Super God Gene Chapter 2956

Chapter 2955 Inside The Holy Hall

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Without the Nine-Spin Destiny Mirror’s power, the group of space charms rushed forward like the tide.

In the next moment, the space charm Bao’er had become emitted a horrible crying sound. When that sound spread, the space charms headed for Han Sen stopped. They all looked at the space charm Bao’er had become with confusion.

Bao’er continued to emit the crying sounds. After making the sound, Bao’er said to Han Sen, “Dad, turn the light off.”

Han Sen was shocked but quickly understood what she meant. He put the stone lantern away and dropped everyone into darkness. Only the demon girl’s hairpin, with the cross-space-rip, continued to emit a weird light.

“Sob! Sob!” Bao’er was crying again. That crying sound quickly spread through the dark. Before long, the crying sound erupted everywhere in the darkness. Many of the space charms hidden in the darkness started flying over to their position.

Old Vulture and Eyeless were frozen. They had never seen anything like this happen. The demon lady was confused too. She had never heard of another creature being able to turn into a space charm.

Suddenly, the expressions of the demon lady and the others changed. The demon lady’s white space charms and the blue space charms that came out of the dark were all making crying sounds. They all turned around and flew at them.

The demon lady’s power had generated 30 space charms, but it seemed as if even more were coming out of the dark. The group of them flew over. Even Old Vulture was starting to look gloomy.

“Holy sh*t! What is happening here? Horny Woman, why are your space charms staging a coup?” Some space charms were headed toward the eyeless big beast. They kept flying around the eyeless big beast strangely screaming.

The demon lady looked terrible. She had used her demon lady powers at their maximum, yet she could not control the space charms.

Bao’er kept on screaming. Clearly, she was more attractive to the other space charms. Many space charms were flying toward the three beasts. They even started attacking the demon lady.

“Dad! Let’s run.” While the demon lady and others were fighting the space charms, Bao’er, who was still a space charm, pulled Han Sen in the direction of the holy palace. She kept flying and screaming at the same time. It made many more space charms fly toward the demon lady.

“Stop them!” The demon lady was shocked and angry. She wanted to rush forward and stop them, but the space charms were in the way. She was not able to go forward.

Old Vulture was the fastest, but the space charms were surrounding him as well. After he tried his best to get rid of the space charms, he could no longer catch up with Han Sen and Bao’er.

The demon lady, Old Vulture, and eyeless big beast kept chasing them from behind. Han Sen and Bao’er were up front running as fast as they could while Bao’er made her crying sounds. The space charms were affected by the noises. They kept running at the demon lady and others. It stopped the demon lady and the others from chasing the father and daughter. They were unable to catch up with the two people.

The father and daughter did not use the stone lantern to light the way. Han Sen found it hard to block the barren powers. Since Bao’er had the space charm power, the big barren power did not harm Han Sen.

The space charms were able to dance in the big barren powers and not be brought harm. Because of the big barren powers becoming stronger, the demon lady and the others were affected. It made it harder for them to chase Han Sen.

Bao’er was pulling Han Sen forward quickly through the dark. Not long later, in the darkness, there was a dim light. It was the light of a long, bright lantern.

“This place should be the holy palace. I wonder if Littleflower is there.” Han Sen was not going to believe what the demon lady and others had told him. He was only going to believe Littleflower’s absence if he was there to witness it with his own eyes.

“Do not worry, Dad,” Bao’er said. “We can see my little brother Littleflower very soon.” She continued pulling Han Sen forward in flight.

They were getting closer to the light. In the corner of the very dark world, Han Sen saw a very dim light and an ancient god temple-looking palace. There was also a big plaza.

The plaza had a long, bright lantern positioned in each of the four corners. It was just enough to light up the plaza.

Han Sen had seen this place before. It was from the video Old Cat played for him. Littleflower had spent a lot of time practicing geno arts in that plaza, and he had practiced with Auntie Mei a lot too.

“This is it! This is the place! Littleflower…” Han Sen shouted across the plaza, but he received no response.

Eventually, Bao’er led Han Sen to the plaza, but Bao’er was still a space charm. When her body touched the lights, her body produced some white smoke. It was like she was vaporizing.

Bao’er immediately returned to her original shape. The effect was gone.

“Littleflower… Little Brother…” Han Sen and Bao’er were heading into the palace. They kept shouting, but the place was quiet. There was not even an echo. They heard no answer.

Han Sen did not care for the palace much. It was best if Littleflower was there, but it was fine if he wasn’t. He was going to tear down that bullsh*t holy palace so Sacred could never be rebuilt with Littleflower.

“Stop it! Whoever comes to the holy palace must die!” Old Vulture, Eyeless, and the demon lady all shouted, but they were caught up by the space charm assault. They could not catch up to him.

Han Sen and Bao’er were already at the front gate of the holy palace. The old stone door looked like it was very old. It was like every speck of dust had drowned in a lake of mystical history.

Han Sen and Bao’er did not care much for it though. They both moved forward through the air, landing one big foot and one small foot against the door. A booming noise sounded. The two stone doors on the left and right were kicked open by the father and daughter. Once the door was kicked open, everything that was inside the palace was revealed.

“You all… You deserve to die…” Old Vulture was so angry that it was shaking. Its expression looked very murderous, but it was still a bit far from the holy palace. He tried his best, but he was too slow to prevent Han Sen and Bao’er from entering the palace.

Han Sen rushed into the big palace and observed everything around.

The first thing he saw was a stone statue. The stone statue was at the back of the hall’s stone stage. It was like a king that could rule the whole world was standing there.

Han Sen knew that the statue was of Qin Xiu. It was the person who called himself Sacred Leader.

It was just a statue, but it had the power to look down on the world. If a creature with a weak will looked at the statue, it would feel compelled to kowtow before it.

There were two more stone statues next to Qin Xiu’s statue. There was one on each side of it. The left one displayed a phoenix and a Holy Kirin. The right side displayed the ghost car and Nine-Life Cat. They were the four holy beasts of Sacred.

Looking down there were also stone statues of the 10 generals of Sacred. There was Purple Fight, Ghost Bone, and Purple Eye Butterfly. All of them looked unique. They each had their own presence. It looked as if they could come back to life.


The father and daughter stepped closer to the statue. In the dark, big hall, all the long, bright lanterns lit up. Wan’er’s statue in Han Sen’s chest was burning up. It felt as if she was going to jump out of his chest.

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