Super God Gene Chapter 2961

Chapter 2960 One Leader And Four Subordinates

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The lanterns light was suppressed by the knife stream. The area that could be lit up for protection was small, so it could not protect the whole holy palace. Some walls outside the holy palace were hit by the knife streams. It left knife mark after another knife mark on the stone walls.

It was unknown what the holy palaces stone walls were made. With the power of Han Sens knife airs, he was only able to leave small marks upon the construct.

Even so, under the endless knife stream that attacked, the knife marks in the stone wall grew greater. They all went by each other, making it look like the walls were going to come undone.

The demon lady and the others were shocked. Back then, there were five race lanterns there. During the battle, the holy palace did not break.

Now, only three race lanterns were protecting the holy palace, yet this was just Han Sen alone. It was not a god or some spirit.

Han Sen was operating alone, but he had the necessary might to overcome the defensive attributes of the race stone lanterns that were working in tandem with each other. It was too shocking.

Seeing the three stone lanterns were dying right there and then and about to have their flames extinguished any second, the demon lady, Old Vulture, and eyeless beast felt a bit of regret.

In their eyes, the creatures of the sanctuaries were just test subjects left behind by Sacred Leader. Aside from Littleflowers body reaching the requirements needed for another that was as great as Sacred Leader, which made him be considered one of the fruitful test subjects, other creatures of the sanctuaries were deemed failures of test subjects. They were not worth mentioning. They were not worthy of them wasting their breath explaining.

Even though Han Sen had the Holy Kirins holy spirit, from what they could tell, he only received it out of dumb luck. It was because his soul was extra heavy.

The heaviness of the soul did not affect the talent practice. The speed needed to level up, so they did not care too much about it.

He could not use the holy spirit, which proved that Han Sen did not have the necessary qualifications for replicating Sacred Leader. He was considered a failed subject.

Who would thought that a failed test subject could suppress three race lanterns with only a knife? He was going to break the holy palaces last line of defense.

If the holy palace was destroyed, the hope of rebuilding Sacred would buckle with it. That was not something that had to do with power. Without the holy palace, even if Littleflowers holy body became a true god and was as strong as Sacred Leader, it would only lead to the repetition of history.

The demon lady and the others knew they needed this holy palace and someone who could control the holy palace. That way, they could fight against the God Spirits and the sky. They could rebuild the past glory of Sacred and maintain it.

"If I was willing to have a nice chat with Han Sen, perhaps it would not have come to this." The demon lady was sad, but there was no pill of regret to take. She sensed that Han Sen had a firm resolve to destroy the holy palace.

There was a knife stream. It was like a galaxy falling. It almost put out the three race lanterns. The radius of the light was small. They were only able to light up a small portion of the holy palaces gate. The walls around the holy palace were hit by the knife stream. Knife marks kept increasing. Stone and dust were everywhere. They were watching the last hope of Sacred be torn down by Han Sens knife stream.

"Roar!" Suddenly, there was a roaring sound. It sounded like a lion or a tiger. It was coming toward them. A red shadow quickly appeared out of the dark. It was like a crazy, running blob of lava.

The demon lady, Old Vulture, and eyeless beast saw this. It made them terribly happy. It was Red Ghost.

"Red Ghost, hurry up!" Old Vulture screamed with excitement. "Light your race lantern! Lets protect the holy palace!"

Red Ghost did not know what was going on, but he saw Han Sen suppressing the demon lady and others with a knife. Even the holy palaces stone walls were about to buckle and fall. He could not risk hesitating. He opened his mouth. A stone lantern appeared. It went in front of the holy palace.

The four stone lanterns were all together. The fire inside the three stone lanterns was almost gone. It was like they were now filled with gas. The fire rose high. The holy palace was lit up, and so was the plaza around them.

Han Sens scary knife stream hit the light. He was not able to suppress the light. Four stone lanterns combined into one powerful light, releasing a power that was not just one plus one equals two. The four race lanterns were like a set. The power of the four lanterns was greater than three lanterns. They had some special buffs.

Old Vulture saw Han Sen was incapable of defeating the race lanterns and so he mocked them. "Han Sen, no matter how strong your body is, it is not a holy body. You cannot use a holy spirit armament or a race lantern. You will never achieve what Sacred Leader accomplished. After all, you are just a commoner."

Although Han Sen tried his best, just like Old Vulture said, his power was not enough to break the four stone lanterns defense.

Even Under the Sky Knife skills knife stream failed to do it. Other geno arts were even worse off. He couldnt break the defensive attributes of the light.

"Do I really have to use my xenogeneic battle body?" Now, Han Sen only had one way to increase his power. He only had the xenogeneic battle body left. It would have increased his fitness a lot, but no one knew if the xenogeneic battle body would be enough to destroy the lights defense.

"Han Sen, you are holding Sacreds main lantern. You can try it." Sky Palaces first seats voice came from not too far away. He came out of the darkness and stood near the plaza.

Upon hearing Sky Palaces first seat, the expressions of the demon lady and the others immediately changed.

Han Sen looked at Sky Palaces first seat and asked, "What do you mean?"

"As far as I know, Sacred has five race lanterns. There is one superior lantern and four lesser ones. When Sacred was destroyed, Sacred Leader used the five race lanterns to secure the holy palace. Even the sky and the God Spirits did not get god benefits. It left Sacred with some hope." Sky Palaces first seat looked at the demon lady and their four stone lanterns. He went on to say, "Sacreds race lanterns are different from the race lanterns of others. They have four subordinate race lanterns. One race lantern is the primary one. The subordinate race lanterns can only protect. They cannot trigger powerful power. Only the main race lantern can buff the creatures race power, and you can control the four subordinate lanterns. Right now, Sacreds main race lantern is in your hands. If you can control it, you can control the four subordinate race lanterns. If you want to break the holy palace, it should be a piece of cake for you."

The faces of the demon lady and the others changed. They did not expect Sky Palaces first seat to know so much about Sacreds race lanterns.

"You" Old Vulture screamed. "You are all the dogs of God Spirits. In the beginning, aside from Sacred elites like me and the others, only the God Spirits saw the power of the race lanterns."

Sky Palaces first seat did not argue with him, nor did he feel compelled to explain. He just went on to tell Han Sen, "Right now, we need to see if you can control the primary race lantern. If you can control it, everything is possible."

Han Sen looked at Sky Palaces first seat and asked, "How is this going to benefit you?"

Sky Palaces first seat quietly said, "I can only tell you that people from Sky Palace do not want to see the second rise of Sacred. I am being honest. You do not need to ask me, and I wont answer you."

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