Super God Gene Chapter 2970

Chapter 2969 Breaking Poin

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Xie Qing King asked, "Did you notice that the God Spirit that defeated you looked like Moment Queen?"

Han Sen nodded. "I am starting to think the spirits inside the sanctuaries are partially created from the God Spirits of God Spirits."

Xie Qing Kings eyes turned bright as he said, "I think so too. If that is true, is there a God Spirit that looks like me?"

"What? Are you going to have a reunion with him?" Wang Yuhang asked with a smile.

"I am going to beat him," Xie Qing King seriously said. "I will not allow another me to exist in this world."

"Ha! If that God Spirit is as strong as the one that beat Han Sen, you will be killed." Wang Yuhang was not being very supportive.

"You cant say that, but it is a shame that I am not a true god," Xie Qing King said while stretching. "It is pointless for me to think of achieving that victory any time soon."

After they said that, it reminded Han Sen of something.

The creatures in the universe that evolved to that level seemed to be as far as they could take themselves. All of the creatures were only capable of becoming true god and no higher. There was no room for improvement.

If one wanted to become stronger, one had to practice all kinds of geno arts to increase their geno arts. It was either that or get their hands on special treasures and god personality armaments. That was the only way to improve ones battle power.

Han Sen felt that even though he had changed to xenogeneic mode, his pure power was still worse than Moment God. Unless he had the buffs of powerful treasures and a god personality armament, he would be unable to fight her face-to-face.

Han Sen looked at Little Angel who was near him. "People say they must be away when they drive the car ahead. When the flowers go dim, you can find the village. Now, I do not have the power to level up, and God Spirit genes cannot be absorbed. Maybe other people cannot level up, but maybe I stand a chance."

Little Angels face was pretty and calm. When she was not in the battle angel mode, one couldnt tell she was actually very powerful.

"Little Angel has just become primitive now. If she becomes a true god and combines herself with me, she can probably strengthen my fitness by a considerable amount. With all her tricks involved, it might be what I need to tackle Moment God." Han Sen made his mind up. He was going to help Little Angel become true god.

If he was able to get Xie Qing King, Wang Yuhang, Huangfu Jing, and others to true god class, that would help as well. That was especially true of Moment Queen. If she reached true god class, that would be of great service.

Leveling up to true god class cost a lot of energy, but Han Sen needed to save Golden Growler as soon as possible. Raising one true god would be hard enough. He did not have the time to build a big enough stockpile of resources to get everyone to true god.

"Resources. Resources. Resources. I need resources. Space Gardens resources are only sufficient for bringing someone to primitive class. To keep leveling up, we need more resources than what Space Garden can provide. Where can I get more resources?" Han Sen kept thinking. If he wanted more resources, he would have to fight for some. Aside from that, there did not seem to be another valid option.

"Whose resources should I take?" The first thing Han Sen thought to plunder were the spoils of the Extreme Kings territory.

The Very High had a lot of power, and there were a lot of elites there. Going to Outer Sky would not be very easy.

The Ancient God always saw the dragon heads and never the tails. They did not have many resources stored. Taking Ancient Gods resources was pointless.

As for Sky Palace, it was full of elites. Han Yan was practicing in Sky Palace, and Yisha was in Sky Palace. He could not go rob Sky Palace of all of its resources. That was the main reason he let Sky Palaces first seat go.

"Once again, that leaves the Extreme King." Han Sen kept thinking about it. He pondered deeply about how he should go about it.

He did not think he could just kill the Extreme King. The Extreme King had been in operation for many years. There were lots of elites in that race, but they also had countless troves of treasure. Even if Han Sen used his Holy Kirin and was not afraid of fighting them one-on-one, he was not strong enough to fight the entire Extreme King race.

While Han Sen wondered about how he should start stealing resources from the Extreme King, he saw the god palace be approached by a scary creature in space.

The god temple the creature went to was at the bottom of the god palace. It was like the thunder god that was eaten by Ghost Car. It was just a destroyed class God Spirit.

Even so, it was difficult to determine if the scary creature could defeat the God Spirit. In the end, it did not manage to kill it. It was almost killed by the God Spirit. When it broke its legs, it made a hurried departure from the god temple.

While Wang Yuhang and the others dispersed, Han Sen took Ancient Abyss Grandmaster out of Destinys Tower and locked him up in Purgatory Heaven that Zero managed.

In Purgatory Heaven, Han Sen looked at Ancient Abyss Grandmaster and asked, "Grandmaster, can you answer a few questions?"

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster was like an old monk meditating. After a while, he opened his eyes and coldly replied, "What difference does it make if I give you answers or not?"

"If your answers satisfy me, perhaps I will let you live," Han Sen said.

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster shook his head. "I know a lot of your secrets now. If I were you, I would not let you live at all."

"Grandmaster is very smart. I wont let you leave, but I can have you live here temporarily, right?" Han Sen laughed and said, "With Grandmasters tricks, perhaps one day you will find a way to escape."

"You are right. If I live, there might be a chance of that happening." Ancient Abyss Grandmaster seemed to be very accepting of this. He raised his head and said, "One question for a 10-year extension of my life."

"Sure, but you need to answer at least 10 of my questions," Han Sen said. "If you cannot answer the question, the deal is void."

"Fine," Ancient Abyss Grandmaster quickly answered.

After thinking for a moment, Han Sen asked, "What do you know about the Nine-Defense Palace?"

"Do you mean about the spirits?" Ancient Abyss Grandmaster coldly replied.

"Yes," Han Sen was delighted. He did not expect Ancient Abyss Grandmaster to know about the spirits there.

Ancient Abyss Grandmaster was silent a moment before saying, "I actually dont know much. I only know that when Sacred was destroyed, Mister Alpha obtained Sacred Leaders research. A part of it was about spirits. There was, of course, Nine-Defense Palace. The matters about Nine-Defense Palace are articles of knowledge only the king and future kings are eligible to learn. I only know a little. I only know that Mister Alpha wanted to use spirits to create a powerful weapon. It would have likely been a holy spirit similar to the Holy Kirin."

"Did it pan out?" Han Sen asked.

Ancient Abyss looked at Han Sen and asked, "Is that your second question?"

"Yeah," Han Sen answered.

"I think so," Ancient Abyss Grandmaster said. "The king had a treasure that lasted a long time, but no others have seen it. Everyone who saw that treasure is now dead. In the history of the Extreme King, a few disasters were corrected solely by the existence of that treasure. I think that it was a weapon the Extreme King used spirits to create."

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