Super God Gene Chapter 2952

Chapter 2951 Rushing In

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Han Sen knew that it was not because the time area was useless. It was because Old Vulture was simply too fast. It was faster than what the time area was able to do to it.

This was the first time Han Sen had witnessed someone use speed to break his time area. When it came to speed, Old Vulture had to be the very best in the entire universe. No one should have been able to fight him.

Old Vulture was like a black cloud covering the sky. He covered the space around Han Sen. He flapped his wings, which made space generate all sorts of vacuum knives. They were like a vortex surrounding Han Sen. All those vacuum knives had a scary power that seemed like it could rip space. Even if a true god elite was to take a hit from the true space knives, they would be shattered.

Those true space knives were only surrounding Han Sen. They did not go any further to kill him.

"Han Sen, due to your relationship with Little Master, I will give you one chance!" Old Vulture coldly screamed. "I will not grant thee anymore!"

"I am giving you a chance too. Give me Littleflower." Han Sen flashed away. He teleported away from the true space knife vortex. He kept heading into the darkness.

"Stop talking crap with him! Take him down!" Red Ghost rushed into the darkness. His red eyes were shining. He was ready to attack Han Sen, but he heard a weird scream bellow from his side.

"Dont you dare hurt Mister Han!" Nine Thousand King had hesitated, but he still decided to follow. The eyes on his armor were all open. They released 10,000 eye lights. It stopped Red Ghost.

"You are an old servant. The only reason I chose not to kill Han Sen was because of his association with Little Master. Do you think I will hold back on killing you?" Red Ghost was furious. His body exploded with a red light. He was going to fight Nine Thousand King.

The eyeless big beasts mouth turned into the shape of a speaker. He blew at Han Sen. Suddenly, many shocking sonic rings worked to bind Han Sen. That sonic power was everywhere. It was not something that could be avoided.

Han Sen did not slow down. Sky Palaces first seat had been trapped by those sonic rings, so those rings were strong.

Han Sen suddenly shouted, "Baoer, hold the lantern!" He quickly raised the Shield of the Medusas Gaze. The eyes on the shield opened. They turned into a scary staring light that challenged the sonic power.

Baoer quickly placed the lantern in front of the Shield of the Medusas Gaze. After the weird light traversed the flame, it was dyed white.

The staring light struck the sonic powers. Everyone saw that the wave-like sonic powers were frozen in the air. It looked incredibly strange. It was like waves of the sea frozen in space.

Han Sen flashed his body. He was almost into the darkness when the demon lady suddenly appeared in front of him and smiled.

She looked very pretty, but she did not often smile. She was very cold. She was like an ice mountain. Now that she smiled, it was like spring was coming forth to melt all that snow. All of the flowers bloomed in her honor. Her stunning smile was too difficult to accurately describe.

Her smile was pretty. For Han Sen, all it could do was make him frown. Within that smile, Han Sen felt confused. He had the feeling of wanting to die for that woman. He wanted to go right into her arms. In fact, his body was heading for the demon lady, and he had no choice in the matter.

He was frozen. Han Sen raised his hand. A stone mirror appeared in his hand. Silver light shone from the stone mirror. The shadow of the nine-tail fox was out.

The nine-tailed fox woman emerged. The very calm space around was suddenly thrown into turmoil with all sorts of waves. It was like bolts of lightning striking each other.

The demon lady frowned and looked a bit surprised. She looked at the statue and said, "The Foxs Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror."

It all seemed to happen so slowly, but it all happened in a moment. Han Sen broke three of those attacks and continued his escape into the dark.

The demon lady and the others never expected Han Sen to wield a trick such as that. It was too late to stop Han Sen now.

"Pursue!" Old Vulture screamed. It flapped its wings and raced into the darkness. The dark air of the darkness created countless bolts of lightning. It made it look like a thunder god bird soaring through the sky.

Aside from Red Ghost and Nine Thousand King still fighting, the demon lady and the eyeless big beast raced into the dark to stop Han Sen.

"Katcha!" Sky Palaces first seats sonic ring broke. Sky Palaces first seat escaped.

"I did not expect that guy from the sanctuaries to be able to level up like that. Perhaps there is still some hope for the whole thing." Sky Palaces first seat did not leave. He ran into the darkness.

Han Sen had only just rushed into the darkness when the Old Vulture caught up. The Old Vulture was still flying too fast. Even in the scary dark, it still had amazing speed. It was right behind Han Sen.

"You have a death wish." Old Vulture had been badly triggered. When he was in the universe, he had swallowed countless spirits. He was like the best beast of the generation.

Throughout his entire life, Sacred Leader was the only one he had sworn allegiance to. Even the people like the demon lady, who was a guardian of the Sacred palace, were people he only treated as friends.

Now, Han Sen wanted to force his way into the holy palace. It was exactly what was needed to make him that angry. He abandoned all idle thoughts, opened his mouth, and sucked. A cloud of black smoke emerged from it. It covered the sky and ground, and it was going for Han Sen. It was like a scary, black smoke, toxic dragon.

"Dont kill him! We need him alive!" the demon girl shouted. She was still behind in the pursuit. Among those four beasts, she was the one with the most sense. The others only knew how to kill when they were triggered.

The demon lady did not want Han Sen to be killed. Otherwise, how would they explain it to Littleflower? These were things that could only be hidden for a while and not forever.

Old Vulture was very murderous. He could not be convinced. He shouted, "I will suck his flesh and his soul! Then, he can never respawn! He will vanish from existence! The universe will never know his name!"

After that, the black smoke grew crazier. It was heading straight for Han Sen like a toxic dragon head.

In the darkness, the universal cogwheels broke. Han Sen was only able to teleport within the area of the stone lantern. He was not able to get out of the black smoke. He stopped trying to escape. He raised his Shield of the Medusas Gaze and fought against Old Vultures black smoke.

Baoer hastily raised the stone lantern and placed it in front of the Medusas eyes. The weird light was full of white fire. It combined with the black smoke but could not freeze the black smoke. Only the front of it was frozen. The black smoke from the back was still attacking. It broke the black smoke in the front. Upon meeting the staring light, it froze but the back smoke kept on looping. The black smoke and staring light kept attacking. The situation seemed frozen in a loop.

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