Super God Gene Chapter 2969

Chapter 2968 Times Goes Back

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If he was able to save Golden Growler, perhaps there was a chance. Even if it was hard to fight Moment God, they could still possibly escape.

Moment God looked very cold. She did not have any emotions. The 10 fingers on her hands came together. The very 10 ten fingers made a weird print and pressed forward.

Suddenly, the whole of the god temples space underwent strange changes. Han Sen saw the slash that almost hit Golden Growler go back.

Things felt as if he was in a video that was rewinding.

"Time Rewind!" Han Sen was shocked. It was very scary that she could stop time almost forever, but it was even more threatening to learn that Moment God could actually rewind time. Even if it was only for a moment, it was too scary to try and comprehend.

"Go!" Han Sen coldly shouted. He went backward. He wanted to use his teleportation power to exist Moment God Temple. Moment God had her Time Rewind power. Even if he risked his life, the likelihood of winning was low.

The green-haired beast and Gana woman knew the situation was terrible. They used all of their power to try and leave Moment God Temples radius.

Moment Gods print tied up again. Time rewound again. Han Sen and the others teleported. They all went flying backward.

Moment Gods body moved. She walked over to Han Sen, who had just come back. Her hand reached out for him.

Han Sen was still falling back in the river of time. His body was still going through what he had just done. He was unable to change his movements. His power burst out, but it was useless. He could see Moment Gods palm was going to touch his back.


Han Sen coughed up some blood. His body instantly ripped space. He flew out of the god palace like an asteroid. He was not stopping either. He hit a planet in the universe and blew up the planet. Dust was everywhere.

Creatures from every race were frozen as they watched. Even Godfather Han was unable to beat that enemy. Moment Gods scariness was deeply realized within the heads of every living thing.

Moment God looked at where Han Sen had flown to. She looked weird. It looked as if she was trying to confirm something. She stared at the planet Han Sen had blown up.

The green-haired beast and Gana woman took advantage of the time when Moment God did nothing. They left Moment God Temple. Moment God did not seem to care about their departure. She stared at the dust in space and ignored them.

Han Sen felt as if his entire back was broken. It was too painful for him to move. He held strong against the pain and used his Galaxy Teleportation to return to Space Garden.

He teleported halfway. His body was in too much pain. He fell out of the teleportation in the middle of the jump. Baoer caught him in space. She held him and teleported him the rest of the way. They returned to Space Garden.

Baoer put Han Sen down on the bed and asked with a real look of concern, "Dad! Are you feeling better?"

"Not bad. I am still alive at least." Han Sen used a lot of power to speak. More blood came out of his mouth.

"I will go and get Little Silver," Baoer said. She jumped away and eventually brought Little Silver to the side of his bed.

Little Silver had very much enjoyed Space Gardens xenogeneic genes, and Han Sen had fed it the high-level thunder xenogeneic gene. Furthermore, Golden Growler had given him Ancient Thunder God Origin, which had greatly accelerated his ability to level up. He was a primitive deified now.

The Ancient Thunder God Origin, in particular, had helped Little Silver a lot. It made his genes better. Although his attack power was not very strong, his healing power was far greater.

"No It is OK I am fine Argh" Han Sen wanted to refuse it, but Little Silvers lightning landed on him. It made Han Sens brain feel numb as he screamed.

"Take off my robe first," Han Sen said while holding in the pain.

Baoer quickly held Han Sen up. She took off his blue and black striped robe. When she saw his back underneath the robe, she screamed.

The back of the robe had a big hole in it. The hole was shaped like the womans hand. It was where Moment God had struck him.

Han Sen saw the hole of a hand in the robe. It made him develop a wry smile. "Fortunately, this robe blocked a little. Otherwise, even if I did not die, I would only have half my life left."

Han Sen turned around and laid down on the bed. The Spell Armor on his back had the print of a hand as well. Fortunately, it did not pierce through him.

Even so, Han Sens backbone had almost been destroyed. It was very hard to cast power across his body.

"Annihilation class God Spirits sure are scary. I couldnt even use a super God Spirit body to challenge it." Han Sen wanted to get up, but Little Silver amplified the amount of lightning he was using.

Han Sens body felt very itchy and numb again. He screamed again. "Argh!"

Little Silvers thunder healing was not bad. It helped Han Sens true god body, but the treatment process was as awful as ever.

After Han Sen felt a bit better, he was going to let Little Silver go. Little Silver insisted on fixing him. He kept releasing lightning to electrify Han Sen. It made his legs go soft.

It was a shame Little Silver was only primitive class. After he used all of his thunder power, he was still unable to patch up Han Sens entire body.

"OK, OK, I am feeling much better now." Han Sen held his pain in and got out of bed. He looked outside the room and saw Moment God Temple in space.

Moment God had returned to her god temple somehow. One was no longer able to see her. Golden Growler was still trapped in the plaza in front of the god temple. It looked like Moment God was not in a rush to kill it. Or, perhaps she was afraid of something and decided not to kill Golden Growler.

Han Sen sighed. As long as Golden Growler was not killed, he had a chance.

Han Sen thought, "I wonder if that Annihilation Sky God Crown with my xenogeneic body can save Little Gold from Moment Temple." He did not think his chances were very high. Moment Gods Time Rewind was too scary. Whenever time was reversed, Han Sen was unable to do anything to combat it. Even with powerful power, he could not cast it.

"Unless I can stay in super God Spirit mode, I will not be affected by Time Rewind. Then, I can save Little Gold Gold." Han Sen looked at Moment God Temple and Golden Growler. His face kept changing.

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