Super God Gene Chapter 2958

Chapter 2957 - Leveling Up to True God

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Han Sen was afraid that if he leveled up and did not go into xenogeneic mode, he would only have a battle body. That would have been a waste.

Now, there was no reason for him to be so cautious. Han Sen was not in his xenogeneic body. He only used Jadeskin to push himself this far, but he wanted to take Jadeskin to true god class first.

As soon as he started evolving, his four battle bodies started to change. He did not just level up one battle body out of his xenogeneic mode.

“Now, I know that if I am not in xenogeneic mode, I can still level up.” Han Sen was happy. He thought leveling up one battle body was a waste. He also did not want to expose his xenogeneic mode, which was why he chose his Jadeskin. Now, four battle bodies were leveling up together. That was very good.

The cells of his composition quickly changed. The functions of his body greatly increased. The substance chains of his genes were modified. Han Sen’s entire body was like it had been reborn.

Because Han Sen’s whole body was wrapped up by Spell Armor, and the blue robe was dressing the Spell Armor, one only saw his head, face, hands, and Spell Armor.

Even so, one was able to witness shocking changes. The white Spell Armor’s spell flickered. The spells behaved like they were melting. They were melting into the armor. The armor turned bright. It looked like a crystal. It was as if it had burned into transparent metal.

Seeing the black smoke cover the universe and space, it was like a demon landing atop the world. Han Sen clenched his fists and faced the black smoke, which covered the sky and covered the ground. He immediately punched.

The demon lady frowned. Old Vulture’s black smoke was not just something powerful. It was not quite so straightforward. It had a power that could ravage one’s soul. Even if the body was not hurt, touching the black smoke still resulted in death.

Han Sen did not use treasure. He used his fist to fight Old Vulture’s black smoke. The demon lady believed he must have had a death wish.

“Keep him alive!” the demon lady shouted at Old Vulture. She was afraid that Old Vulture was too excited and would kill Han Sen. If that happened, the holy spirit would be gone.

Old Vulture did not hear her. Earlier, it had been very sad. Now that it was able to fight with all of its power, its murderous mind was fully triggered. It could not think straight anymore. It was too late for the demon lady’s reminder.

The demon lady saw Old Vulture looking murderous and knew the situation was bad. Along with the holy spirit being destroyed alongside Han Sen, Littleflower learning the truth would be very bad.

In the universe, there were not many phoenixes or Kirins around. There were xenogeneics similar to them. Like the demon lady, Old Vulture, eyeless best, their four powers were not much weaker than any of the holy beasts.

There were only four holy beasts there, and they had their reasons to be.

The four holy beasts were called the four holy beasts because they were the ultimate weapons Sacred Leader made to kill God. Sacred Leader used them to fight against God’s holy spirit armament.

Out of those four holy beasts, the only one that had the holy spirit armament was the Holy Kirin. The others, like the phoenix, ghost cast, and Nine-Life Cat, did not become holy spirits when Sacred was destroyed.

Now, the ghost car and phoenix were gone. It was unknown whether or not they had lived or died. Nine-Life Cat guarded the sanctuaries, so the only holy spirit armament remaining was on the Holy Kirin. If it was destroyed, it would be very bad for Sacred’s plan of rising from the ashes. They were missing this required powerful weapon.

The demon lady had many ideas flashing through her mind. She did not say anything. The black smoke and Han Sen’s fist collided.

In the next moment, the demon lady and eyeless big beast opened their eyes wide. Han Sen’s fist blew up the black smoke. It was like the black smoke was no greater than ordinary smoke. It was destroyed and unable to do anything.

Han Sen’s fist punched the black smoke. The black smoke created a giant vacuum zone. Han Sen went through it and teleported in front of Old Vulture.

“Very good timing.” Old Vulture was not shocked. It was happy.

It was the most invincible in the universe. It was a true god class xenogeneic fish bird. Aside from Sacred Leader, in that universe, it had never felt obliged to bow before anyone else. It would not retreat from combat against Han Sen.

A bird sound shook the whole universe. Old Vulture flapped its wings. Its sharp claws had a rip space power. It was headed for Han Sen’s fist.


The fist and talons collided. The Old Vulture’s talons could shred anything in the universe, but they were broken by Han Sen’s punch. The punching power did not relent there. It proceeded to strike Old Vulture in the chest.


Old Vulture’s body was like a cannonball that fired away. It hit a planet. The impact broke the planet. It kept falling back and broke another planet. Then, there another one. It made the stars explode in space.

“How… How… How is that possible?” The eyeless beast was shocked and screamed. Fortunately, he had no eyes. If he had, his eyes would have popped out.

The eyeless big beast knew full-well how strong Old Vulture was. He was no worse than the phoenix or the ghost car. He was as good as a true god could be.

Even though Han Sen had become true god class, he had only just become true god class. The pure power fight was not balanced. Now, he had released one punch and suppressed Old Vulture. On top of that, he had shattered Old Vulture’s talons. How scary was that power?

The demon lady could not believe this either. One punch broke the fish bird’s talons. In that universe, that kind of god power was probably only something Sacred Leader could showcase.

“I thought you wanted to fight! Now, let us fight!” Han Sen’s body flashed. He teleported above the eyeless big beast, waving his fist and punching toward it.

The eyeless big beast roared. Its body clenched together, which made its back sprout bones that were serrated. They spun quickly like a chainsaw. They were headed for Han Sen’s fist.


The chainsaw-like bones were broken into many pieces. The shell on the eyeless big beast’s back was punched away by Han Sen. It created a giant blood hole. The blood water was like a volcanic eruption. Its body flew away.

“How is that possible? So strong…” The demon lady could not believe her own eyes. With that kind of fitness or power, she was only afraid a holy body becoming true god class could do that. Han Sen was a creature that had not practiced a holy body, yet his body had reached this level. It was hard to believe.

“I thought you wanted the holy spirit?” Han Sen’s voice was in the demon lady’s ear. He was right in front of her. His scary fist was in front of the demon lady.

“Beautiful Woman Charming Demon Heart Body!” The demon lady’s body suddenly changed. All her clothes ripped to reveal the splendor of her body.

It was perfect. It could steal a soul. Auntie Mei’s entire body released some presence that no creature could resist. Even the sky, gods, and buddhas would have fallen for her. They would have killed themselves nine times for her.


Han Sen still punched her beautiful chest. His fist went right through it. Flesh, red blood, and snow-white skin contrasted to create a weird, scary, and beautiful scene.

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