a drop of blood. He threw it at the fate monument.

Han Sens blood was red. It was red like a ruby. It landed on the fate monument and shattered. The fate monument absorbed it. The entire monument turned into a crystal ruby.

The numbers on top of the monument showed up. They were jumping so fast. The numbers increased and quickly hit three digits.

Nine Thousand King saw Han Sens soul was over a thousand. He looked jealous as he said, "Mister, you have an expensive life. You have reached four digits so fast. It looks like hitting 10,000 will not be difficult for you."

"You overestimate him," Sky Palaces first seat coldly said.

The other people did not know about this, but he did. Han Sen was a creature from the sanctuaries, and he had seen Han Sens talents. His genes were not stable, and his talents were just average.

Although the weight of the soul had nothing to do with ones genes or talents, the rules of the sanctuaries would hurt the soul. Not many people knew that.

Sky Palaces first seat wanted to force his way into the sanctuaries. He had been hurt before by it, so he knew all about it.

Many race elites knew the crystallizers had escaped to the sanctuaries. Under the rules of there, they would not believe the soul of a crystallizer could be greater than 10,000 once they left.

Ancient Abyss Grandmasters and the others stared at the fate monuments number. This could free them. They were hoping Han Sens soul could exceed 10,000.

Nine Thousand King heard Sky Palaces first seat and felt a bit angry. He coldly said, "Misters life is very expensive. Cheap people like you cannot measure it."

"Oh, really? I would like to see how expensive his life is." Sky Palaces first seat spoke gently, but his face made Nine Thousand King very mad. He wanted to kill him with his hands.

"Five thousand" an Extreme King could saw that Han Sens soul weighed above 5,000, which gave them hope.

"Eight thousand" Ancient Abyss eyes started to change.

After nine thousand, even Sky Palaces first seats eyes looked strange. Clearly, he had a hard time believing that Han Sen, a person who had come from the sanctuaries, possessed such a heavy soul.

"Weird. The rules of the sanctuaries claim they will reduce your soul. He comes from the sanctuaries. Why would he have such a heavy soul?" Sky Palaces first seat frowned.

The number kept on jumping. It was getting very close to 9,999. The few deifieds of the Extreme King held their breath. They stared at the number on the monument. They hoped the number would jump even faster to reach the breakthrough.

Finally, as everyone watched, the four-digit number reached nines across the board. It became 9999. At the same time, the number on the fate monument stopped.

It had instantly stopped, but in the eyes of the deifieds, it felt like a century.

In the next moment, the number on the stone monument jumped. This time, the number did not increase. Instead, the numbers returned to zero.

Everyone was shocked. A deified Extreme King said, "What is going on? I thought once you reach 10,000 kilograms you are allowed to escape the suppression of the fate monument. Why has the souls weight suddenly returned to zero?"

"There is no way Han Sens soul is just 9,999. He only needed one more to reach 10,000."

"Go and look behind the monument. See if Han Sens soul is there."

Everyone went around the back of the monument for a look. Suddenly, the fate monument was shining brightly. The fate monument was dyed red because of Han Sens blood. It released 10,000 bright lights. It was like 10,000 glistening waterdrops were flowing out.

The whole ground started to shake. The 10,000 lights of the fate monument were rising. They left the ground and floated in the air.


Everyone was shocked when they heard the fate monument make a sound like a beast roaring. It was like a tiger or a dragon. Everybody next saw the red fate monument turn into holy white. A white, jade looking Holy Kirin beast came out of the sky. The holy light on it was like a sun. It lit up the entire dark area.

The broken floor The ruined buildings All the broken machines With the Holy Kirins very bright, holy light, Han Sen and the others saw everything clearly.

Aside from that, fairy-looking shadows were floating across the ruins. These fairy bodies were half-transparent. They looked like blue jelly.

"These are space charms." Han Sen suddenly remembered the description of them from Nine Thousand King.

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