Super God Gene Chapter 2964

Chapter 2963 Breaking Holy Palace

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Han Sen waved his knife. The knife had a holy spirit power. It suddenly cut open four peoples power. One knife meant four injured. Blood was in the sky.

The demon lady and the others fell outside the holy palace. Blood burst out of their chests. They turned into a holy light that danced. They struggled a little, but they could not get up.

"The karma of Littleflower should be composed by itself," Han Sen said. "Today, I will not kill you, but I must destroy this holy palace." He then slashed toward Qin Xius statue.

"Noooo!" The demon lady shouted from the spot where she had been thrown to the floor. She was unable to stop Han Sen from attacking Sacred Leaders statue.

Old Vulture, Red Ghost, and the eyeless beast were hopeless as they watched. No matter which way they viewed it, they did not expect that one day, the holy palace would be destroyed by the holy spirit Sacred Leader made.

A sky full of God Spirits could not destroy the holy palace, but it was going to be destroyed by the weapon Sacred Leader had made.


Han Sens knife was decisive as it slashed down. The white knife light cut the Qin Xiu statue in half through the middle. Each side fell in a different direction.

The Qin Xiu statues race lantern, however, remained floating in the air. It did not fall with the statue.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

While the Qin Xiu statue fell apart, the other statues around fell apart. The holy palace was shaking and falling apart too. It was like the end of the world.

"No!" The demon lady looked very hopeless. She could not believe the holy palace was coming undone like that. The hope that they could rebuild Sacred had been dashed across the stones.

Old Vultures eyes and the eyes of the others were dribbling blood tears. That had been their only hope for all those years. Now, that hope had been destroyed in one mere moment. It made their hearts feel like ash.

Sky Palaces first seat watched this unfold from afar. He felt immeasurable relief and said, "This is the dust of history. It should be forever buried. Why disturb a world that is already in chaos?"

"Mister, why are you doing this?" Nine-Thousand King looked to be in shock as he stared at Han Sen. He could not believe Sacred Leader wanted him to escort Han Sen just so he could destroy the holy palace. He suddenly felt conflicted about a whole number of things. He was frozen standing where he was and uncertain about what to do next.

While everyone was thinking, they saw the destroyed holy palace unleash lights that came out crossing each other. There was more and more light. The rocks that fell from the holy palace all rose. Below, a crystal object that was so big like a disc appeared.

Five Sacred race lanterns were heading to the five corners of the crystal disc. Each one had a place to hold the lanterns. The five lanterns started to exude a light that steadily grew brighter. They were brighter than when they were atop the stone statues.

When this happened, the demon girl lady, who had previously appeared hopeless, was suddenly thrust into shock. They were all frozen and staring at the crystal wheel. They had no clue what was happening.

Han Sen frowned and looked at the crystal disc. He felt something come out from his chest. It went into the crystal discs center. It was Waners statue.

Waners jade statue landed on the crystal disc. It fit into the slot of the crystal disc in the center. The hand-sized jade statue grew bigger. It suddenly returned to the size Han Sen saw in the holy garden.

The crystal disc had many weird symbols and patterns because of the weird statue. It looked like a fuse box with a line of lights crossing each other on the crystal wheel. When every light crossed each other, there was a weird symbol.

When the lights rose, the jade statue behaved as if it had a life. The eyes started to look alive. A gaze landed on Han Sen. "I knew you were the person I needed."

"I am no savior," Han Sen said as he stared at Qin Xiu.

"I did not need a savior," Qin Xius voice said. It was coming from the jade statue. "I am not going to save the world, and I am not looking for anyone to walk my path. All I needed was a forerunner. I needed a person that could break the rules of the here and now."

"Leader!" Nine-Thousand King shouted and kowtowed.

The demon girl, Red Ghost, Old Vulture, and eyeless beast tried their best to bow before Qin Xiu. They looked happy and excited. They were in a state of disbelief.

"I am not what you needed? Aside from Waner, I will not do anything for you." Han Sen frowned.

"I do not need you to do anything for me. You just need to follow your heart. You and I are the same. Even without me, you would reach the path you seek. I am just the one that sees the end sooner than you can." After Qin Xiu spoke, the light on the jade statue grew brighter. The whole crystal wheel connected together. It was like it was standing on a bright moon.

Before Han Sen could say anything, Qin Xiu looked at the demon girl and the others and smiled. "Thanks for your hard work guys. You have done well. From now on, you guys are free to do what you want to do. You do not have to keep guarding this place."

"Master, what is this all about? I thought you said that only the holy body could become the new master of Sacred. Why does he not have a holy body?" The demon girls heart was confused.

"You can become the new master of Sacred if you have a holy body. You can become the next Sacred Leader that way. You can build another Sacred, but that is the lowest requirement. It is a choice you have to make to maintain the last shred of hope. What you really need is something more than that. What I need is someone who can walk further than I can. I need someone who can accomplish even more"

Qin Xiu stood on the crystal wheel and looked into the sky as he spoke. His eyes started to look unfocused as his arms slowly began rising. It was like he was trying to hold the whole sky.

"Allow me to introduce you to this interesting world." Qin Xiu smiled.

Han Sen wished to say something, but the wheel suddenly became too bright. The crystal disc spun like mad. When Qin Xiu raised his hands, the crystal discs light was like a volcanic eruption. It became a beam of light that fired into the sky.


The entire universe started to shake. Lots of stars and systems quivered. Countless races were shocked as they looked to the sky. They looked at the pillar of light like it was the universes anchor.

At the top of the light pillar, it looked like black ice was melting. Behind it, a world was revealed.

There were many mysterious temples and some old palaces. They all looked like a mirage as they appeared in the air. When the darkness melted in the pillar of light, everything became more clear and more real.

"This is It is the geno hall." Han Sen squinted his eyes. He looked at the old, mysterious buildings in space.

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