Super God Gene Chapter 2968

Chapter 2967 Fighting In A God Palace

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The green-haired beast madly roared, "Let Little Mountain Leader go!" The green pillar of light came out of its mouth. It was headed for Moment God.

The Gana woman gathered up power. She made a crystal orb of light spread. It became many waves that added to the green light beam. It was like an amplifier. It made the green light beam much bigger. It was like a god light that could destroy the world headed for Moment God.

Moment Gods long jade legs stood in front of the god temples door. It was like she could not see those scary beams of light. She only coldly looked at the green-haired beast and Gana woman.

The green beam of light came directly before Moment God. It was like a stone falling into a lake. The waves were in front of Moment Goddess. They could not get any closer to her. They could not harm her.

"One thought in heaven and moments become forever." Moment God looked at the green-haired beast and the Gana woman. They used all their powers, but they still could not hurt her. After she emotionlessly spoke, she lifted her jade right hand. She reached out her fingers and pressed the air.

Moment Gods fingers touched space. People were able to see waves spreading. Under the waves, time was like it was frozen. Everything stopped running.

The green-haired growler kept his position, spitting out green light. The Gana woman continued to hold the crystal ball. She was still attacking.

Everything stopped. Even the green-light beam was like a glass freezing the air.

Moment God walked forward. The green beam of light ahead of her was breaking like shattered glass. It was splitting in both ways. It was as if it was forming a path for Moment God to traverse.

Seeing Moment God enable the destruction of everything that came in her path, Golden Growler, the green-haired beast, and the Gana woman were no longer able to move.

Han Sen was planning to do as the demon lady suggested. He was going to go to No World God to take his god personality armament and save Little Gold Gold. Seeing the situation as it was, they did not dare slow down. He placed Baoer on the ground. He was going to use Galaxy Teleportation to reach the god palace he sought.

Baoer immediately jumped up. She clutched Han Sens back and climbed around his neck as she said, "Baoer and Father are going to save Little Gold Gold."

Seeing Moment God almost walk in front of Golden Growler and the others, Han Sen did not dare to slow down. He used Galaxy Teleportation to go in front of the god palace.

The god palace had a weird power. Han Sen was unable to teleport directly inside the god palace, so he had no choice but to fly inside.

After entering the god palaces area, Han Sen felt his body go dim. It went heavy. It was like some invisible pressure was raining down on him. He felt like the geno hall and the god temple were hell. The place commanded a terrible aura of authority.

Seeing that Moment God was going to touch the green-haired beast ahead, Han Sen used Galaxy Teleportation again. This time, it went smoothly. He arrived in front of Moment God temple.

The cause karma knife was burning with the Holy Kirins holy light. Han Sen slashed toward Moment God.

A sky full of confused people saw someone go to the god palace. They did not know who dared to get killed near Moment God Temple.

Anyone was able to tell that the true god class green-haired beast and Gana woman did not stand a chance. Even Golden Growler, who had ended up in first place in the god fight list, had been trapped in front of Moment God Temple.

To the creatures of the universe, Moment God was invincible.

After looking closely, it was very shocking.

"Godfather Han Han Sen" Shocked voices were heard all over the universe.

Sky Palace Leader was playing chess with Yisha. When he saw this, his jaw almost hit the floor. "That kid, what is he doing there? It is an Annihilation class God Spirit. Is that something he can even touch?"

Yisha felt weird. That student had surprised her too many times. She had grown numb to his spectacles.

"What is Godfather Han thinking? Does he really think he is the father of those gods?" All of the creatures were talking about it.

Han Sen had done a very good job when lighting up the crystallizer lantern.

This time, it was a God Spirit in front of him, and it was not any ordinary God Spirit. Even Golden Growler, who was No. 1 on the god fight list, was frozen before it. What was the point in him going?

"Mister" Nine Thousand King, the demon lady, and the others were all feeling a lot of regrets. They wished to pull Han Sen back, but he was already in the god hall. It was too late to call him back now.

They were all heavily injured too. They did not have the power to go to the god palace and back him up.

The green-haired beast and Gana woman were watching Moment Goddess approach, but they were unable to move. They thought they were going to die.

Suddenly, white knife air came slashing through the space between them. It slashed onto the waves of time and cut open the wave of time. It was like a volcanic eruption, and it was headed for Moment God.

Moment Gods eyes looked a bit weird, but it was only for a moment. Her fingers pressed onto the white knife light. Her fingers power broke the knife light. The knife light exploded into white dots.

When the time wave had been slashed open, the green-haired beast and Gana woman were free once again. Their bodies fell to the floor. They got up and looked around.

"Thanks for helping It is you" The green-haired beast and the Gana woman wanted to say thank you. When they saw the person was Han Sen, their eyes opened wide. Their faces were full of shock. They were surprised and could not believe it. They felt all sorts of complicated emotions.

When the green-haired beast took Golden Growler away from Han Sen, he never thought a day like this would come to pass.

He was just a crystallizer child. He did not think he would accomplish much. He never imagined he would become deified. Now, he had become a true god, and he slashed open Moment Gods time god power. That kind of power was not something they could challenge.

"You do not need to thank me," Han Sen coldly said. "I am here for Little Gold Gold. I will make you pay later."

Seeing the green-haired beast be so loyal and still choosing to go to Moment God Temple, Han Sen did not hate him as much as he thought he would.

Golden Growler and Littleflowers situation were a bit different. Golden Growler only accepted the growlers legacy. Littleflower was in Sacred Leader Qin Xius hands. Thus, Han Sen was willing to let the green-haired beast go, but he had to destroy the holy palace. There was a difference between them.

The green-haired beast loudly shouted, "If I was able to save Little Mountain Leader, even if you got us killed, I would not hesitate!"

"It is not that easy." Han Sens face bore a wry smile. His last strike had exhausted all his power, and Moment God had broken it with one finger. Both of their powers were not on the same level.

Han Sen looked at Golden Growler. He was still sealed by the time god power. The power that trapped Golden Growler was much stronger than the one that went onto the green-haired beast and Gana woman.

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