Super God Gene Chapter 2955

Chapter 2954 Space Charm

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Baoer had shone Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror on Old Vulture. It did not look as if it had been hurt. Not long after it was hit with the light, Old Vulture became afraid of Nine-Spin Destiny Mirrors light. He did not want it to touch him again.

The scene seemed frozen. The demon lady was like a headless fly shouting at the eyeless big beast. "Eyeless, go to the opposite side of the holy palace!"

Upon hearing her, the eyeless big beast changed directions and started rolling another way.

The demon lady blocked an area about seven inches from Han Sen. His objective was to reach the holy palace. The eyeless big beast was going in the opposite direction. Unless Han Sen gave up on going to the holy palace, he could not use the eyeless big beast for defense.

Without any hesitation, Han Sen gave up on the eyeless big beast. He was headed for the holy palace.

"Lets see where you choose to run now." Auntie Mei, the demon lady, grabbed a hold of the exposed Han Sen. Her jade hands were holding two jade hairpins. The two jade hairpins crossed each other like a fork. The two jade hairpins started to shake, but they did not produce a sound.

"Lets see how you escape my demon girl shield," Auntie Mei coldly said and grunted. The two jade hairpins buzzed and turned into a cross shape. They started flying out of Auntie Meis hands and hover through the air.

It was like the very fabric of space was flipped wherever the jade hairpins crossed. Many shadows came out from the ripple. They were space charms.

The space charms were scared of the stone lanterns light. They did not dare get close to the stone lantern. Now, the space charms were coming out from the jade hairpin. On top of that, they no longer seemed to fear the light of the stone lantern. They surrounded Han Sen like fairies. They were all flying around and going for Han Sen.

The space charms were white. They looked different from the blue space charms Han Sen had witnessed floating in the dark, but he could not tell what was different about them.

Han Sen used the Medusas Gaze to shine on the space charms. No matter how hard he tried, it did not work. The light just went through their bodies. It was unable to freeze their bodies.

He cycled through a few different geno arts, but nothing he tried seemed to affect the space charms. Even his time area was unable to get close to them.

Baoer was holding the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror and shining it on them, but that made the space charms disperse. They were scared. It seemed as if the space charms were afraid of the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirrors mirror light.

The Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror required ones energy to emit light, and there were more and more space charms coming. All of them were flying around in the sky. They were all going for Han Sen.

Baoer used the mirrors light to shine one way, but space charms came around to get her from a different way. After she shined the other way, more came from another direction. It was difficult to keep it up and stay safe.

The space charms looked evil. They were like fairies flying around. They had smiles that were quite attractive. It made Han Sen want to go hug them.

Han Sen knew that the space charms only looked very attractive. After all, they looked like fairies. If he got close to them, theyd become demonic beasts that devoured people.

Nine Thousand King was a top true god, and he had a god personality battle armor, and even he feared the space charms and did not dare engage them. When he saw the space charms, he hid as far away from them as possible. That alone indicated how scary they were.

There were now around a dozen space charms. They blocked them on four sides and eight directions. Based on his position, Han Sen had no chance of getting away.

There were still more space charms inside the cross coming into existence. He had no idea where the space charms actually came from.

"Horny Woman, you have not used your demon lady powers in so long, yet they are still so strong," Old Vulture said to the demon lady. "It is too destructive. After the demon lady power is gone, these space charms are going to hang around in the darkness and cause trouble."

"I cannot concern myself with that prospect right now," the demon lady quietly said. "We have to get him first. We cannot let him take the holy spirit away."

The eyeless big beast came rolling over to lick her boots. "With your demon lady powers, not even a God Spirit would be able to escape. This kid can surely not escape."

The demon lady coldly said, "If it was not for that Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror being able to restrict the space charms, I would have taken them down already. But that is fine. They surely cannot last just with this Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror."

In fact, things were just as how the demon girl expected things to go. Baoer kept using the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror. Although she made many of the space charms fall back, she was unable to destroy them completely. She was also unable to repel the advance of all the space charms.

By mistake, a space charm flew in front of Han Sen. It was very close to his lap. That pretty face suddenly turned into a scary face. It was going to bite Han Sens leg with its fangs.

Han Sen quickly used the Charming God Jian to strike the space charms head, but the Charming God Jian went right through its head. It was unable to damage it.

Han Sen flashed away, but the space charms teeth were still able to gnaw on Han Sens legs. The pain went straight into his bones. He felt as if his bones had been carved by teeth. When Han Sen lowered his head to get a look, he did not see blood or a wound on his legs.

Han Sens heart jumped. He realized that the blue and black-striped robe had blocked the space charms teeth. The teeth were blocked, but the power was still there. The power hit his legs and almost shattered his bones.

He thought, "Fortunately, this robe was able to block the space charms teeth. They did not sink in. Otherwise, this scary power would bite off my entire leg."

Seeing more and more space charms appear, Han Sen kept teleporting while Baoer kept using the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror. They remained alive, but they were unable to solve their predicament. The situation for the father and the daughter fighting team had decayed into something worse.

"The robe can block the space charms biting attacks. It looks like a pretty good treasure to me. How many years has that guy been out of the sanctuaries to get so many good top-class treasures?" Old Vulture watched Han Sen not get injured by the space charms and knew something was wrong.

As she observed Han Sen, the demon lady said, "This guy really is quite special, but he does not have a holy body. He cannot use the holy spirit armament left behind by the leader. He is still not very good. Compared to the Little Master, this guy is like a half-finished product."

"Not bad. Only Little Master can restore Sacred to its former glory." The eyeless big beast was buzzing as he agreed and nodded.

This time, the demon ladys power summoned 30 space charms. Han Sen and Baoer were tired of dealing with them. They were not going to last much longer. Han Sen was bitten a few times. He had the clothes to protect him. Although his flesh was not injured, it still hurt.

He was going to do something, but the sunglasses on Baoers head suddenly flashed. She became just like the space charms.

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