Super God Gene Chapter 2954

Chapter 2953 Father And Daughter Fighting Three Brutal Beasts

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The time area was unable to stall them for very long. Their powers still tried to strike them in the end.

“Bao’er, take it!” Han Sen threw the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror to Bao’er. He took out his cause karma knife. He threw it in the air and used his mouth to bite the cause karma knife.

At the same time, Han Sen pulled out another weapon. It was Fox’s Charming God Jian.

The cause karma knife was powerful, but its primary power was the cause karma. It dealt little much damage by itself. In a fight this intense, it would have been difficult for it to be of much use. Han Sen would have had to wait until he was injured before making use of it. Only then would it have benefitted him.

The Charming God Jian was different. When Han Sen pulled out the Charming God Jian, Blood-Pulse Sutra’s power was already being put into the Jian. That power was not going to control the Charming God Jian. It was going to rip an opening in the seal of the Jian.

Previously, Han Sen’s power had been insufficient for him to control the Charming God Jian. He had actually been put under the Charming God Jian’s spell. He had to enlist the help of others to help seal the powers of the Charming God Jian.

Now, Han Sen’s power was as good as a true god. It was enough to use true god weapons and race weapons. He did not have anything to worry about.


The Charming God Jian was sealed. It was grey. Blood-Pulse Sutra made a crack, and the purple Jian body showed up. Suddenly, the crack of god purple light made the purple Jian look brighter. There were many cracks. In the end, there was a pang. All of the grey shattered. It created a bright purple body.

Han Sen was holding the Charming God Jian. He waved it at the demon lady’s jade hairpin, which looked very small. After they collided, Han Sen was shaken, but he was not injured. Most of his power had been drained. Bao’er was holding the stone lantern and the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror. She aimed it at the eyeless beast who was unleashing sonic rings. The Nine-Tail Fox Lady in the mirror was shining and revealed a silver light. The sonic rings were not broken, but they bounced away.

Old Vulture’s black smoke was like an upside-down galaxy. It kept coming down like crazy. The Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze was not able to block it all. Han Sen teleported away to lose the tail of the black smoke.

It was such a close distance that Han Sen could not dodge it. The eyeless big beast was close to Han Sen. He had deliberately gone next to the eyeless big beast. He used the eyeless big beast’s body to block. Old Vulture was worried, so he dodged the attack.

The father and the daughter, Han Sen and Bao’er, fought together. They were fighting the three big brutal beasts. The three brutal beasts were unable to do anything to them. No one was winning, and no one was losing.

The Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror deflected the attacks. The Charming God Jian’s name was actually Cupid’s Jian. It did not look as if it was doing much. In Han Sen’s fight, considering the Charming God Jian’s hitting power, the three brutal beasts felt as if their powers were weaker. It was like they did not actually want to kill Han Sen.

Han Sen and Bao’er made use of the stone lantern. The Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror, Charming God Jian, and the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze were used to deny the attacks of the three brutal beasts. It was impossible to tell who was winning and who was losing.

While he was fighting, the eyeless big beast screamed, “This kid is a bit tricky! Why does he have so many true god weapons and race weapons?”

“F*ck! No-Eye, get out of my way! Do not stop me!” Old Vulture felt sad and screamed. Most of his attacks were being blocked by the eyeless big beast, which was very upsetting.

The demon lady was holding two jade hairpins. Her body kept showing up and disappearing, but she was unable to find a way to hurt Han Sen.

“Dong!” Han Sen was swinging his head. His mouth was biting the cause karma knife. He blocked the demon lady’s hairpin attack. His body fell back. His teeth were bleeding.

The demon lady, eyeless beast, and Old Vulture were more powerful than Han Sen. He might not have been able to defeat them one versus one, but Han Sen was not afraid of the gang attacking him.

He might not have been able to beat the demon lady one versus one, but three versus one was easy for Han Sen. He felt at ease too.

Han Sen was very good at using formation skills and the enemy for his own advantage. He made three big brutal beasts strike each other, which made their own attacks weaker.

Han Sen and Bao’er, the father and daughter, were blocking left and right. At the same time, they fell back into the darkness. The demon lady and the others were unable to prohibit Han Sen’s advance. They just could not move there that fast.

While Han Sen was falling into the dark, the demon lady and the others were feeling as if their bodies had more restrictions in the dark. Fighting the barren powers cost them their energy. Plus, the time area had greatly weakened them. It made it harder for them to stop Han Sen.

“F*ck! What is this? Why does this guy have so many weird things? All of the good stuff in this world has been taken by him.” Old Vulture was becoming very depressed. His power was greater than Han Sen, but he felt as if he was unable to use it against him.

“If he did not have the race lantern to buff the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror’s attacks, I would be able to break that goddamn crap mirror!” The eyeless big beast was also feeling bad.

“It is no wonder that this guy is Little Master’s father,” the demon lady said. “His genes are unstable, but his battle powers are formidable. He can make us hurt each other. You guys should fall back. Leave him to me. I have a way to stop him.”

Old Vulture replied, “Sure. I will leave this to you. We will suppress him for you.” It flapped its wings and departed the battleground. It thought a fight like that would be too depressing.

The eyeless big beast rolled to the side. He blocked the way to the holy place where Han Sen needed to go to.

Han Sen was not going to allow that. He was now like a shadow. He was like a maggot on a bone following the eyeless big beast. He was not going to permit him to depart the battlefield.

The eyeless big beast was upset and screamed, “You! Stop following me!” It could not get rid of Han Sen. It did not have a speed ability like Old Vulture.

Han Sen used the time area to stay next to the beast. It could not get away from the battleground.

“Eyeless! What are you doing here? Just get out of here.” The demon lady’s attacks were being taken by the eyeless big beast. She felt angry.

“I… I want to leave too…” The eyeless big beast was even more depressed now.

Suddenly, the scene turned very awkward. The eyeless big beast was falling back, left and right, but it was unable to get rid of Han Sen. It also aided Han Sen by shielding the attacks of the demon lady.

Old Vulture flapped its wings and flew next to the eyeless big beast. Its talons grabbed the eyeless big beast’s body. It was going to take him away from Han Sen’s time area.

“Where are you going?” Bao’er happily shouted. Her Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror shone toward the stone lantern’s flame. A white mirror light hit Old Vulture. It made Old Vulture’s body shake. It was like it was electrified. It let go of the eyeless beast and flew off into the darkness.

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