Super God Gene Chapter 2953

Chapter 2952 Silly And Clumsy

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Han Sen felt as if he was shaking with the sonic power and going to fall apart.

Within a second, the buildings around them turned into sand. No matter whether or not they were made of stone or metal, under the super high-pitched shaking, they all turned into dust.

Han Sen was unable to dodge the scary attack that damaged everything around.

Armor instantly showed up on Han Sen’s body. His Spell armor was close to his body when it appeared. It broke the clothes Han Sen had been wearing. Only the blue robe with a black stripe remained.

After the Spell armor appeared, the spell on it flickered. Forever Solid power covered Han Sen’s body. The super high-pitched sonic power lost its effectiveness. It was unable to spread in his body.

Now, the demon lady was present. Old Vulture and the eyeless big beast were nearby as well. They surrounded Han Sen.

“Han Sen, this is your last chance,” Auntie Mei coldly said as she stared at Han Sen. “Give me back the holy spirit, and I can allow you to leave this place unharmed.”

“Give me Littleflower, and you guys can have anything you want,” Han Sen coldly said. “Otherwise, even if some god from the sky came, I am still going to tear this holy palace down.”

“How dare you say that!” Old Vulture was furious. The black smoke in his mouth was crazier. It suppressed the light of the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze. It was headed toward Han Sen.

“Han Sen, you are kind of a genius,” the demon lady said. “Not many people can be like you and achieve so much in such a short amount of time in this universe. I am impressed by your talents. It is a shame that even though you are Littleflower’s father and your genes are stable, in the future, you won’t be regarded as the greatest. I suspect you already know that.”

“I don’t know,” Han Sen coldly said with a laugh.

“I will explain it to you. How about this? In the sanctuaries, you get all of the creatures’ genes to use. It is to improve your power. At the same time, when you absorb the genes of the xenogeneics, it means the genes of your own body will receive a flush and change. They will make your geno substance chains very unstable. So, no matter how your genes evolve, they will still be very unstable.”

“Littleflower is different. Although he has your genes, the genes he has have already been modified. They became his basic genes. Thus, the instability problem is gone. That means Littleflower receives all your benefits and has none of your flaws. He will be even greater than what you are right now. So, the potential Littleflower has is what you don’t have.”

“So, what is your point?” Han Sen coldly asked. “It does not matter how good my son is. He is my son. He is not some tool to be used by Sacred.”

“We never thought of Littleflower as a tool,” the demon lady seriously said. “He is our Little Master. He is the new Sacred Leader.”

Han Sen looked at her with disdain. He coldly laughed and said, “If Sacred Leader’s position is that prestigious, why has no one else replaced him all these years? Why does it now have to be Littleflower?”

“Fine. Let’s not talk about that. Take 10,000 steps backward. Even if we let you go to the holy palace, you could not destroy anything there because the holy palace is indestructible. If it was, it would not have ended up fine after the huge fight.” The demon lady paused and said, “You must believe us. Little Master is the one that was chosen by God. He can liberate Sacred and become the king of the universe. You are his father. You should be proud of him. You should not stand in the way of his potential.”

“I am proud of Littleflower, but that is not because he is some bullsh*t Sacred Leader. I am proud because he is my son.” Han Sen mocked the demon lady.

Old Vulture continued spitting out black smoke while screaming, “Stop talking crap with him and just kill him!”

The demon lady waved her hands. She looked at Han Sen and said, “Believe it or not, I can tell you for sure that when you are in the holy palace. You cannot do anything. Like the holy spirit you stole, you took it because you could. It is worthless to you because you cannot use it. The holy spirit is a geno armament Sacred Leader created. Only the people with a holy body can use it. It is useless for others to make use of it.”

Han Sen knew the demon lady was telling the truth. Although he had taken the Holy Kirin’s holy spirit, he could not summon the Holy Kirin out like an ordinary beast soul for a geno armament.

Han Sen felt that the Holy Kirin had no intention of fighting him. For some reason, there was a gap. Even if the Holy Kirin was willing to be used, Han Sen could not use it. Their powers were not compatible.

For example, it was like the voltages of two currents did not match. It was like a machine that required four volts to work, but Han Sen could only provide 22. Thus, he was not able to start up the machine.

The reason Han Sen did not use the holy spirit was that he was unable to activate the Holy Kirin. He could not use it as a geno armament.

The demon lady saw Han Sen’s face keep twitching. She said, “Plus, you are Littleflower’s father. You would not steal his stuff, would you? It belongs to him, and it will be with to him sooner or later. Why must you be so stubborn? We just want to treat Littleflower nicely. Why do we have to fight? Don’t you think this is going too far?”

Old Vulture’s black smoke almost touched the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze. Han Sen felt the power of the black smoke had left. He suddenly felt a strange power. It was like a very small vortex was consuming all of the life forces around. Han Sen’s skin felt a chill.

Han Sen’s face did not change. He watched the demon lady, Auntie Mei, approach him and said, “What you said really makes sense. If everyone is good to Littleflower, we should let Littleflower be returned to his father. A son being with his father is normal, isn’t it? If you guys want to see him? You can see him if Littleflower wants to see you.”

“Silly and clumsy.” The demon lady was angry. After all that, Han Sen was still not taking it soft or hard. She had lost her patience.

Han Sen laughed and replied, “Ha! Ha! You stole my son, yet you call me silly and clumsy. It is no wonder Sacred was the first faction in the universe. It was very overbearing.”

“If you insist, then we have to be like that,” the demon lady said. “You cannot blame us. Auntie Mei took out a hairpin and pointed it at Han Sen.

A dot of starlight appeared. It was headed for Han Sen’s eyebrow.

“Why are you wasting time talking to him?” the eyeless big beast quietly asked. His body was as big as a boar, but it was now expanding. Some vessels that looked like chimneys had formed on his back.


The sounds of honking cars could be heard from the vessels. A scary shockwave was released. It was all headed for Han Sen.

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