Super God Gene Chapter 2967

Chapter 2966 Moment God

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"What is going on? What happened to Golden Growler?" Han Sens face did not change. He could not figure out what was going on just yet.

The demon lady seemed to understand Han Sen was focusing on Golden Growler. She looked at the god temple and Golden Growler and said, "Mister, that is the god temple of Moment God. Back then, when all those God Spirits descended, Moment God was there. He was a God Spirit that governed time. If I see things correctly, then Golden Growler must have been struck by his Moment Forever. That moment lasts forever. I am afraid his life will see it trapped at that moment. He will never escape that."

Han Sen hurriedly asked, "A high-level God Spirit? How are the levels of gods determined? How would you define Moment Gods power compared to the creatures of the universe?"

The demon lady replied, "From what we know, God Spirits have four levels, which are destruction, disaster, annihilation, and reboot. If you are talking about his power, that is hard to judge. High-level God Spirits are stronger than low-level God Spirits. That is for sure. Because all the God Spirits took over the universes creatures when descending, their powers are affected by their bodies. The best they can be is true god class. They cannot go any higher. Even annihilation God Spirits were easily killed by the master."

"In the god temple, it is hard to gauge the power of a God Spirit. Back then, I, Old Vulture, and the others had top-class treasures and god personality armaments but could barely fight a disaster-class God Spirit. Moment God is an annihilation God Spirit. In the god temple, I was unable to fight him. When he descended, the master was able to heavily injure him. He fled back to the god temple after that."

Han Sen frowned and said, "I have the Holy Kirin to fight him. Which do you think would be stronger?"

The demon lady and Old Vulture were shocked. They quickly said, "Mister, you must not do this. The holy spirits were made by Sacred Leader to kill God Spirits, but they were designed to be used by four spirits combined. You also need the race lanterns buff. That is how you kill top-class God Spirits. Right now, the power of the race lanterns are being used to break the space barrier, and there is only one holy spirit. If you just use the Holy Kirin, I am afraid with that power, you will only be equal to a disaster God Spirit. With the power you have, Mister, you cannot attempt to challenge an annihilation God Spirit."

Han Sen stared at Golden Growler in front of the god temple and did not speak. Golden Growler was just frozen and motionless. Han Sen felt that his life force was fading. He guessed that Golden Growlers life force would probably be depleted within a few years.

The demon lady seemed to understand what Han Sen was thinking. She quickly said, "Mister, it will not be too difficult for you to defeat Moment God. From what I know, for a disaster God Spirit, there is a No World God. Its god personality armament has No World power. It will not be limited by time and space. Mister, you can kill No World God first, get No World Gods god personality armament, and then use the god personality armaments power to fight Moment God. Your likelihood of success would be greatly increased."

"Dad, Little Gold Gold seems to be in pain. Should we go and save him?" Baoer had been lying on Han Sens shoulder. She was looking at Golden Growler in front of Moment Gods temple.

Han Sen stayed silent and did not speak. He saw space was disrupted by a roaring sound. A girl with a snake-like body and a green giant beast traveled through space. They were heading for Moment Gods god temple.

Han Sen recognized the green-haired big beast. That green-haired big beast was the one who stole Golden Growler away from him in the first place a long time ago.

Han Sen did not know the identity of the woman who looked like a snake. It seemed to be someone from the Gana race.

Old Vulture looked at the snake-like woman and asked with shock, "Huh? Does the Gana still have a true god elite in their midst? Why have I not heard about such a person before?"

The demon lady looked at the woman and quietly said, "In legends, the Gana alpha had a twin little sister. When she was young, she was taken by a big beast. I think there is an 80% to 90% chance that it is that person there. If things are really this way, I think there is an 80% to 90% chance that the big beast that took her is Beast King Growler from Empty Mountain."

"Back then, Empty Mountain Leader was a good friend of Sacred Leader," Old Vulture said. "He disappeared after he went to the geno hall. I did not expect his bloodline to continue. It is a shame he got stuck in the god palace."

Red Ghost shook his head and said, "That Gana woman and the green-haired beast are the top-class creatures of the universe, but it is crazy that they want to go to Moment Gods hall and save Golden Growler. That is a bad move."

While they were talking, the Gana woman and the green-haired growler entered the proximity of the god palace. They were going to attack Moment Gods god temple.

"Little Mountain Leader, we are coming to save you!" The green-haired growler roared. His body was brimming with a green light, and he was spitting out a pillar of green light. It was headed for Golden Growler.

The green pillar suddenly reached Golden Growler by a distance of about three feet away, but the green light pillar could not cross that three-foot distance.

If one was able to fast-forward this by a hundred times faster, one would have seen the green light pillar go forward. The speed of it trying to go through was so slow that it looked like it was not even moving.

As Han Sen watched, he was shocked. Golden Growlers body was covered by a lasting time area that was similar to Time Ghost. The time areas power was far stronger than Time Ghost Area.

With the green-haired beasts powerful power, in that time power, it looked like it had stopped moving.

It had not really stopped moving. The green-haired beasts light pillar was fading while it was in that time power. It was extinguished now. There was not even a light left.

The Gana womans hands clutched a crystal ball. The crystal ball had some red light, but the light was being absorbed by the time power outside of Golden Growler. It was not able to erase the time power inside.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Moment God Temples door opened. A female God Spirit body, which looked very tall and slim, emerged. She was wearing black, tight armor. She looked cold. She did not look human at all.

With every step she took, space was like the surface of a rippling lake. It was like there were many vortexes in space.

When Han Sen saw Moment God, he was shocked. Moment Gods face and presence looked exactly like Moment Queen.

No, it was more like Moment Queen looked like Moment God. Compared to this, Moment Queen was just like a weaker version of Moment God. The presence and atmosphere were different.

"What is going on here?" Many different ideas coursed through Han Sens heart.

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